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The Obama Morning News || December 10, 2014

Obama amnesty designed to be permanent . . . The man who will oversee President Obama’s new temporary amnesty said Tuesday that part of the reason for the program was to get the illegal immigrants working on the books, making it economically impossible for them ever to be deported by a future president. Leon Rodriguez, speaking during a town hall meeting with his employees at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said illegal immigrants shouldn’t fear coming forward to report for the program because the order Mr. Obama issued last month will cement their place in society. Washington Times

Obama: Amnesty for many more than 5 million . . .  Obama told a group of illegal immigrants in Tennessee that his immigration-law rewrite means “you’re not going to be deported.” Obama’s admission acknowledged that his Nov. 21 declaration provides a de-facto amnesty for the 12 million illegals living in the United States. Daily Caller

Obama: Future president unlikely to reverse me . . . The next president won’t dare take the political risk that would come with undoing recent executive action on immigration reform, a defiant President Obama said Tuesday as he predicted his highly controversial steps will survive the test of time, even under a Republican administration. Washington Times

HHS to stop inflating numbers with dental plans . . . CMS told Congress that 7.3 million people were enrolled in “health care coverage” under Obamacare. But it was later discovered that about 400,000 of those people only had dental coverage. The Blaze 

Gruber was paid $1.25M by Bush administration . . . For the $2.2 million MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has been paid by the federal government since 2000, he collected $516,000 during Clinton’s presidency, $1,248,000 during the Bush administration, and $452,600 after President Barack Obama took office. CNS News

Obama seeks expanded war powers . . . Secretary of State John F. Kerry told Congress Tuesday that President Obama wants expansive war powers to pursue the Islamic State terrorists wherever and however he deems necessary, stunning lawmakers by requesting a war authorization that would even allow the Pentagon to commit American combat troops to the fight. Washington Times

Barack Obama, All-American . . . Perhaps you too have been wondering why it is that President Obama is always, always telling us who we are as Americans and who we are not . . . The president and his supporters have embarked on their own via negativa, defining true Americans by eliminating, rhetorically, the ones who disagree with him. It’s an odd mission for a man who as a candidate told us there was no blue America or red America, only the United States of America. But that’s not who he is as a president. Andrew Ferguson

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  1. Here is the situation. Amnesty is permanent because Barack Obama said so, he has taken taxpayer money and made it happen and the GOP stood there counting their money and their perks and making nice with the Democrats.

    I understand the GOP are cowards, but this man should be impeached. And he will not be. So, America will circle and perhaps go down the drain in two years because nobody had the balls to stand up to Barack Obama because he is black. Worked perfectly.

    1. That is why we need to remove Boehner and McConnell from their leadership positions.
      If that doesn’t happen, expect more of the same for the next two years.

      1. It’s that or a huge dog n pony over so-called impeachment and the ruin of the Republican Party. Just my op, of course.

        This list today is formidable…Bush paid Gruber more than Obama did–for what? They expected 13 mill signups–got that 7.3 minus the 400K. Hmmm. Expanded war powers–the man wants to become a warlord…but of course, a persnickety warlord–Yes, even as a phony and liar, he tries to claim the high moral ground “torturewise.” Maybe these people don’t read enough spy fiction—in the books torture is things under fingernails, bradning with hot irons, pulling out eyeballs, etc. Even Jack Bauer casually shoots people in the knee and says, “Now, are you ready to talk?” Readers slurp it up–is doesn’t seem to be antagonistic to who they are. I am sort of being facetious–but this whole report thing is just a try to cleaning up people’s self-righteous consciences…

        1. By the way, Richard Engel was on MoJoe and said he knew all the techniques in the report were being used but it was shocking to see it in writing–but then he said what about the drone program–death from the sky no matter if you did anything or not–would we be reading a report on that ins a few yrs and if so, maybe it should be stopped now. I just put this on the table–the drone program makes me queasy. I esp remember some Obama operative responding to the allegation that a target’s family had been obliterated–he said maybe they should have picked better parents. Pretty cavalier.

          1. I agree with you and AFVet: remove the GOP leadership rather than go the impeachment route. Aside from all the other good reasons not to go for impeachment, we would be chaining ourselves to the same GOP leadership which would be just as ineffectual in an impeachment as they have been in everything else. Wake up, America. These clowns have calcified minds which cannot comprehend new ideas and new ways to go about doing business. And they could care less about what the voters want.

          2. If Boehner and McConnell are not removed, the fresh faces and brains that were elected by the people that want and desire a spine in the legislative branch will never take effect.
            Both Boehner and McConnell disdain anybody affiliated with the Tea Party Movement, and have openly said so.

            I would like to see Trey Goudy as Speaker, and Ted Cruz as majority leader in the Senate.
            Time for the two dinosaurs to retire to the back.bench.
            We’ve seen what they can do and it is not sufficient given the president currently in office.

          3. Removing McConnell and Boehner is not going to happen. And they are not going to stop Obama on amnesty or on any other illegal”memo” or EO he issues. I am no fan of impeachment, but I am assuming that then we should all sit around and watch the destruction of the rule of law, citizenship, etc. for the next two years.

            Really who is going to oust Boehner or McConnell — we had this discussion years ago. They are still here.

      2. I agree, especially after what Boehner has just done. He pulled a Nancy Pelosi with an over 1600 page bill which no one has time to read before passing, something he said he would not do.

        1. Is that the one that amounts to over one trillion $ and would help to fund the amnesty that Obama just signed into law by EO ?
          Now the cards are on the table.
          Boehner needs to go.

          1. The very. BTW, there is a stop amnesty group forming in my liberal state, Oregon, designed to draw independents like myself and Democrats disgruntled by amnesty into the Republican camp. The not-even-close failure of the driver’s licenses for illegals ballot measure has shown that our state is not doctrinaire on amnesty. A good sign for the country at large.

