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Video || Gruber: I’m Glib and Ignorant

22 thoughts on “Video || Gruber: I’m Glib and Ignorant”

  1. Someone has to come out with a Glib song. In the meantime, I lisened to it twice. First time I watched Gruber facial expressions, ___________.
    Than I watched it again, and watched his atty’s facial expressions,
    _____right eye blinked one time________.
    There must be a class in school for attorneys on holding back facial expressions, same with a con artist.

    1. The attorney’s train their clients in facial & body expression too.
      Having sat as a jury member in a DUI case I was enthralled at this practice. Goober makes me ill with his distain towards us tax paying American’s. We are not stupid, you snob! Obviously he is stupid & narcissistic like his 0 boss.

  2. The most memorable moment in the Gruber questioning for me was when Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis, who lost her husband because he got caught up in the insanity of ObamaCare, told Gruber to ‘Get over your damn glibness’. That was powerful.

  3. The best part for me is the name card.


    Raise your hand if Gruber is not the only glib and ignorant Ph.D you know.

    I am not dinging the degree (have a few letters myself) but it’s just like that somehow confers something on Gruber. Fits the old “for someone so smart, you can be so stupid”. In the end, hubris — the bigger you are the harder you fall.

    Make him fess up to how much the taxpayers had to cough up to be insulted and hoodwinked.

    1. I am with you and have a few letters also but not the Ph.D.
      We have an acquaintance (not friend) who signs his name on business letters: John Doe, Ph.D. (c). We had to look it up. It means Ph.D. candidate. He has completed course work but has not written nor defended his dissertation.
      My first husband had the degree. While he was in grad school we knew many, many who had done course work but not the dissertation. They were referred to as the “All Buts.”
      The dissertation and defense before a board is considered by some as the hardest part.
      Pride goeth before a fall.

    2. It is very incorrect to put Mr and also PhD with a name.
      I don’t know if they are mocking him or what.
      So, essentially they are calling him Mr. Dr. Gruber.
      And either way…. he is so annoying me….

    1. I said a few things using the new “F” word: “GRUBER YOU!” “OH, GO GRUBER YOURSELF!” “SHUT THE GRUBER UP!” “GRUBER OFF AND DIE!”

  4. Taking the high road:
    MrGruber, after a long, painful examination of his actions, is reaching out to find some forgiveness for his part in screwing up the health care of millions of fellow Americans.
    Not able to call a presser on his own, he throws himself at the mercy of fellow intellectual elites by admitting how underhanded, deceitful and sneaky the law was formed, and then enacted.
    As word of his reprehensible actions come to light, he once again becomes humble and repentant.

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