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Obama Thanks the Troops

In this morning’s weekly address, President Obama offered an eloquent tribute to our fighting men and women, praising their sacrifice and reminding that our freedom rests with them.

From the remarks:

As we go about our days, as we gather with loved ones and friends, it’s important to remember: our way of life—the freedom, prosperity and security that we enjoy as Americans—is not a gift that is simply handed to us. It has to be earned—by every generation. And no one sacrifices more to preserve our blessings than our extraordinary men and women in uniform.

Obama also mentions Michelle Obama’s commendable “Joining Forces” initiative that has sought to honor and help our veterans. It is a great thing she has done as first lady, and it wasn’t just for PR – she and Jill Biden have worked consistently to maintain the effort even after Obama’s reelection.

Obama in his remarks also references his trip Monday to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey, where he will talk about the end of the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan, which comes to a close this month. Unlike in Iraq, a substantial number of troops will remain in the country – some 13,000 foreign fighters total – following the official end of “combat.”

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  1. Nineteen people, including two American soldiers, have been killed over the past few hours in Afghanistan. The two Americans were killed by a bomb attack on their convoy near Bagram overnight.

  2. Kind of hard to spot the sincerity after the half-hearted salutes, the umbrella assigning, the on and off again attn to the troops by his wife…etc. I am a big crab today, I guess–but my first thought was oh, man, where is he sending troops now…

    • My first thought too. Joining Forces has not done a thing other than give MO a free ride to fundraisers. I’ve felt no genuine emotional support from her. Especially while BO was gutting military budgets, releasing torture reports, threatening paychecks for political reasons and riffing out thousands of mid-career officers.

      She would have better spent her time and our money by just bringing awareness to military support groups (like Navy Relief) who have already spent decades helping military families. I just checked the .gov website, it’s very political and full of photo ops of FLOTUS.

  3. The last I read,the opinion of active duty military was about 15 percent approval, or as I like to say it, 85 percent disapproval. As a retired military person with two sons (one now retired and one soon to retire) who have/are serving, this sounds about right from what I’m picking up from them. The military doesn’t trust Obama, they view him as incompetent, untrustworthy and not supportive. Here’s a current story about the topic:

    So Obama’s “tribute” to the troops is pretty much hollow, in the opinion of those who are directly impacted by Obama’s “leadership”.

  4. Hello Navy! Army here.
    The football game between the USMA Black Knights and the USNA Midshipmen takes place.
    I know Navy has a 12 year winning streak and leads the series 58-49-7, but this is Army’s day, GO ARMY!
    But I do admire Navy’s kick ass uniforms this year.
    The ” Don’t tread on me ” snake is featured on it.
    My sentiments exactly.

  5. Something is up. We already know Military members are about to get the shaft in next years budget. Draw down, loss of more benefits, realignment.. watching some of the best and brightest junior officers and senior enlisted depart after what some had hoped to make a career of the military. The last survey showed just how much current members are dissatisfied with the direction DOD is heading.

    I have a feeling soon we’re going to get pushed into another conflict, requiring “boots on the ground”.

    Joining Forces is a very interesting program, but what I and others have not seen is MO or Dr Biden ever visiting the troops in the field, at bases, family centers, smaller out of the way places near the bottom of the military chain. And if they do visit, its very selective, and nothing more than an hour if at that. Please do not get me wrong, I am pleased to see this program in action and all the outside participation from businesses and organizations. I just cringe every time I see them hosting an event. It’s always at the WH or local DC area commands, a controlled environment with selected participation. And most of it has been initiated and handled by assistants and special advisers. But that is normal. And they should get the thanks for all they have done.

    And yes, I am still disappointed with MO over the one comment she made a few years ago – “All this for a damn flag”.

    • Nice to meet you Navy.
      I agree that you can’t believe a word he says.
      I saw through him before he was elected the first time.
      What he is doing to our Military is deplorable.

  6. REALLY angers me to hear someone who should know better giving Obama a WHISPER of credit (“eloquent”) re: any American in uniform.

    This Commander-in-Chief broke a sacred trust September 11, 2012; the first time EVER we left a man behind to die. E-V-E-R.

    He should be tried, prosecuted, and shot for Dereliction of Duty.

    STOP thinking taqiyya is “eloquence.” It’s taqiyya = LIES.

    • The Benghazi issue is not going away.
      We have a new congress in place for the next two years and they are not going to let this go.
      Obama can run but he can’t hide, and neither can Hillary.

  7. There is a reason why his defense secretaries don’t stick around very long.
    It has been said that the administration micro-manages the military from the White House.

  8. Another new cause for MO ? If she reads Barbara and Laura Bush’s memoirs she’ll find out there’s already programs in place she can help promote. Also Hillary set up some good programs. This is nothing new, just have to make sure our aid to these programs is still being invested wisely.

    Here’s her ticket to future overseas travels. Spend 30 minutes telling young girls and women “get educated, it’s good I know as a girl from Southside Chicago, blah, blah…” Then off to her 5-star hotel’s spa for the next 23 and half hours.

    Close ? ;)

    • I’m wondering how they will finagle a military jet or private jet after they say good-bye to AF1, As I recall, Bush hitched a ride with Obama when he flew to the Mandela funeral.
      They’ll probably have enough slush $$$ left over to purchase a 747. And their ‘foundation’ will pay for all of it,

  9. He sends our troops to Ebola land setting them up to die. He fires all senior military so that he can control things that he knows nothing about. He hates the troops for fighting for us and has them charged with crimes anytime he can do so. He won’t even allow them to have a bible. I feel sorry for the troops that they have to sit and listen to his boring lecture about how much he has done for them. Really? He spends all taxpayer monies on himself without any shame or regard for anyone else.