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Obamas to Travel to Hawaii Friday

President Obama and his family will travel to Hawaii Friday to begin their annual pilgrimage to paradise, a departure the president is “eagerly looking forward to,” according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

No word on how long they are staying, though they are almost certain to remain in the Aloha State though New Year’s.

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    • How will people pay “back taxes” (taxes they avoided illegally) when their jobs were all under the table? What about the day laborers who stood outside Home Depot, etc., how will they remember all their jobs, even if they cared to create a “back tax” bill that would require their paying everything they owe?

      More candy-colored b.s. from the pro-amnesty crowd.

  1. I tweeted this to the #Justice4All crowd in DC. Just wanted to reassure them Obama is not their equal either :)

    If you’re on twitter, you can check out the photos from the ground, same ole, same ole professional agitators and their “victims”.

    • I hear there is a little dissension in the crowd regarding VIP Status, badges and the Reverend Al. News of the boy king’s 7th holiday in Hawaii might not go over so well. But then again, who knows with that crowd. As long as they’re not paying for it what do they really care.

    • I had to ride the S9 Metrobus right through that circus Friday night. Driver was honking and fist-pumping in solidarity, which makes me wonder in print whether the guy was more concerned about the safety of his, you know, paying passengers, or about solidarity with the protesters on the side of 16th Street.

      Complaining to Metro will do no good: if Metro even bothers to act–a doubtful proposition–it would be a kabuki gesture anyway, because the union would protest, and Metro would go full-on Emily Latella.

      It was quite a long procession, too: it stretched from North I Street, at least, all the way up to Alaska Avenue.

      Kind of depressing to see that many people buying into the “some animals are more equal than others” mindset. I’m about thisclose to bolting the District and defecting to Florida.

      • What’s so frustrating about these protests is that black lives only seem to matter if their killed by a white cop. It’s almost as though they want to equate it with the slaughter of Christians by radical muslims.

        That should be the story, not this I can’t breathe cr*p.

        Oh and the black Congressional staffers with their hands up photo op, did they not read the grand jury report. Brown’s thug buddy lied and it was proven with forensics. Gah!

        • I suppose you know already that Brown’s buddy got a job from the St. Louis government. Isn’t there still an arrest warrent out for him in Jefferson County, MO?

        • You are just realizing that? That it only matters if its a white killing a black? I knew that a looong time ago! Another black on black killing of an Ot

        • It has to be the low I.Q. No common sense, no fairness, just lies and marching, beating up cops, stopping traffic, they love this, they think they are winning, but they won’t win. Anyone who hurts a cop will go to jail. All these protests, they don’t like it here, let ’em leave. The cops are too easy with them now and thats what they want — to commit crimes and get away with it. Hope they don’t.

        • Thanks Star but I’m good. They are so boring and predictable they don’t even disrupt my life since I live one island over from where they go every single time. They would shut this little one lane road place down if they ever dared see what the rest of Hawaii is like (hope they don’t realize they could actually go on a cruise ship and see it:)).

  2. The clock’s ticking down to the time they have to pack it all up and move back/to somewhere other than the WhiteHouse.
    Anyone have any info on what they plan to do, other than never to live in that unworthy house in Chicago?

  3. My sympathies are with the people in his castle who will be inconvenienced and the Marines who give up their holiday for his…also the Secret Service and their families.
    We will be treated views of Mooch’s best “finery,” however tasteless and tacky it is, when they go out for fine dining and to visit the Marine corpse base while they try to eat their lunch.

  4. Does this mean that he won’t be watching ESPN in the mornings?

    “Listen, I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning,” Obama said. “I get so much politics I don’t, you know, want to be inundated with a bunch of chatter about politics during the day.” . . .

    Obama Skipped 62.5 Percent of Intelligence Briefings this Year
    President Barack Obama has only attended roughly 40 percent of his daily intelligence briefings throughout h . . . . . .

      • If Obama worked hard to make our country united and governed all the citizens with his policies (not just his special interest groups and donor base), I wouldn’t complain as much as I do, that’s for sure :)

        He was a slacker before he became President and leads like a slacker now. He’s historic all right, despite his constant media support, his malaise score is lower than Carter’s now. That is, the poll that tracks citizens’ hopes and dreams for the future.

    • And if any other POTUS had this record of habitual disengagement from the basic chores of the office, the MSM would rent billboards, hire aircraft with trailing signs, rent blimps with flashing neon signs to make sure every last man, woman and child was aware of the President’s slothful behavior in office.

      With Obama, they’ve mostly taken a vow of silence on the matter. They flat don’t care because they want to protect His Bumbling Majesty.

    • Unbelievable revelation! The truth comes out – 39 days after his ‘last election’. He’s laughing at us, and bragging at the same time. He wants us to know he pulled off the biggest heist in political history – not once, but twice. He wants us to know how stupid Americans are to fall for his cr*p. And he wants us to know he can ‘fundamentally transform’ America while he is watching ESPN and we are banging our heads against the wall trying to stop him.
      The joke’s on us!

    • And isn’t ESPN on a loop, much like CNN overseas – Same story lines every 15 minutes?

      How many times can you watch the same scores from the previous day? Unless you are stoned and don’t care.

    • Today now, or the 20th-1st ? I doubt they’ll be home before the 4th. Even if there’s a mild day or two this week, I doubt he’ll play golf in the DC area before leaving for paradise. Put me down for a
      +2 for Dec 14-Jan 1st
      +4 for Dec 14-Jan 4th


        • Speaking of Oprah, a friend back east sent me some back issues of the magazine Oprah. I know it’s a bad one to write for–they take your ideas and instead of assigning a story, give you an idea fee and steal your idea. And the thing itself is a glossy load of nonsense…One girl said she learned to deal with life by working in a crematorium. Am sure recommending that approach to my kid, yes indeed.

  5. How much will this trip cost us? If I remember correctly, it was reported in the past that the Secret Service and staff families are flown along too, so they can be together for Christmas.

  6. Nice to see the gutless POTUS as a no-show at the Army Navy game – instead, he sends his fired SECDEF. He would have been booed mercilessly and knew it – probably spent his valuable time packing his clubs for Hawaii.

      • I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve given up caring that 0 and M take lavish vacations at our expense. I’m just counting the days until their freeloading is over. There’s not a dang thing we can do about it, so just let it go…