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Will Obama Be Inviting These People to the White House?

President Obama’s post-racial society apparently is to be marked by the counterproductive culture of victimization he is boosting by embracing Al Sharpton and the anti-police protestors. Well, here are some other victims for him and his friend Shaprton: achievers in the black community.

15 Responses to Will Obama Be Inviting These People to the White House?

    • These people have guts to come out and speak there mind.
      It is so very hard to start and run a company. They had the guts to do so. Than to have it torn apart by fellow citizens was a disgrace.

      • Dream of owning a business =. $$$$$$
        Lifetime of sweat equity to accomplish this dream = ??????
        Chance for Obama and Sharpton to stick-it to whitey = priceless.

        These poor people get shafted by Obama, he could care less about them,.

  1. Never going to happen; they are collateral damage in the war against Whitey and White Privilege. That they are Af-Ams has no weight in this faux race war.
    We all feel bad that some hooligans and looters burned down their place of business, but we feel worse that our so-called leaders are fanning the flames for more arson, more looting, more disruption and are trying to make a few hundred criminals look like a “national protest”.

  2. Of course he wouldn’t invite these business owners. They betray his assertion that African-Americans are down-trodden and beholden to the government for every good thing in their lives, and the victims of white privilege for every bad thing in their lives.

  3. Keith, this is the sort of story which would improve race relations. White people can empathize with these African Americans. Will you find such articles in the MSM? I doubt it.

  4. Keith,
    Thank-you for posting this video! Thousands of volunteers, along with their children, have been cleaning-up and painting murals on boarded-up businesses with heartfelt messages. Area-wide businesses and area-wide community leaders are involved in meeting the tremendous challenges of rebuilding Ferguson.

    The CITIZENS of St. Louis, St. Louis County and others across the country represent ‘the very best’ efforts toward healing and restoration.

    Ignore the little man behind the ‘WH Curtain’! jb

  5. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me. Although I sympathize with all of the black businesss owners who lost everything, they can only blame themselves. The handwriting was on the wall way before Obama’s second term. He is loyal no no one.

  6. Just wait a couple of years ’till the part where they start talking about “food deserts” and why there’s no jobs to be had in Ferguson, and no one makes the connection to the fact that no sane person wants to rebuild in a war zone, just to lose it all again as Hopey fiddles for the worst actors in the drama. No, no cause and effect here. They’ll simply blame “white racism” and move on…

  7. I feel badly for these people. And I hope there will be community help to get them back on their feet. And they will never be invited to the WH — Al Sharpton will turn them away at the gate — and they will never have a voice in the MSM. Their own community did this to them.

    Their choice to stay and build again. But some people were looted twice — August I believe — and this recent riot. I wouldn’t stay and I wouldn’t rebuild and would never vote Democrat.