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Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 11, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Joins a meeting of the President’s Export Council; Eisenhower Executive Office Building

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Live stream of White House briefing at Noon

42 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 11, 2014

  1. What a day. Nothing but a one hour meeting. He might as well get on the plane to Hawaii now.

    I know it shouldn’t, but it continues to amaze me that the WH press “corpse” never dares to question or remark on Obummer’s inability to begin his day before 10 am. Unless he’s fundraising or campaigning, of course.

    • Its a simple question for the useless “WH press corps” to ask (I’ll even write it down for them):

      -Why does ‘Pres’ Obama never begin his ‘schedule’ before 10am in the White House? What is the ‘Pres’ doing all morning?

      • And since you ask this every day–here is the answer…

        Being president is highly stressful–he not only has domestic issues and affairs of state to tend to, but family matters and personal business. He also must maintain his health and exercise regularly. And don’t forget–he never stops being president–at any moment, he may be asked to take important decisions. He is never off the clock.

        That is the no-ans answer you would get. We all know it is mostly a crock, but that is what they would say…

  2. I’m good with it — normal for Obama.

    And he’s not scheduled to appear anywhere so we might get a day free of hearing “That is not who we are”.

    As if he was part of the “we” and he knew who we are.

    • Very understandable, gpmc.
      Once the “great Satan” is destroyed or defeated, Israel would be next.
      But I think that even though Israel has been abandoned by the Obama regime, it will do what is necessary to protect itself and the U.S. and in essence, the World.
      But Putin will be in the mix somehow.

      • My money is always on Israel. They fight for themselves — their country, their people, and their religion. They stand for something. And they take action when words have failed.

        That said, I was surprised. This is bold for Sowell.

        • The more I think about it Sowells comment makes sense.
          The two attacks on the Twin Towers.
          If the terrorists, Hama’s, Taliban, etc.and now Isis had access then or now, the will use it.
          Obama can surrender all he wants, I believe our military will not or allow that to happen.

          • Israel will use its F-16/F-15s most likely for “first strike”…maybe submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBMs) from the Persian Gulf or even the Red Sea.
            Israel also has Jericho ICBMs for “second strike”.

  3. 10:00 am – Receives the Presidential Briefing – Consists of being roughly shaken awake out of a drunken stupor, lighting up his first butt of the day, downing two Excedrin for his thumping hangover headache, being hauled out of his fetid bed by two grinning taxpayer salaried valets, and being half carried to the shower or maybe not if he doesn’t feel like bathing today. After being scrubbed down in the shower by his young, muscular body men, he is dressed like a little kid going to kindergarten by the same fawning lackeys who help him slip on a fresh pair of underwear and then rest of his clothes. This is what the Presidential Briefing really consists of: namely being assisted in putting on his jockey briefs in the morning.

    11:00 AM Joins a Meeting of the President’s Export Council – This is certainly a mysteriously named government entity. What exactly does this council do regarding exports and what is so important about this seemly low tiered government entity that requires Dictator Obama’s presence? Very Odd. Maybe this innocuously named council has the more sinister task of keeping and constantly updating a list of all of Dictator Obama’s enemies they are planning to “export” to those rumored concentration camps the government is building in the howling wilderness of Wyoming or Montana?

    Anyway, after slouching into the “Export” meeting and pretending to be interested, the rest of Dictator Obama’s day will be given over to watching daytime TV, avoiding his menacing bully of a wife at all costs, smoking butts and who knows what else, and of course knocking back a steady stream of alcoholic beverages. No wonder this communist, racist, clown has a sore throat!

  4. There you go Barry; now were talkin’. Two meetings then it’s off to play golf, shoot hoops are start your NCAA bracket strategy for March.

  5. How about we pay Obama on an hours worked basis? Let’s put a time clock in the Elliptical Office, and have him clock in and clock out. That would reduce the deficit by a lot of $.