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The GOP Takes Obama’s Bait; to be Reeled in Next Year

By not making a stand against President Obama’s amnesty fiat now, Republicans have made a critical tactical mistake that could ruin their chance to seriously oppose the greatest un-Constitutional presidential power grab in memory.

Unless, of course, House Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader McConnell are fully aware of the consequences of their decision and aren’t making a mistake at all.

As you probably know, the $1.1 trillion “Cromnimbus” spending bill Boehner and his lieutenants rammed through the House Thursday funds the government for a year, except for the Department of Homeland Security, the funding for which runs out at the end of February. This supposedly clever move sets up a potential fight over the funding within Homeland Security that will be used to enforce Obama’s amnesty order.

But by failing to strike now, when the wound Obama inflicted was still fresh and they maintained the leverage of shutting down the entire federal government – and keeping Obama from his Hawaii vacation – Republicans have put themselves in a precarious position.

Obama fishing

The White House argument early next year will be simple: Republicans, by creating a fight over the Department of Homeland Security spending bill, are jeopardizing national security, while the president is responsible and wants to safeguard the country. And who remembers that silly immigration order anyway?

With the issue narrowly focused on homeland security and immigration – and frightening thoughts of angry Latino voters dancing in their heads – Republicans won’t have the stomach for the fight. Obama, who never has to stand for election again – and who will have no vacation planned until August – will be steeled to do what it takes to preserve one of the major “accomplishments” of his presidency.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Thursday offered up a superbly produced preview trailer for the full movie, release date February 2015:

The premise of your question, Major, is that there may be some Republicans who will threaten to cease funding for border security, for criminal background checks and for the other elements of our national security infrastructure that are critical to our homeland security just because they’re upset with the president taking executive action on immigration reform.

I recognize that there has been a passionate response in some Republican quarters to this executive action, but I don’t think the vast majority of Republicans think it would be a good idea to stop funding for the kinds of personnel and programs that are critical to our homeland security . . .

My sense is that even Republicans would not want to be in a position of saying, ‘You know what? We should stop funding for our border patrol officers who are putting their lives on the line to secure our border just because I’m pretty mad at the president about his executive action on immigration, that — that thing that he announced about three months ago . . .

I do feel confident in saying they will not have widespread support among the American people for this.

Using the same awful logic that one death is a tragedy while a million a statistic, Republicans will have a harder time denying federal funding for an agency that includes vital security functions than they would have resisting the more diffuse case against shutting the whole government down. Think only of the terms involved: federal government, not a sympathetic entity to many, versus homeland security. Now who doesn’t want to secure the homeland?

People will wonder, with some justification, why, if the immigration order was so bad, Republicans didn’t move to scuttle it right away?

The Obama White House is limping toward its finish line, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeve. And Republicans just fell for one of them, hook, line, and sinker.

H/T CNS News.

57 thoughts on “The GOP Takes Obama’s Bait; to be Reeled in Next Year”

  1. How is it that two supposedly intelligent men (Boehner and McConnell) are both so pitifully and repeatedly stupid when it comes to dealing with Obama? It’s worse than Charlie Brown dealing with Lucy and the football. Yes, she will jerk it away again, and yes, Obama is playing you two for fools once more.

    1. There was a long dissertation (can’t remember the link), about 0’s hypnotic speech patterns. How the words & tone & linkage of sentences lulls listeners & opens up their ‘agreeable’ side.
      If you look at Boehner, he always has that drugged, glaze-eyed look. Just like a puppet & his master manipulator.

      1. Not to mention McConnell’s deer in the headlights look.
        We made an impact by adding to the house and taking the senate in the last election.
        Replacing the leadership in both chambers will be the cherry on top.
        We put them in there to stop Obama and I’m convinced that Boehner is NOT the one to do it and neither is McConnell.

  2. Did you ever consider that Boehner and McConnell wanted to take the bait and be reeled in on amnesty? They are Chamber of Commerce Republicans.

    1. Did you ever consider that this is their strategy? I say let it play out–if you guys are right, I will admit it–but a shutdown even of the border now would be disastrous for the Republicans. I still maintain that.

