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Why Isn’t Elizabeth Warren Being Branded a Dangerous Kook?

You know, like Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was when he opposed continuing funding the government over funding.

Because she’s a liberal, of course, and her fight is a Quixotic question for justice in the eyes of the MSM, while Cruz was an evil, hardline extremist. Here’s a good video contrasting the coverage.

16 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Elizabeth Warren Being Branded a Dangerous Kook?”

  1. She is so being branded! I’m glad she wanted some attention. Now, everyone knows what she is, a kooky democrat who wants to destroy/change America, and in a way, that she wants all of the successful, INTELLIGENT and hardworing American people to be in the poorhouse except for herself and greedy politicians. We are sick and tired of people like her, Obama, Holder, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Kerry, Reid, we have had enough! Spending taxpayer miney like its their own, Obama stealing our money for his vacations, golfing outings, parties, and then lecturing the American people all the time. thats why democrats are out of office. KEEP VOTING THEM OUT!!! We want our military back, we want our police force respected, we don’t want them stirring up hate, we are a country that loves all races and religions, we don’t need race baiters in our government.

  2. If you step back for a bit, you can see that this Elizabeth Warren is getting (pretty much) the same MSM treatment Obama received when he was making noises about becoming POTUS. To wit—the MSM all of a sudden (relatively speaking) puts her in the spotlight, front and center. And oh, she’s so smart and eloquent, and speaks for the people, and all that crap. Notice the photos the press uses–there she is, perfect lighting, and oh, is that a halo around her head? Where’s the Styrofoam columns and the angels from on high?

    Yet, yet, yet………like Obama, she’s a liar–phony Indian stories, she’s plagiarized recipes for her “cookbook”, her background is “fuzzy” at best. She’s being painted as Joan of Arc come to save us all from the evil Republicans.

    She’s a first class, complete with all the old Obama staging, fraud.

      1. People often forget this stuff, often because the MSM refuses to remind people. Yet, it’s critically important to consider when making a judgement about the validity of these public people who so desperately want to “represent” us..

    1. I remember her speech at the DNC in 2012. She was not impressive at all. How they elevate these people just baffles me. I can only hope that some legitimate reporters can expose the truth about her before the snowball gains too much momentum. (It is Christmas time so maybe that wish will come true)

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  4. Only in America, only in Washington and only by Presstitutes who like the smell of their own underwear. Barry taught us that you can run a Country by Committee, spout talking points, and create enough confusion to get away with anything. He made the Country an empty shell and now this certifiable squaw will make valuable beads out of it.
    There’s a recipe for success eh?

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