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Live Stream || White House Briefing – December 11, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

12 thoughts on “Live Stream || White House Briefing – December 11, 2014”

  1. Here’s my entry for Quote of the Day:

    “Obama’s Nashville gaffe wasn’t factually inaccurate. Not at all. Any fool would know that when Obama refers to ‘The Good Book,’ he’s referring to Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘Troilus and Criseyde.’ ” — Josh Earnest (12/11/2014)

  2. O will approve $5 billion for Ebola.
    money to fight ISIS.
    2. child education expand early learning.
    wall street reform/ protecting CFPD was not gutted bt Rebs.
    3. Fight climate change.
    Rebs can’t impair any of this. Make investments
    4. Two areas Reps identified that they opposed.
    affordable care act and ocare. Won’t be gutted.
    o will sign all the above.
    Long bill 1,600 pages. Neither party got everything they wanted.
    o gets his top things in it. If it doesn’t pass, We can’t allow a disagreement over one thing to spoil the whole thing.
    Josh said he is not an expert in oil. Discussed chicken and egg.
    Lou is correct that lower oil prices for middle class. o will monitor. Do
    o still has confidence in John Brennan (CIA) spelling?
    CIA director met at WH. He was in the Briefing this morning.
    There view of CIA info, it is unknowable if info from interrogation
    was needed. (That’s what admin. thinks) That is why he outlawed interrogations on his 2nd day in office. Reportere pointed out CIA said it did help, o saying no it didn’t. Josh said check with him. He repeated that o banned it on his 2nd day in office. o believes this undermined us.
    That is why he agreed with releasing info. Reforms were given for proper treatment of detainee’s. I heard enough from Josh.
    over and out.

    1. He said we gave info to committe. No CIA personnal were included. Sorted over a million documents.
      Found fault. We agknowledged our mistakes. The CIA was unprepared to conduct the dentention center. In limited number of cases that were not authorized. We came short of holding some officers to their mistakes.
      They (agents) did what they were asked to do! The CIA has implemented different things. Improve record keeping.
      Our reviews indicated save lives, helped us. from attacks.
      He supports president regarding the method issue.
      There should be trust between us and Admin.
      As long as I am in postion I will fight for ideal’s of CIA.
      We are patriots.
      Did you support the Senate report. He made his views known during discussions with DNI and WH. He cannot share his views, WH knows them. No way of knowing if info obtained though what they did can be proven they could have gotten same info with other means. Going forward obtain info with new prodedures.
      Do you agree with o stating detainees were tortured. Panetta said CIA lied. There were times agents went outside of their bounds. They were harsh, and will leave to others how to title those activities.
      I didn’t understand his answer regarding Panetta.
      What was your involvement? What did you do?
      I was responsible to make sure officers had what they needed.
      I has some sight of some of program. Did not have over sight.
      Did I.T.’s lead to helping or not. Do you think Bin Laden was captured due to torture.
      One reporter just named every type of torture process she could while asking her question. That is not going to help us with the maniacs around the world. I am sorry I missed that reporters name.
      Sloppy notes everyone.

    1. I took notes while he was speaking. Very sloppy.
      They are now in mod.
      This needs to be watched.
      I have never been in the service. However I do not think this question and answer deal is helpful to U.S. Just like the release of the infomation AT THIS TIME, was not a good move for the safety of us. o is now having a good laugh.

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