      1. Once the Congressional Republicans have given Obama the green light on amnesty, he will use the argument in the future that they have ipso facto already approved of it. No, to take liberties with the Psalm, our hope commeth from the states here on out. Just like Obamacare.

        1. Let’s see how this plays out. I spent 16 yrs on the Hill–there is a way to do things…We have been decrying that the way has been ignored or overturned–let’s see if we can return to it. Do you really (all of you) want the Republicans flailing about, trying to overturn actions without the votes, or if they do have the votes, giving the admin the right to shut down–and blame them…? Are you never going to want the two sides to work together…they did hold back DHS money… Oh, well, I have said my piece.

          1. The Democrats did not ask the Republicans to work with them on healthcare, or if they did, it was Obama style, that is, you can work with us our way or you can be out in the cold. I’m not the first person to say that this election was not about the people wanting the Republicans to continue “working together” with the Democrats. If you think so, you are in a minority.

          2. They exit polling showed repeatedly that people were sick of Washington fighting and not working together. I am not afraid to be in the minority on this list–if I am I am.

          3. Wrong. The people were concerned about amnesty, the economy, and Obamacare. Not sure about the order. I don’t know what sources you read or watch. NYT? WaPo? Morning Joe?

          4. Moreover the elections were main street and this bill is definitely wall street, pork, big business.

            We will not be able to stop Obamacare or Amnesty or big spending or education reform. There is no will in the Republican leadership. If nothing else this just speaks to the fact that the leadership is Rovian and all about the money

            And for the record, there are some things in the bill that Senator Rubio finds “objectionable” — will be vote for it — he is still considering the legislation. Oh golly gee, I wonder what Marco will do.

            Get ready for Jeb Bush.

          5. I do watch MoJoe–hardly see the others. I watch mostly Fox tv-wise—are you trying to insult me? That is pretty much impossible, as we know. We will see in the end what people want–and I am telling you they did not want a shutdown and they do want the parties to work across the aisle. You guys act as of this is your first Christmas Tree Bill–it’s a tradition!

          6. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash), for one:
            McMorris Rodgers called Obama’s order “divisive” and said it raises concerns about the president acting on his own.

            “One of the main messages coming out of the election is that people all across this country want us to work together to get things done — Republicans, Democrats, Congress, White House,” she said. “That’s why it was so disappointing to me for the president to act unilaterally, because we do need to work together. Immigration is a prime example of where if we work together, we can get it done

          7. I assume you mean I am wrong and you’re right. Well, it will all come out in the wash. As for immigration, there is almost no way to reverse the half-measure already taken except by passing a whole new bill, with a path to citizenship etc. Several mos are allowed for this. If the Reps do not–well, there we are. Your worst fears of millions of new immigrants flooding everyplace will have come true. Unemployment…overrun ERs..more debt…Oh, man!

          8. that’s fine to be in the minority, Star, but I don’t remember any exit polls sayig that people wanted “Washington” to “work together.”

            perhaps you are confusing what Obama told us the election was about with what it was REALLY about, which was stopping Obama.

          9. and btw, I have a theory about people who claim that “Washington is broken” and “nothing gets done.”

            I think, per the Grubester, that Americans are kinda stupid. and many Americans mistake our system of checks and balances with what is popularly called “gridlock.” things move at a snail’s pace? they were DESIGNED to move at a snail’s pace. that way, random freakazoids can’t change things too quickly.

            of course, the founders probably didn’t anticipate that a president would openly break the law and the country would yawn, as is happening now…

          10. It was said that ALL the Dems voted for Gov’t shutdown…Our idiots prevented it……it would have only been a partial shutdown anyway.

      2. I’m agreeing that their goal is to let MrO do the heavy lifting while they pretend to wring their hands in despair. They want this immigration thing to go away, they want all of those cheap workers(?) that the big business, and big money wants.

    2. Yes they are Julie.
      Both are in bed with the need for cheap labor.
      The last shutdown affected who ?
      The veterans that couldn’t visit the memorials ? yes.
      The people that wanted to visit the national parks ? yes.
      The federal workers that were laid off and then reimbursed ? no.
      That shutdown didn’t really hurt the republicans much did it ?
      We took the senate back and kept the house.
      The MSM tried their best to pin it on the reps, but no-one really listens to them anymore.

