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Holder Rejects Whitaker Racism Charge

In an uncomfortable turn of events, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, a close Obama friend, rejected a charge by Chicagoan Eric Whitaker, a close Obama friend, that a federal corruption case involving former Whitaker associates was tinged by racism.

“Almost everybody who’s been indicted or scrutinized has been African American,” Whitaker said last week, suggesting that the U.S. prosecutor, who technically works for Holder, was conducting a “selective” investigation.

“I have no evidence that there’s a basis to that claim,” Holder said.  “I am familiar with the prosecutors who brought those cases, and I’m pretty confident that the bringing of those cases, the investigation of those cases, was done on a non-race based basis.”

The charge got Whitaker out of testifying as prosecutors backed away from forcing him to talk once he played the race card.

14 Responses to Holder Rejects Whitaker Racism Charge

  1. Let me get this straight:
    The Black friend of the Black President accuses another Black friend of the Black President of being a racist. Huh.
    The Black friend of the Black President is excused from testifying at trial when he accuses someone else of being a racist because all the accused are Black. . Huh.

  2. The only person in this case who isn’t black is Mr. Dingle, a white man. He and his black wife are on trial for embezzling nearly $4M …which was targeted to aid the black community.
    As far as Whitaker is concerned, any FOB is a low-life. IMO.

  3. Obama and Holder, two of the most powerful men in America, are remarkably ill informed. We know Obama says he often just hears of things like we all do from the TV or the media, and here, Holder swears he has kept his distance from this case, and only knows of it from some clips he has read.

    And on Christmas Day, I will be gifted a million dollars from the excess in the Slovak American immigration fund.

  4. I’m going to say some things, and some of you aren’t gonna like it, but I don’t care because A) they need to be said –FRANKLY, and B) I’m a fed up surly bastard. So, here goes:

    Americans are largely soft. It is more important to be hip and feel *good* (progressive liberal horseshit) than to doggedly and ferociously pursue the truth and what’s right. White people have been subjugated into feeling that if they express an opinion or deliver a truth, they’re a racist. ERROR. To Americans of all races that give a tinker’s damn about the country, I say: Stop being a wuss, you little candy asses! You wonder why you’re bullied on every turn it’s because you’re a puss and YOU won’t stand up cause God in heaven on His throne FORBID you have people think ill of you for opening your mouth and at least ATTEMPTING to preserve the integrity of our way of life, our freedoms, our country. I’m absolutely sick of the sniveling masses here that are nothing more than feminized men and women that are babbling idiots. Yes, I’m probably identifying people you love or know, hell, maybe I’m identifying YOU. If I am, stop being a puss and do something about it. Hell, you can play your video games all day and your cell phones are shoved up your asses so far it’s like it’s an additional organ on your frame, but you can’t (no, WON’T) call your elected officials, you won’t email, half of you probably haven’t written a damned letter in years but you can certainly text the hell out of each other … even when driving … but you just won’t stand UP and DO anything. You want others to do it for you, cause you might lose a friendship while your country and eventually your immediate world goes into the shitter. This race crap and the gay garbage and on and on and on progressive horseshit is completely contrary to any American that isn’t an idiot. Simple as that.

    I’m Tim Stewart and I approve this message. Now, I’m gonna go eat a bagel and get ready for work and try to improve race relations, but I’m white so I probably won’t be successful.