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Sharpton Visited the Obama White House 61 Times

And counting, of course.

My God, the guy probably has his own desk in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

President Obama’s embrace of Al Sharpton, as National Review points out, has helped legitimize Sharpton as the preeminent black leader. Sharpton and his idiotic rantings, his message of victimization instead of self-help, and his fomenting of racial divisions, now takes the place of Martin Luther King Jr., thanks to Obama.

According to National Review:

Thirty-four of Sharpton’s visits were for White House events like high-profile nominations, bill signings, and soirées. Some, like the February 9, 2010, “Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement,” seem well within Sharpton’s wheelhouse. But many more — including a March 18, 2010, signing ceremony for a “jobs bill” and a May 19, 2010, event honoring visiting Mexican president Felipe Calderón — leave one wondering where Sharpton’s expertise enters the picture. Others — such as the Obamas’ 2011 Super Bowl party, small-scale movie screenings in February 2011 and April 2013, and especially the president’s birthday party in August 2011 — speak to a close personal relationship between Sharpton and the first family.

The nation’s first black president could have brought us together. He could have pounded home the message to the black community that it’s time to stop complaining about insults, perceived and real, and go about claiming their rightful place in society.

Instead, Obama feeds the mindset that demands help from the state and coaxes anger from the aggrieved. What a waste.

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  1. The news is so frightening and so comical at the same time that I am finding myself unable to express my opinions in writing.
    My husband and sons think that is a good thing.

  2. It is sinful. There are so many responsible people, who have worked hard and succeeded. Every person can succeed without being filthy rich.
    The people who have worked hard though the last several decades, and now have people yelling to demand something for nothing is an insult to those people. It is an insult tearing apart what we had worked though.
    Some people may not like me because I have blonde hair. Some people may not like me because I am a woman, Some people may not like me, because I am a people person and love to talk. My point: Everyone has people that don’t like them and so what. We do not tear apart entire cities. Yes He (o) shoulda coulda brought this Country closer than we had already become.

  3. Those “small scale movie screenings” (aka POTUS Peeps Premiers):

    Would those, perhaps, include black themed-movies, like “Lincoln”, “12 Years A Slave” and “The Butler”? Today the $4.5 Million Dollar AWOL Man is calling leaked emails “RACIST!” because the writer suggested that Obama likes black entertainment. Between what Obama shows at the White House, brags about as his first date, and spends his money on at the theater, the emails were 100% accurate.

  4. Can Sharpton even pronounce “soirée? He has no business visiting the White House 61 times. Can you imagine the uproar from Democrats, if Rush Limbaugh visited the Bush or Reagan White House that many times?

    1. “Can Sharpton even pronounce ‘soiree’?” LOL. You should have helped out with the SNL skit. BTW, I do remember the Democrats complaining about Bush Sr. inviting Limbaugh to the WH several times and about Rush sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom. OT, but that relationship has soured, hasn’t it, the one between Limbaugh and the Bushes?

      1. For that matter, Oklahoma Lady, I wonder how Obama himself would pronounce “soiree”. He has trouble with French. Navy corpse man.

  5. I think that Bill Cosby is being ruined over sexual harassment AT THIS MOMENT because Al Sharpton’s organization has been shown to owe millions of dollars.

    In other words, tit for tat — you ruin our black elder leader, we ruin yours.

    They have been holding the Cosby revelations for a moment like this one. “Which is more terrible, ruining the lives of young women or merely owing money to the nasty federal government?”

    I’d say that I am paranoid, but this President has taught me how Alinsky liberals work.

    1. “Perhaps”?!

      Among the many, many tragic aspects of Obama’s presidency, the fact that he had such an opportunity to bring black and white people together, and has squandered it, is the most tragic, in my opinion. This man, half black and half white, was handed the means and the chance to repair and improve race relations. Instead, he has purposely destroyed all the work done previously by men like Martin Luther King, setting race relations back 50 years. Such a shame!

