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Kerry: Post-9/11 an “Ugly, Horrible Period”

Wait a second, bud. I remember, the years after 9/11. They were years of unparalleled American heroism, years when a country that had been brutally attacked stood up to the challenge and took the fight to its enemies, led by servicemen and women as brave and dedicated as the nation has ever produced, none of whom, to my knowledge, threw their medals over the White House fence.

Or someone else’s medals. I think that’s what Kerry actually did.

This is what Secretary of State Kerry said at the State Department Wednesday:

I think America in these recent days has seen this and we own up to it. Even yesterday with the report that came out from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – we hold ourselves accountable to an ugly, horrible period, and we should be proud of our ability to do that.

I assume Kerry may be lumping the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq into his analysis, since he talks about a “period” and not just the interrogation of al Qaeda terrorists.

Kerry was speaking Wednesday during the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Summit of the Americas, an exercise held every few years where the American president gathers with Latin American leaders and pretends we share so many values with their dysfunctional, inferior societies and their often corrupt, autocratic leaders.

Kerry has been apologizing for the United States his entire adult life, since he howled in outrage at the Vietnam War, in which the U.S. sought to spare Southeast Asia the nightmare of the brutal communism that descended anyway on South Vietnam and onto Cambodia, where one of the 20th century’s great genocides ensued.

He just couldn’t stop it Wednesday. The apologies kept rolling forth:

We know well here at home, as I mentioned a moment ago, that democracy is a work in progress. We know that the eyes of the world are on us, and as President Obama made clear in his address to the U.N. General Assembly, we welcome the scrutiny.

From the streets of New York City to Ferguson, Missouri, we are learning in painful, searing ways that justice and equality are not things that you can just parse out to some and deny to others.

Um, Mr. Kerry, justice was indeed parsed out in Ferguson and New York. Grand juries were constituted and decisions were made, based on evidence, not to prosecute the police officers. Now, the mobs roaming the streets of those two cities say otherwise. So – my mistake – maybe it’s mob justice Kerry is talking about.

This country has nothing to apologize for. This country is imperfect, but it is far closer to perfection than the nations Kerry is importuning with obsequious pleas for forgiveness and approval.

Just because some 20-something left-wing staffers on the Senate Intelligence Committee say roughing up some terrorists was mean and didn’t produce valuable intelligence doesn’t mean its true. I’m sure, from everything I’ve read, that the amount of vital information extracted was extensive and probably saved many lives, perhaps even those of the people who wrote this report, given obvious attractiveness of attacking the Capitol.

I would do it all again, except I might shove their feeding tubes a little further up their alimentary canals.

It was a desperate time. We had no idea what was coming next and whether the next attack would include massive doses of anthrax or radiation. We needed information, and we needed it fast.

Congress knew what what was up with these techniques. But they sure weren’t going to put a stop to them and incur the wrath of Americans once again under attack. And now, people like Kerry and Obama sit on their high horses and pronounce pompous platitudes about American values, even as they shred the Constitution that enshrines them.

But even if you think what we did was too much – and it’s a legitimate point of view – you don’t have any explaining to do to foreigners. Instead, let them thank you and your country for bearing the brunt of the war of terror for them.

H/T CNS News.

47 thoughts on “Kerry: Post-9/11 an “Ugly, Horrible Period””

    1. In 1971 Kerry gave an interview. Claimed his medals, couldn’t recall how many six, seven, eight, nin. His medals.
      Thoug out his campaign he denied it. Which was a total light weight comment, that he could not live up, admit what he did.
      There were many who disagreed with the war. If so he should have been man enough to stick by what happened.

    2. “Some press reports say that Kerry ‘threw his medals.’ But Kerry has long maintained he threw his own ribbons but someone else’s medals. In an interview, he said that he had previously met two veterans … who had asked Kerry to return their medals to the military. Kerry said he stuffed them into his jacket. He said that when he prepared to throw his ribbons over the fence, he reached into his jacket and pulled out the medals from those two veterans. He said his own medals remained in safekeeping” (Boston Globe, June 17, 2003).”

    1. I am offended by this comment. For the horses.

      Horses are noble, hard working, and beautiful animals that helped to build this country. Kerry is none of those things and just helps his boss destroy it. Horses should sue him for slander and misrepresentation, and force him to cease and desist in using their likeness.

      That includes the turds he leaves behind eveytime he opens his mouth. Road apples are a summer breeze by comparison…

      1. Kerry should stay in an area of his expertise… since he acts so much like the other end of a horse.

        When you shovel so much BS as “Lurch” kerry, you take on a smell all of your own & it aint pretty. The man disgusts me.

  1. Blog pimp alert,…….
    I have an article that parallels this article that was posted yesterday over at:

    The newest article pertains to the recent police actions, posted today, Dec 11, mine is just below.
    I hope you enjoy reading the website.

    Kerry went to France during the Vietnam War to denigrate the US Armed Forces.
    I have always considered him and Hanoi Jane Fonda on the same par.
    In fact,….given the fact that she is a commy, I’m surprised that she doesn’t have a cabinet position in this administration.

  2. Thank the good Lord this lowlife elitist jerk was not elected President. His distain for this great country is inexcusable, and un-American to say the least. The next two years scare me half to death, and it is so hard to believe we have leaders who hate what we stand for. I hate this, and have to try every day not to hate them.

  3. Having Kerry as Sec State is a “Ugly, Horrible Period” . America hating Kerry must be a commie to believe the way he does. Only a scum president like Barry Deep throat Obummer would have such a person as Sec State. What a bunch of haters we have in office.

    Its like a really bad dream, I so want these guys out of office. Please make it stop!!!!!!

