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At Least Someone Takes the Constitution Seriously

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., gave his farewell speech to the Senate Thursday, remarking on the solemn duty, not always solemnly carried out, of Senators to defend the Constitution.

As opposed, for example, to looking out for their own parochial state interests. Coburn is a famous pork-buster.

I wonder what Coburn thinks today of his old friend Barack Obama, the former professor of Constitutional law who seems to have actually studied some other country’s Constitution.

Coburn, who was known as one of the few senators Obama had any relationship with at all when his was in that body, told me soon after Obama was first elected president that everything Obama says is sincere. Such naiveté.

Coburn is a good man, and I assume he returns to Oklahoma a wiser one.

14 thoughts on “At Least Someone Takes the Constitution Seriously”

  1. A lot of people wanted to think the best of Obama but he dashed their hopes without a qualm. Sad sad sad. The American people deserved better even if they did succumb to hope…

  2. While assuming the Senator meant well, he too voted to skirt, avoid, wiggle around many of our Constitutional rights.
    Just as many of us view the Ten Commandments as a guide to life rather than a mandatory way of life, most of our elected officials justify their votes with excuses or use reasoning that isn’t exactly legit.

    1. I agree. Keith stated he stood by him, and thought o was sincere.
      However I saw right though him from the beginning. I appreciate him reading the oath, and reminding everyone about what their duty was. However he should have been reading that aloud a long time ago.
      I am fed up with the thousand pages at a time. Last min. pages being squeezed in.
      There are thousands of citizens that are scared.
      Let one of them open up that issue on the floor as well.

  3. OT – I just posted this on the Friday’s Schedule post:

    US Coast Guard, Police, Prepare for First Family’s Holiday Arrival

    KAILUA – The now familiar signs that President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia and First Dogs will be arriving in Hawaii for Christmas are appearing in the close knit beachside community on Oahu’s windward side.

    On Wednesday, Honolulu police conducted roadside drills along the route the President’s caravan takes, from the H-1 Freeway beginning around the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam area, over the H-3 Freeway off-ramp and into Kailua.

    On Tuesday, U.S. Coast Guard officials went door-to-door, informing Kailua residents who live along the canal and ocean near the Obama rentals, that waterways will be closed to the public between Dec. 18 and Jan. 5.

    All boats must be removed from the canal and there will be no recreational use, such as canoe and kayak paddling or stand up paddling, in the popular area where the U.S. Coast Guard officials will soon patrol.

    A nearby favorite surf spot in Kailua Bay will also be closed during the President’s visit.

    U.S. Secret Service agents have been performing security checks in the neighborhood in and around Kailuana Place where the private homes are located.

    While no official plans have been released, area residents believe the Obamas will arrive possibly as early as Dec. 20, just after daughters Sasha and Malia begin their winter break.

    Some renting homes to the President’s friends told Hawaii Reporter they must be out of their homes between Dec. 22 and Jan. 4.

    The President, who spent much of his childhood in Hawaii, returns annually to Kailua for his Christmas holiday, a tradition he’s kept since first being elected to the nation’s highest office.

        1. I have never been there. I can’t imagine finally having the chance to go. Than to find out I can’t go sit on the beach all day as planned.

    1. Unbelievable that this will be their seventh year spending Christmas in Hawaii. What’s really going to be a joke is that they’ll probably go in 2016, returning just a couple of weeks before Inauguration Day 2017 when he’ll be going on a permanent vacation and life of luxury, raking in millions. They won’t need that Hawaiian vacation in December 2016, but I’m sure they’ll go anyway.

    2. I live in Kailua, the town that the President visits each year for the past 7 years. There is a bit of traffic congestion when he and the first Family are out and about, but all in all, it’s not much of an inconvenience. It is an honor to have the President of the United Stetes spend his holidays in our town, and we are happy to have been chosen by him.

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