      1. What he absolutely failed at, is telling his black brothers that they could succeed with hard work. As a child abandoned by his father, he should have told them how important it is for a child to have a father. Not a sperm-donor “father”, but a father who is married to their mother. A father who wears a belt, does not loot, who abhors a gangsta lifestyle.

  6. This is the real Obama, community organizer and professional agitator.
    He sat in front of Rev. Wright for 20 years – did anyone expect anything else.

  7. “He could have pounded home the message to the black community”…he has hardly whispered it. The only person he is pounding is me. Bless you Keith

  8. The Obama’s average 10 vacations a year with 6 years in office that equals 60 +\- trips. Al Sharptons being there 61 times only means a few possibilities……..Al is running the country during the vacation, MILOTUS and Al is doing the beast with two backs thing or Al is casing the joint. I wonder if they have done an inventory since 2008.

  9. What exactly could the Harvard educated former lawyer and a high school dropout have in common other than their skin color and a desire to foment racial tensions?
    How in the world do they communicate when one speaks educated English and the other speaks, well, whatever it is that Rev (of no church) Sharpton speaks.
    There is something so very wrong with their relationship. So wrong.

      1. I agree. I enjoy listening and watching people who give a speech using their notes. It is like watching a toy robot when someone uses a teleprompter. When I do watch him give a speech, I usually watch his face turn one side, than turn to the other side, than turn to the other side, and than turn it off. Once I would like to see someone turn off one of the screens he is reading to see how fast he has to turn his face to catch up.

        1. I would LUV to see the tele-prompter SHUT DOWN when Obama is speaking! -LOL Obama would look like a deer in headlights…

          But if that happened I bet the TV cameras would quickly cut away as to not embarass the Dear Leader Obama.

  10. What became clear to me today as I listened to the news shows — including my favorite Special Report — and read some of the reporting — that the pundits, the “thinkers”, the analysts, the talking heads — have no idea how angry so many of us are, especially about Boehner’s recent legislation. Speaking for myself, I do not buy what they are saying — that this will better position the new Congress to take on all the issues that need to be addressed. Boehner and McConnell and the Republican establishment have no credibility and with this recent legislation I have all but given up.

  11. I haven’t read all the comments yet as the subject makes me ill and I am watching the “new” Hawaii 50. Mr Barry whoever his roots are from allegedly grew up in this most melting pot of a million different races and he is the most racist ever. I never even thought of race until he took office. And he throws it in our face every single day.

    1. Funny — I am watching the same thing — I never watch it — but I was just thinking during the “interrogation” scenes — we can do this on tv — not too much to watch — evil is portrayed — and you know this, and worse, takes place in POW camps to and elsewhere to Americans and Obama and Feinstein have the nerve to harp back to a few instances after the mass murder of 9/11 and rip of intellgence service to pieces, saying despicable things — all because DIFI had a hissy fit. And she would “feel badly” if any harm to any American or ally resulted.

      1. Thanks Grace for your comment…it digs deep as usual. I never watch tv, I prefer to READ the news but just one of those days if you will. I lived in California for 33 great years before here and I just have one thing to say to DIFI..retire please.take Ol Nancy with you.

          1. Let’s hope the Senate does not have her for life…she is 81 years old.
            Nancy Pelosi got in on the Harvey Milk parade by shedding fake tears just “remembering” it.
            And then there are Barbara Boxer and Maxine Waters…California really can produce some “winners.”
            Give me the hicks and hillbillies here any day.

  12. How did this guy ever get security clearance? Silly question….when you think of who is sitting in the Oval Office.
    What an opportunity for the not-so-reverent Al to pick up a few WH trinkets to pawn for his back taxes.

  13. Stupid question…but I’ll ask anyway.

    Has anyone in the “WH press corps” had the GUTS to ask:
    -Why Obama is BFF with Sharpton? Sharpton = a tax cheat and race agiator (see Tawany Brawley)
    No one has paid attention to that (racist)Sharpton for years, but Obama digs him up just after the 2014 election.