  4. That was a great piece that you wrote, Keith. I just wish that Kerry, and for that matter, the whole Obama administration would just move out of this country and move to that other country someplace else on this earth that is far greater and does more good for the world than the United States. But, being the optimist that I am, and also knowing that this administration lies to its fellow countrymen, he must really mean the exact opposite of what he is saying. I am getting tired of living in this “Superman Bizarro world” where everything is the exact opposite of what it should be.

  5. You could have seen Kerry’s foreign policy expertise coming all the way back in the Regan administration. Faced with a clear opportunity to actually help people who were pointing out the election fraud of a ruthless dictator – which, by the way, he was sent there to do – he did, ah, NOTHING…

    Setting aside the irony of sending John Kerry to ensure fair elections – they didn’t know in 1986 how foolish THAT would seem in 2014 – we can only assume this is where Kerry learned his skills for bowing to tyrants of all stripes, both foreign and domestic.

    Perhaps one of the things he considered “Ugly and horrible” about that period was that he had to acually move his yacht to avoid paying luxury taxes on it.

    There’s not enough space here – or even in Obama’s mega data storage site – to cover ALL the wrong that is John Kerry. Suffice to say that I, for one, thank God that he was never himself President, and leave his punishment to the aforementioned deity, who even Eric Holder’s “Justice” department can’t exempt him from. That, and the fact he is a “kept” man by such a wonderful person as Theresa Heinz-Kerry will certainly be punishment enough, both now and in future.

    Don’t worry about the Mouth of Sauron here. Sauron himself is the problem. Kerry is just a cipher letting his boss’ will come out of his mouth. Now if we can just get the newly empowered Republicans to apply the duct tape…

    1. Yeah, he avoided taxes in the state he REPRESENTED ! Also, it ticked me off he had his yacht built in New Zealand and not Massachusetts where the boat builders would have welcomed the much needed business.

    1. Wouldn’t that place it between his “Obama ’08” and “Obama ’12” bumper stickers?

      Honestly, it may be better to place it vertically across the center of his, ah, “rear bumper”. To go by this and other jems, it would appear this is what he talks out of anyway…

  6. No one really listens to or cares about what this botox bloated, America hating, pompous, ancient gas bag gigolo has to say about anything anymore. Both Kerry and Hillary “The Butcher of Benghazi” Clinton have made the position of Secretary of State a laughingstock of the world so at this point let him spout off his twisted communist nonsense about this country.

    It is always amazing how these mega wealthy, pampered and privileged democrat communist party elites are always spewing forth about how awful and depraved is the United States. What a bunch of rank hypocrites and ingrates. Traitors too by the way.

    Kerry’s face always looks like it is melting. A really grotesque looking man.

  7. How much longer is it going to take for liberals to completely destroy and tear apart the fabric of the country with the almost daily mess and confusion? Till Obama leaves office? They are already panting to crown in Hillary as the next moron-in-chief…sorry, first woman moron-in-chief.

    1. Some of these reporters have a short memory regarding 911.
      I still cannot believe this was disclosed while we still have terrorist cutting off Americans heads. Attacking Americans with hammers.
      This should have been kept under wraps, and fix within.
      There is Sh** kept underwraps in the govt that are not disclosed for decades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The maniacs are laughing at us again, while the CI* director is bleeding his sole to the press.

      1. “sh** kept underwraps in the govet that are not disclosed for decades…”

        -location of Obama & Hilliary on night of Benghazi attack…
        -Hilliarys records at State Dept…
        -Obama White House visitor logs…
        -IRS emails…

        These are just a few off the top of my head :-(

        1. Yes THE LIST.
          At the end of the press conference he did say:
          The committe will now be well informed.
          Is it a good idea that all the secret information is given to all of these people?
          People can’t keep their mouth shut over little things in life, and they are going to expose major secret info to them.
          God Help Us.
          Fein was tweeting away yesterday,every 30 seconds yesterday. I just heard that on Fox.

  8. Speech and Debate Clause gives Senators write to discuss information on the floor.
    So they can run their mouth all about information from the ci* investigation.
    I just heard that on Fox.

  9. Since you like K’s A’s Kerry, KMA.
    A disgrace to the Office of United States Secretary of State, the uniform thousands have worn proudly and your oath as a Naval Officer.

  10. OT: Union supporter of o, is now going to sue, claiming ocare will bankrupt healthcare. He said other Unions in his city, have already gone broke due to ocare. Just saw on Fox.

  11. Bush allowed DOJ to go after Scooter Libby and take the hit for the Valerie Plame case. Libby was not the who leaked Valerie Plames name that was done by Colin Powells buddy Richard Armitage. Correct me I am wrong never got in trouble for it.

    Diane Feinstein can release a report exposing CIA classified programs? You thought the CIA was not forthcoming then. I doubt they will provide you anything n the future. I hope the NEW Senate Ethics Committee starts An investigation to see if this was her own personal revenge. I still don’t see how one Senator has the right to disclose classified programs.

    I do look forward to the tally sheet of each drone to dropped bombs on terrorist were killed. In addition, how many innocents ncluding children were killed by President Obama’s Decisions. I wonder if he can wear his Nobel peace medal with his Orange Jumpsuit.

    In the past, I believe their was a gentlemans agreement that the previous administration would not be investigated if the former President did not criticize the new administration. The way Obama has gone after GW and BC. I don’t think Obama will get this courtesy nor does he deserve it. Maybe AG Gowdy will allow him to work on a federal golf course to provide him some training!

      1. Yep….that is correct! That is why Harry Reid attacks the Koch Brother and made statements about Mitt Romney not filing tax returns for 10 years. Basically, they have diplomatic immunity on the floor of the senate.

        1. I think they should not have upteen weeks off a year if they cannot wait till the last day. Also throwing all kinds of ______ in it that does not help the middle class.
          Not reading things before they vote is another issue.

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