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Lights Briefly Out at the White House

Updated Tuesday, December 16, 7:12 pm ET

The lights went out for a few seconds at the White House this morning, according to reporters on the scene who tweeted about the incident.

Yahoo News White House reporter Olivier Knox tweeted that @DCPoliceDept tweeted and then deleted “Something about police at 1900 E St Office of Personnel Management for blown transformer.”

Not sure I’ve ever heard of the lights going out in the West Wing, though I couldn’t rule it out. I’ll give you an update if I hear more. No comment from the White House yet.

UPDATE: According to reports, a power line was served by a work crew nearby.

30 Responses to Lights Briefly Out at the White House

  1. Along with the Pentagon and a few other important places, the lights/electricity should NEVER go out at the WhiteHouse.
    MrKnox/DC police should have NEVER mentioned a transformer as the cause – too many bad guys out there to cause trouble.

  2. Under my policies,….electricity bills will necessarily skyrocket.
    Maybe someone forgot to pay the light bill.
    I remember reading that they keep the temperature close to 80.

    • I am sorry for the loss of life.

      But, Monis was charged as an accessory to murder last year and he was walking around free (but monitored). That plus his past — what were the police thinking?

      Sounds like how we treated multiple offenders of a certain stripe. And this is where it eventually ends up. Every time a criminal who is walking around kills someone, the judge that let him go should be put in jail.

      • Yes, I’m sorry one of the hostages lost his or her life, but as for Monis, it’s most certainly best this way. Australia does not have to wait forever for a trial, even have a trial, and he’s at least one who is rid of for good. Some liberal do-gooders would have tried for an insanity plea. Over here, they would have gone out of their way to save him. Hah! Especially when Obama and Kerry are playing footsie with Iran.

      • In the eyes of the law, he was not guilty, and he was granted bail.

        On Friday, he had failed to get the conviction (he plead guilty) for writing horrific letters to the families of dead soldiers over-turned.

  3. Obama has hit a new low in polling. The latest and best poll is being broadcast frequently on many TV stations. Unfortunately, few understand that the missing data in the poll is much more important than the actual data presented. For the first time Chia Pets is not vending an Obama model. He seems to have been replaced with two Duck Dynasty characters as well as Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Also my local Walgreen’s has a Chia display which prominently features Zombie models. Maybe they just recycled the old Obama pots?