            Also, I am pleased that Reince Priebus is running to head the RNC for a third term. However, wouldn’t it be just like the RINOs in Congress to oppose him?

          2. I’m more optimistic. 18 states are filing a law suit against amnesty and have apparently drawn a favorable federal judge from the pool. Also, in the next budget, it can be defunded. The opposition to amnesty looks high, but even at that, it’s probably being under reported. That’s why I threw in my little tidbit about Oregon.

          3. Then the conservatives we elected need to come back in January with hammers and tongs. The thing I don’t like is the way Boehner is going about getting this CR–just the way Pelosi and Reid went about getting Obamacare passed, i.e., not letting people who are going to vote on it see what’s in it.

          4. I hope you’re right Star.
            We shall see.
            They also funded Obamacare for the next year.
            Thank you John Boehner.
            We need to see the vote count.

        2. He met with Nancy Pelosi and then came up with the bill and has said if he does not have enough Republicans then it will pass with Democrats. Regarding this bill, I hope the Democrats either in the House or Senate are stupid enough to defeat it.

    2. Collateral damage: I called the DMV in Santa Monica to make an appt to renew my license. Usually, the wait time is a few days. Now it is 30 days!!! That same day, there was a report that appts have more than doubled since DL’s for illegals became legal in Nov. There are 375,000 appts for the next TWO WEEK period alone! Since my license expires in 2 weeks, I will be driving with an expired license for two weeks! Damn illegals!

      1. I feel for you. DMV waiting lines age you quickly. In Arizona our DL is good till age 60 before we need to test again. Butt, if you haven’t moved you need to get a new picture, for $12.00 every 11 or 12 years.

  2. Obama is, like all radical progressives, playing the “I (Obama) am OK, and the rest of you are not OK”. Our definition of what it means to be an American is not OK. Our view of amnesty is not OK. Our police are not OK. we all know the drill.

    This is all old stuff….but interesting in the case of Obama.
    “I’m OK – You’re not OK
    People in this position feel themselves superior in some way to others, who are seen as inferior and not OK. As a result, they may be contemptuous and quick to anger. Their talk about others will be smug and supercilious, contrasting their own relative perfection with the limitation of others.
    This position is a trap into which many managers, parents and others in authority fall, assuming that their given position makes them better and, by implication, others are not OK.”

    1. You could just as well apply malignant narcissist.

      From the link above/snip:

      “Remember these are grandiose, self-centered individuals who believe they are superior to others, with an enormous sense of entitlement, who take sadistic pleasure in dominating others and who take whatever they want.

      They have a huge but fragile ego, an inflated self-esteem and live in a world where, for all intents and purposes, they see themselves as perfect and expect others to live up to their ideals.”

      “And verbal violence is a specialty with them.” [See: Obama: Future president unlikely to reverse me].

      1. Yes, excellent. Obama’s is that “type”. Full of the emptiness that is inside him, so to speak. Malignant narcissist–dragging the rest of us through his craziness. He is just not “fit for office”. 25th Amendment.

        Sometimes I imagine a situation where, say, John Adams, Sam Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and James Madison (pick your favorite Founder) appear in a locked room with Obama, and give him the what-for for his presidential behavior. I mean, sit the lad down and force him to think about the beating he is forcing the nation to go through. Would be an interesting scene, no?

          1. I wonder if he would even understand what they were trying to teach him, what they wrote and thought about, how hard they worked to give us the gift of the United States.

        1. I don’t think they would be force him to think about the beating he is forcing the nation to go through, but I do think that beating would be involved.

  3. I would love to hear form some fellow readers here at WHD, that have served. I just read the article that Keith provided regarding O’s seeking expanded war power. As it states to pursue ISiS whenever & however he deems necessary.
    Now I feel ISIS is evil, and does need to be dealt with. However I don’t agree on giving him this wand of power to decide on his own.
    The lame duck Congress need to wake up now! I don’t care if XMAS is coming soon. This is just securing his HOLD.

    1. Once again he is attempting to bypass congress.
      He never relents on his move towards a dictatorship.
      It is amazing to me that John Kerry was the one that spoke to congress,….you know the one that denigrated the US military actions during the Vietnam War.
      The one that threw his medals over the fence at the White House.
      The utter hypocrisy of these people is appalling.
      He has removed high ranking officers from the service because they opposed his opinions, and is still gutting the lower ranks both in sheer numbers and by invoking an immoral environment by promoting the gay/lesbian/transexual agenda and disallowing the pursuit of religious persuasions no matter what faith you adhere to.

      Military Service is rough on young people, many of whom have never been away from home.
      Chaplains are there to attempt to fill that void.

      1. There is a video which is supposedly going viral of a hall or cafeteria full of Marines singing a hymn about Elijah. It must have been filmed during a religious service. I hope our military starts pushing back.

      2. AFVet –

        You may be happy to know that a Chaplain spoke at my son’s graduation from Basic over the summer and at the end asked the audience to bow their heads in prayer. He prayed, closing in Jesus’ name.

        I was certainly encouraged. Course, it was Southern Missouri so I wasn’t surprised to find so many participate. Not one word spoken, No objections. I was just glad that, at least for this one, they did what worked for them.

        My son has been raised in faith and I asked him about any backlash to him attending Chapel on Sundays. Not one issue, not one joke, not one taunt. Glad he’s part of the National Guard here in this state. It could be much worse in other states.

        1. It takes courage for the young men and women to join the armed forces to serve their Country.
          Every Veteran that has served knows that.
          Every Veteran that I know holds them in high esteem because we have been there, done that.

          Courage, and the desire to do something for your Country.
          Where would we be without them ?

          Congratulations on raising a fine son.
          You should be very proud.

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