      If the conservative wing of both chambers are able to begin to fix this economy in the next two years, maybe people will wake up and listen to them and not the bleating fools that got us into this mess,….and that includes Bush.

          1. So you people honestly think a Republican-caused delay leading to a shutdown would work in the Republicans’ favor–another tantrum…govt employees faving not being paid at Christmas (even if they get it later), sites being closed, etc–that would be “all good” to make a pt. Amazing! That is the way idiots run a govt.

          2. I am also thinking about how this is some ploy to get cheap labor for the US Chamber members. First–those are big businesses and most use eVerify. Second, if the labor now has some quasi-legal status, companies cannot use their non-legal status to get them to work for less or stay in a job they don’t want to be in. An established company cannot pay a Mexican crosser less than the guy next to him if that crosser has some papers.

      1. In two more years, you will 10-20 million illegals with the right to vote another Democrat in……this executive amnesty should have been stopped for Reps. to ever succeed. Heard that O. threatened to squeal on affairs of our Speaker and others if they didn’t go along with him……I can believe that he had his cronies dig up lots of dirt.

  3. What is discouraging to me is that if you look at the vote last night–only 67 Republicans voting nay–it says that there is not much of a chance that the mood in the Republican caucus will be to turn out John Boehner in January.

      1. last week I would’ve agreed with you ladies. today…not so much. I think a lot of people are FURIOUS with Boehner. (I know I am!) I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was replaced in the leadership.

        show of hands for Trey Gowdy, please? (who, with any luck, will be the next AG under the next Republican president in 2017?)

          1. Gowdey–me too, but I think Boehner had enough power left to push 167 (?) Republicans into voting yea. That’s what scares me.

  4. It is over. The USA is now defunct and out of business. California is now Mexico north (proclaimed by our idiot governor) the rest of the nation is now ear marked for the same fate.

    We have no one defending our laws. Republicans are worthless or in bed with the dems – goal remake us into Mexico.

    The mid terms meant nothing as they are all playing the same game now.

  5. The following are people who make me want to puke on a daily basis…puke being the at the lower end, barf being most serious:

    Clintons (both)
    Bush (former president and presumptive nominee)
    The Black “Caucasians”
    Chris Christie
    The Hispanic “Caucasians”
    John Stewart
    Meghan Kelly

    I will update this list when I return from barfing.

  6. They were discussing Warren a moment ago on The Five.
    Stating a lot of people calling Warren a hero. However they showed a video of her fussing about the Republicans last year and the shut down.
    One other good point that was made on The Five regarding 1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS, and no one was fussing about that yesterday, at the same time there was disagreements on the stop city bank issue, doing away with regulations.
    There has to be someone who has a very good idea of what was stated to the Reps last nigh to get their vote. I no darn well, they weren’t just saying pretty please. Anyone have a good guess?

    1. that’s the funny thing. I tweeted about this yesterday (to my 3 followers, LOL):

      when Ted Cruz tries to shut down the government, he is a rightwing loon who is a danger to the country. when Elizabeth Warren tries to shut down the government, she becomes a hero and a top presidential contender.

      and there’s no liberal media bias. uh-huh.

  7. Geez Keith its a frickening funding bill for one year so the government does not shutdown. And sorry your not going to get everything you want next year either. It’s called politics. You give and you take.

    1. “frickening”? not quite a real word, but I take your point.

      but I don’t agree. the American people sent a pretty clear message to the Republicans in November: stop Obama. so the first chance they get to do that, what did they do? roll over and beg Obama to scratch their tummies and give them treats, that’s what they did.

      I’m depressed but I haven’t given up yet: I am waiting until the new GOP Senate is sworn in in January. then we’ll see what they really plan to be like.

  8. Anyone that can’t see by now that the commiecrats and the republicoms are exactly the same and have the same goals is just plain stupid. Or insane. The gop is dead to me, and has been for a long time. Not one more penny, not one more vote. I’m not playing the game anymore.

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