  14. Mystery Solved. Apparently the boy king spends his mornings watching ESPN and then saunters down to the “office” — ok to ValJar’s. Doesn’t read the daily briefings (passed on some 60% of them IIRC).

    All that politicking — reportedly just too much chatter.

    1. Thanks for the clip.
      It states, Primary agency responsible for implementing o’s actions is funded entirely by user fees. Would be able to continue & collect fees to carry out its operations even if the Govt. shuts down.
      Congress does not appropriate funds for any of its operations. Including the issuance of immigration or work permits.

      1. Lee. That’s Hal Rogers opinion — and it is weak and open to challenge. Check the link in the article for others’ opinions.

        This was the ruse the Republicans were going to use as to how they couldn’t stop amnesty. But they dropped any ruse at all — they just funded it.

    2. What a great article. Thanks for the link. Amnesty for illegals is tied at the hip with bigger government, and it can’t go on indefinitely. Some day in the future the bubble will burst on all the social agenda if for any reason because the money will not be there to support it. These illegals will not make enough money to pay taxes and will be given benefits by the government to make ends meet. The people who used to work and pay taxes will not be here. And they can only print so much money too until it becomes worthless. I wonder how Paul Ryan voted because I remember how he used to talk on fiscal responsibility.

      1. I “borrowed” and “altered” the comment I referenced and included it in an email which I sent to my Congressmen.

        Anybody know what’s happening in the Senate? I hope Sessions or Cruz, or heaven forbid, or even Warren step up to stop the bill from going forward.

        1. Sessions and Cruz both stepped up. Vote on hold ’til Monday. Today the Republicans will be busy rubber stamping Obama’s nominees — make sure the bloodline continues.

  15. “He, obama, could have helped the black community and brought more people together”…….time for everyone to quit saying that. I could have studied harder in school and gotten better grades but I didn’t and that is that. Obama had no intention of “bringing” people together. The “GOP”, lol, has no intention of being conservative. It is now time for all conservatives to write letters to their representatives and tell them we no longer will vote for them, period. Tell them this is no longer a joke or idle threat but reality. They lied to us during the midterms and we intend to sit out the next election cycle and let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes you have to let and alcoholic hit rock bottom before they realize they need to change. So it is now time for us to prepare to hit rick bottom. Do what you can to put away some sort of nest egg to live on if things go really south and send the message they conservatives are willing to let it all get really bad in order to fix and rebuild.
    Or better yet, run for office. Those guys make REALLY good money with a great retirement and I am sure it is probably more than many of us make.
    And please let’s all stop with the could of would of should of, obama is doing exactly what he intended………..fundamental transformation of America.

  16. A more realistic look perhaps, or at least , somewhat of a more optimistic spin from an unlikely source — Mike Lee who I respect. For what that’s worth.

    “as rotten as the CROmnibus before us is, I want to state for the record that thei week leaves me with nothing but optimism. Optimism about the prospect we have for real reform and revival in the coming years. The miserable process we’ve witnesses this week represents the last gasping throes of a discredited Washington status quo. 10 years ago, this bill would not have been controversial. 5 years ago, an easy majority would have been purchased with earmarks. This week, with the full weight of both party’s leaderships it barely made it over the finish line.”

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  18. It is appalling that a racemonger such as Al Sharpton, a man with a dubious background and history of falsifying and misrepresenting his credentials as a minister and and civil rights “leader”, would be invited to our White House by the Barack Obama administration 61 times. Sharpton doesn’t care about facts iin the Michael Brown case, and as you can see this thug mercilessly beat another man and he is a real menace and criminal:

  19. It is NOT a good thing. It’s a preplanned Race War and it’s already working. Ferguson burned half their city. Sharpton is being played. He’s a ‘Useful Idiot’.

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