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The Obama Morning News || December 12, 2014

$1.1 Trillion spending bill passes the House . . . A last-minute plea from President Obama and fatigued GOP leaders overcame rebellions from both conservatives and liberals, clearing the $1.1 trillion spending bill through the House on Thursday in a dramatic late-night vote. Washington Times

Conservatives enraged . . . Conservatives are ending the year frustrated at their own party’s leaders, who they think cut them out of the funding process and fumbled a chance to pick apart Obama’s immigration actions as soon as they were announced by not using the must-pass funding bill to undo it. Politico

Mike Lee: Obama plots backdoor legalization . . . President Obama’s recently unveiled immigration scheme creates a new path for illegal immigrants and those who overstay their visas to become legal citizens nearly instantly, according to Utah Sen. Mike Lee. Washington Examiner

Only one percent say global warming top concern . . . President Barack Obama’s core policy initiatives, such as combating global warming and income inequality, barely register as top concerns for most Americans. Breitbart

Seventy percent want more digging on IRS . . . Call it a “kumbaya” question, as majorities of Democrats (60 percent), independents (75 percent) and Republicans (78 percent) support lawmakers continuing to dig. Fox News

Brennan: Interrogations saved lives . . . CIA Director John Brennan is acknowledging that agency officers did “abhorrent” things to captive terror suspects, and he says he can’t prove the harsh treatment made the prisoners cooperate. But he defends the overall post-9/11 interrogation program for stopping attacks and saving lives. Associated Press

Americans want Benghazi probe to continue . . . By a 58-38 percent margin, voters think Congress should continue digging into the administration’s handling of the debacle. Fox News

Backers: Romney may be more open to a run . . . He has sounded unimpressed with the emerging GOP field, associates say. Politico

Jeb’s Romney-style problem . . . Bush’s recent business ventures reveal that he shares a number of liabilities with the last nominee, Mitt Romney, whose career in private equity proved so politically damaging that it sunk his candidacy. Bloomberg

Michigan Gov. Snyder mulls a run . . . Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican, bet his political career on turning around Detroit, even as many leaders of the overwhelmingly Democratic city proclaimed he would fail.bSnyder’s success since last summer has given him a captivating rationale to run for president — and a story he intends to share across the country in the coming months. Politico

32 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || December 12, 2014”

    1. No offense but do any of you hardcore righties even know how government works? The New Congress has not even been sworn in! Boehner needs to get a bill passed one way or the other. If not they can face another government shutdown led by your Tea Party maniacs hero Ted Cruz. The last time it happened it made Obama popular again. Want to try it again there spanky?

      1. What is a “hardcore rightie” ? Last I checked most of us here are former Dems now independent thinkers w/o a party affiliation.

        I think both parties do need new leadership, sick of these current ones who put their parties before country and the American peoples’ will.

        1. You mean Michelle Bachmann declaring we should not pay our debt because it is popular with the Tea Party quacks? Yeah that is great will. Even Chrissie Matthews understands you run a government on compromise and deal making.

          1. I must say I agree with Just Saying on some of this (as you know). The shutdown–I fervently believe–would have rebounded on the Republicans even if it came about bec Obama vetoed the bill. Live to fight another day…that sort of thing. I still say give the people who know the system and where the bodies are buried a chance…to you know, work togther–which is what the American people say they want.

          1. It ain’t name calling when it’s true Geoffery. You crazy pure red nutjobs are just a problem as Obama and the Democrats.

            And you have zero facts are your side, none. You wouldn’t know what a fact is if you hit in your head.

      2. He doesn’t NEED to do anything. Him, vying for OPTICS on the other hand, that’s a different story. But thanks for playing though, so called know it all.

        1. He needs to keep the government operating because that is what they are paid to do. I know you right core nutballs want no government but that isn’t feasible in the real world.

          1. If you’re trying to impress us with your vast political knowledge, you picked the wrong forum.
            “right core nutballs”, is actually incorrect because a ‘core’ is the center,…not left or right.

            Let me introduce myself as a conservative republican Bible pounding 2nd Amendment small government Tea Party enthusiast.

            Stop by anytime,…..Just Sayin’.

        2. And just remember, I was the one telling you all Romney was going to lose in late 2012 when everyday Keith and all you used disorientation reality fields that would make Steve Jobs jealous. Sorry that I live in the real world where silly things like polls, data, budgets, etc matter. I much rather live in Tea Party Delusion Land but regrettably I want something good for my children and family in the future.

      3. “The last time it happened it made Obama popular again. Want to try it again there spanky?”

        Yeah, the last shut-down made that Muslim-appeasing Commie puke so popular that the GOP took the House again and came very close to taking the Senate.

      4. Not a maniac at all. Pass a clean CR, keep it all running till mid-March, and do regular order on all spending bills. Contrary to popular belief and the myths perpetrated by some, THAT is the way the government is SUPPOSED to work.
        Budgets are formed in committees, voted on in said committees, than debated on the floor of the House, voted on by the House then sent to the Senate for approval, or amending and sent back for conference.
        What was done last night was about as far away from the Constitutional order designed by the Founders as anything.
        Oh, and just for the record, this hardcore righty and Tea Party maniac you seem to know so well is also against the derivatives slip in for the big banks.
        I’m a constitutional fiscal conservative, social libertarian who’s sick and tired of business as usual in D.C. and is even sicker that in just the past 6 years, for the sake of partisan self-indulgence, over 8 trillion dollars has been stolen from our childrens’ future.
        If you want to be indignant at anyone, vent it at the financial pedophiles in Washington. All I’m trying to do is what every generation before me has done: leave something for the future.

        1. “Regular order”–sweet! Authorization bills in the relevant committee with a going over in hearings, appropriation bills, also discussed in open session in hearings, then a vote on each, reconciliation of the House and Senate versions, revote on the compromise, send to president. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

          1. I know, a dream indeed. How sad that this type of Cromnibus crap has been going on long enough now that an entire generation doesn’t even know that this type of behavior is recent and NOT the norm over history.
            All Boehner had to do was CR for 90 days and return to Constitutional order. Talk about having the high ground. But no, he went his old crony crapitalism ways and did a deal behind closed doors just the way Pelosi and crew shoved Obamacare down our throats.
            He and Republicans like him are just as much responsible for the debt and despair in this country today as any of em.

      5. They did not need to fund through 2015. And they could have done short term crs. And the next time you say “no offense” it would be useful if you did not open asking if the children even understand how the government works. Also, callng Tea Party people “maniacs” does not speak to “no offense” either. And spanky — yeah, that helps too.

        1. Calling Tea Party maniacs is not a put down, it’s just the truth. Tea Party are maniacs and are just as an Un-American as the far left maniacs. And yes they have to fund the government there Gracie or it will be shutdown. I know you right nutballs love government shutdowns (even though the right gets the blame when it does since they are the ones that like government shutdowns) but the vast majority of working Americans. They want a functioning government whose members put party and crazy a$$ “principles” aside to solve the problems we have today.

          And you wonder why Obama who one of the worst presidents in the modern era won in an landslide in 2012 and you can get dollars to donuts the Democrats will retain the White House in 2016.

          1. Tea Party people–so-called–are not “maniacs,” what a poor choice of words. Can’t you be more accurate–I would say the ones who signed the Norquist Pledge may have signed over their power in advance–never a good plan.

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