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  1. So, what is a more significant topic? The facts about the #CRomnibus bill that aren’t being covered, or the Michael Brown/Eric Garner protests that are spreading like wildfire across the United States? Is it me, or are we being led to believe that both of these events are far less significant than they really are?

    • The press doesn’t know what to do. In a 24 hour news cycle all news, all the time, even the MSM are overwhelmed. That or complicit.

      The protests are the story they want us to see. The protests are a distraction from what is going on in the shadows. However, the “protests” are also not what they seem either and serve more than one purpose. These are training protests. Obama is organizing…

    • Well, we have yet to see the entire bill passed by Congress so it’s hard to comment. Other than nothing seems to have been trimmed back, or idled, we have to rely on bits and pieces given to us by some in the MSM, or the pro/con observers.

      On the thousands marching in what are Dem controlled cities: what exactly do these people want to happen or change?
      We can’t have a police force that never approaches people of color, and we can’t disarm our police forces.
      Thousands of a motley crew of protesters disrupting the lives of ordinary citizens as they go about their everyday affairs will never change anything, other than to inflame those citizens against the protest.
      The only theme seems to be that the protesters want to be ignored by the White establishment that they consider to be ingrained as die-hard racists.
      Let the group police themselves, provide for themselves, and it will all be over.

      • The places they are organizing, using in large part, professional protesters, are, as you stated liberal locations, controlled and governed by liberal crooks.
        Those of us out here in flyover country are being ignored by the press but WE are not ignoring what is happening.
        Eventually the people of this country who want peace, prosperity, law and order, religious freedom, financial security, freedom from government control (I could go on and on) are going to be fed up.
        We can not keep living under East and West Coast and Washington DC liberal control. Their days may very well be numbered.

          • They sure had this behemoth ready to go–like the Stimulus or healthcare bill–bam, look what we have. So I am sure it’s chockful of Christmas ornaments I would not like…but I still say it beats shutting down…

          • If you vote for McCain, you are bad. Bad to vote for traitors. I guess Boehner is a traitor too, he promised he would do everything to stop Obama from illegal exec order re immigration. But just like a weak puppy, he gave him all the money in the world for the bad things that America does not want. Boggles the mind, Boehner said he was worried about Christmas and that why he gave in? He did say that. Can you believe it? Thanks a lot Boehner and all your Republican turned democrats. You have all the funding power and gave that dog in the White House what he wanted? Shame on you!

          • Guess you think you took my inventory. I admire John McCain as a war hero who endured what few could. He devoted his life to service–and when no one else would speak out against Obama, he did and does. You can call me names until you run out of saliva–but these oversimplified rants about conventions, shutting down the govt, RINOs etc are discouraging to me and give me a headache. Life is so much more complex.

          • Really? I never called you names and never would. I still say to vote for JM is bad. I know he is a war hero but sometimes I think he goes off, like the time he posed for pictures with terrorists, not knowing they were terrorists? And now again he is going in the wrong direction. You have your opinion and I have mine. But common sense should tell you something is wrong about JM these days.

      • We had about 200 marchers yesterday in our area with virtually no black population to speak of. It was organized and led by ministers from the liberal branches of the mainline Protestant churches. Just a few moments ago I saw a photo on Fox Nation of a huge group in some big city carrying a banner that says “The real thugs wear flag pins”. So there you are. These demonstrations have morphed way beyond protests in Ferguson and Staten Island.

    • These demonstrations have to be funded and protestors have to be fed. I wonder if some of the money doesn’t come from the taxpayer without his knowledge.

  2. Well Keith, I’m glad that you swung the door open to the Open Thread.

    I don’t like to be redundant but I feel the need to re-publish this website.
    It will tell you how your congress critters voted on current and past bills both house and senate.
    In order to hold their feet to the fire, we need this information.

    Summaries of the bills are also there.
    Given the minimal coverage by the MSM on these issues, it is a good source of information.

  3. Diane Feinstein’s recently released report on controversial CIA interrogation practices indicts, not only the Bush administration, but also all previous administrations going back to the controversial leader of the Franks, Charles Martel, and his victory over the moderate Muslim community at Tours in 732 AD, which can only be described as a gross law enforcement misconduct and hate crime. SNIP

  4. What I think is remarkable and telling is that only 22 Republicans stood for the constitution. And that the rest of Congress and the media see this testimony as a childish interruption to the serious business of legislating and moving forward.

    Pretty much says it all to me.

    And again I repeat the words of Lindsay Graham about Senator Cruz that– he better figure out who he is and what he wants to be–the irony is that this is what Miss Lindsay and the rest of Congress had best ask themselves in the sober light of dawn.

    • Exactly !
      That appears to be the next battle to take our Country back.
      McCain, Graham, and McConnell have no business trying to destroy Cruz when he is trying to uphold the Constitutional Principles that this congress is supposed to adhere to.

      • Unfortunately, Graham and McConnell were just returned to Washington with comfortable margins. McCain is up in 2016, and I hope the good people of Arizona will see fit to turn him out. But you can see what a losing proposition it is to try to reform Congress. I’m with Sadie: the best option is for the states to assert their rights.

  5. Ron Paul’s BFF’s reiterated their goal today in Gaza.

    “This illusion called Israel will be removed. It will be removed at the hands of the Qassam Brigades,” said Khalil al-Hayya, a top Hamas leader, referring to the movement’s armed wing. CHOP

  6. And now for something completely different:

    City employees arrived to work at the City-County Building in Madison, Wis. on Wednesday to find a courtroom wall covered in feces. The incident is not the first recent encounter with excretion in the building.

  7. The wookie has caught President for life Obongo (Mexico North) Cheating!!!!!
    “insiders confirmed that Obummer’s secret love nest is the swanky Jefferson Hotel, located a few blocks from the White House. “The ‘commander-in-cheat,’ as he’s known at the place, comes and goes so frequently that some hotel staffers call the door he uses the ‘Barack entrance,’” the insider 
    The question is: Where is Reggie Love?
    Will this cause the odd couple to fly on separate planes?
    Will they divorce over this?
    Enquiringly, many minds want to know!

  8. While all eyes are fixed on Obama-created diversions such as amnesty for illegal immigrants, race-baiting rioting and pork-laden spending bills, the U.N. is sending thousands of Muslims to America. CHOP

    • Amnesty is a diversion? No its not. The diversion is the CIA report.
      Amnesty is a really big problem. California is already Mexico north. A full 10 percent of Mexico’s population is already here!
      More coming from S America all the time every day forever!
      This is a diversion? H@#ll no its not.
      Here in California the Spanish language is everywhere. I can go no where here where I am not the only white person. Ontario Mills mall is an ocean of brown folks. Fontana and Pomona are 90 per cent Mexican right now! As a Teacher at Gary High School I can tell you for fact that of the 2500 students more than half speak no English. How can I teach if they do not understand me? One English speaker told me that he is not allowed to speak English at home. Spanish only!!
      I have had my car totaled by a Mexican with no car insurance and he did not speak English. No license either!
      Your talking about thousands of Muslims and I am talking 10’s of millions of illegals from Mexico and beyond!

        • I have an engineer friend from Afghanistan. He walked out during the Taliban rule thru Pakistan. According to him it is the Saudi’s who fund all the Muslim schools here and in Afghanistan, Iraq and England. They are the source of radical Muslims. They are not our friends.

          But right now this minute the big problem is the continuing invasion of the illegals from Mexico and countries south of there. The peeps all go thru Mexico to get here! The Obummer wants to help them. Some where between 20 million and 40 million illegals are already here! No one really know how many! Its estimated that over 100,000 of them are living in garages in Los Angles right now. Los Angles is the 2nd biggest Mexican city in the world right now.

      • The problem is two sided — Muslims and illegal “Hispanics”.

        However, I spent a lot of time in CA and I must say, Californians did this largely to themselves. I am sympathetic of course. But liberalism and the left thrive in the California sunshine.

        And our refusal to deal in any substantive way with Muslims who mean to hurt us and this country will make us soon think of England and Sweden as islands of sanity.

        • Yes, of course Star. That is precisely who I was referring to. And probably every other starving legitimate refugee from any nation. Because that’s the way I roll.

      • I’ve made this comment before, but the trouble began imho when the Spanish language began appearing everywhere including and especially in the California state and city governments and their offices.

  9. Happy Sunday! I am enjoying the implosion of the white liberal power structure in Hollywood. It is the gift that will keep giving. After having to suffer and industry with its sanctimonious windbaggery, ridiculing the rest of us…..we finally find put how they really feel about Obama and minorities. Their fundraisers have been conscience money…..they are nothing but disgusting racist hypocrites who have had the nerve to judge those of us who do not agree with them and their contributions in film and culture, of the moral decay of the United States. I am enjoying this.

  10. The long knives are out for Senator Cruz, Sessions, Lee and the others who supported the constitution and spoke out against executive amnesty. If you agree with them, think about calling their offices and thank them as you chose. They need to know that we are out here and that we appreciate that they stand up and fight.

    I called Cruz, because he led and the knives appear to be the longest for him. Sessions most likely will not get the budget chair as well.

    • I haven’t heard any comments from Reince Priebus on any of this. He seemed to campaign hard against amnesty in the run up to the midterm. I wonder if he feels that all his hard work has been undercut by the Hill Republican establishment. McConnell and Boehner don’t seem to be aware that the victory is owed to Priebus, not themselves. One thing for certain, I’m turning an eye to Republican state governors more and more for 2016. And now I’ll hold my breath that I won’t get put in limbo because whenever I seem to mention certain names, that’s where my comment ends up.

  11. FCMABBHO wishes he could do what his BFF Erdogan is doing.

    Turkish police raided a television station and a newspaper close to U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen on Sunday, detaining some people, media reports said, two days after President Tayyip Erdogan signaled a fresh campaign against Gulen’s supporters. SNIP

  12. British soldiers have “lost their capability” to interrogate terrorist insurgents because of strict new rules on questioning that even ban shouting in captives’ ears, military chiefs have warned.

    The rules — detailed in court papers obtained by The Telegraph — also prevent military intelligence officers from banging their fists on tables or walls, or using “insulting words” when interrogating a suspect.


  13. The Brooklyn bard who police say assaulted two cops during wild protests on the Brooklyn Bridge wrote erotic poetry interspersed with proclamations of “F— the police.”

    Cops say Eric Linsker, 29, kicked two NYPD lieutenants in the face after they tried to stop him from tossing a trash can at a police cruiser on the bridge roadway Saturday night.


  14. Another moronic move by Greenpeace.

    Greenpeace can get a little aggressive with its tactics. That doesn’t mean that it’s not fighting for a good cause! But after the organization marched through the sacred Nazca Lines etched into the Peruvian desert for a climate protest, capturing it all on camera with a drone, you have to wonder what the hell they were thinking. Greenpeace isn’t the best at thinking things through, though.


  15. Next month, the Holocaust Educational Trust Ireland (HETI), will be hosting the country’s annual event commemorating the Holocaust. According to the British Jewish news site The JC, for the second year in a row they have told the event’s host, “not to refer to the Jewish State or the State of Israel during any part of the ceremony.”

    The article in The JC reported HETI also fired the emcee, Yanky Fachler, who hosted the event for a dozen years, because he complained about last year’s ban on mentioning the Jewish State: