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WH: Enhanced Interrogation Not Worth it Even if it Got Bin Laden

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest indicated Monday that the enhanced interrogation techniques employed under the Bush administration should not have been used, even if they helped snare Osama Bin Laden.

The capture of Bin Laden is one of the greatest successes of Obama’s presidency. That success, however, was predicated on work done during the Bush administration, including intelligence that helped find Bin Laden. There is evidence information gleaned from the enhanced interrogations led to Bin Laden’s courier, who served as his connection to the outside world.

From an exchange between Earnest and Jonathan Karl of ABC News.

KARL: But let me try just one last very specific one that you’ve certainly talked a lot about over the last few years.Osama bin Laden — were these techniques crucial to getting the intelligence that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden?

EARNEST: Well, Jon, this has been litigated quite extensively, and it —

KARL: You should have an answer right there at the tip of your —

EARNEST: Well, these are, of course, complicated issues and they’re worthy of discussion. And this was something that was talked about quite a bit in the days immediately following the successful raid against Osama bin Laden . . .

And so the point is, you’re asking a very difficult question and there are a variety of views on it, but it’s the President’s view that wherever you come down on this equation of, yes, it yielded information that was helpful, yes, it yielded information that was crucial, or no, it didn’t yield any helpful information, the President believes that regardless of what the answer to that question is, that the use of these techniques was not worth it because of the harm that was done to our national values and the sense of what it is that we believe in as Americans.

A report on the techniques was released today by Democrats who lead the Senate Intelligence Committee. Obama, in a written statement, praised the release, no matter the potential backlash throughout the world:

I have consistently supported the declassification of today’s report. No nation is perfect. But one of the strengths that makes America exceptional is our willingness to openly confront our past, face our imperfections, make changes and do better . . . Today is also a reminder that upholding the values we profess doesn’t make us weaker, it makes us stronger, and that the United States of America will remain the greatest force for freedom and human dignity that the world has ever known.

Well, that’s all very nice, but there are many who say the program, which clearly included torture, not only led to Bin Laden but prevented further attacks on our nation.

Instead of agonizing over uncomfortable interrogation techniques, Obama sits in his office and orders drones to kill and maim terrorists and their associates who haven’t been tried, along with civilians who might surround them. Is that any more consistent with our values?

How about dropping atomic bombs on civilians? Would Obama like to take that one back?

I don’t particularly mind that we tortured  – and yes, I’m willing to call it what it is – a few obvious evildoers to prevent the possible deaths of thousands of American civilians. I don’t think it damaged the soul of our nation. And I don’t see how it could not have led to valuable intelligence.

We are a good people, the most ethical on earth. We are also a people who will do what is necessary to preserve our republic when our republic is threatened. That doesn’t mean we’ll do anything necessary. But it does mean we can confront the world as we find it when it’s trying to burn down our home.

My father once told me that the Russians, when they liberated the concentration camps, gave their weapons to the Jews and let them shoot all their Nazi guards. The Russians, I thought. They didn’t quite have the ethical restraints we did. But they exacted true justice. I liked it.

During my days as a bartender, one of my regulars had been a World War II tank commander on the Western front, rolling all the way through France into Germany. He too had helped liberate a concentration camp or two. I told him this story of the Russians and the Jewish concentration camp inmates.

“What do you think we did?” He asked me.

I liked it.

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  1. Watching the History channel and when they liberated a camp they were made to open the ovens. They did but the last one was cold when
    the door was opened it contained a SS soldier with his gun ready he
    never got a chance to fire a shot others there emptied their weapons.

  2. One of the most disturbing aspects of this administration is how utterly naïve it is. Their moral grandstanding on the torture issue is in complete disregard for the Islamists that, given the opportunity, are out to kill each and every one of us.

    It’s terrifying that the man that is supposed to be in charge of protecting us has such a hard time understanding that when it comes to life and death issues, the ends justify the means.

    • Barry isn’t naive. Everything he does, every move he makes, is done to discredit America, demoralize Americans, and support the islamic caliphate.

    • Naive my foot, this Administration knows exactly what revenge they want and thats all it is. Obama’s revenge, revenge for the mid-terms, revenge against Israel for whatever imagined reason, revenge in the form of immigration. The list goes on and on, everything Obama does is to get revenge for his paranoid and imagined enemies, and that is anyone who disagrees or has a different opinion from his. He is definitely mentally challenged in the way he hates anyone who does not agree with his controlling micromanaging of everything. We got rid of Hitler in Germany and we should get rid of Obama before he does any more damage, very dangerous and viscious Obama.

  3. SenFeinstein should be arrested for malfeasance of office, for harming the US, and encouraging our enemies.
    The information she released in a public forum was obviously classified as secret and not to be shared with anyone outside her committee.

    There is no good reason to release this information, no rational end to this means other than to inflame our enemies.

  4. I will now put “traitor” in front of Diane Feinstein’s name…

    Like I put “racist” in front of Sharpton, and “G-D D#mn socialist” in front of Obama

  5. By airing this in public, and I’m with Keith here…it doesn’t disturb my sleep, Obama and the Democrats have put every American in more danger than we were before, especially our service people.

    • And the sycophants/dopes in the “media” have no clue about that danger…
      I wonder if Obama is getting his jollies knowning he can “blame Bush” once more, and “blame the CIA & US Military”.

      • Obama is a traitor and even though Feinstein took the rap, you can be sure he micromanaged the evil behind the scenes as he always does. They both should be tried for treason, Obama, the “President” who works for the United Nations also, is saying America, Bush, etc., should be prosecuted. If that isn’t treason on his part, I don’t know what is. Also, Ms. Rice works for the United Nations, she also is committing treason against our country for what the United Nations is saying. The United Nations is anti-America and anti-Semitic and Obama agrees with whatever they say and he’s the President of the U.S?

  6. Principles are fine things when you’re discussing political theory or constitutional law, but in the real world where real lives are at stake, the most fundamental principle of all is survival. What you believe in doesn’t matter a whit if you’re dead.

  7. “No nation is perfect. But one of the strengths that makes America exceptional is our willingness to openly confront our past, face our imperfections, make changes and do better . . ”
    Yet he won’t declassify his own college records. Two-faced liar.

      • And from that, I have always assumed that he never went to Columbia or Harvard. We are to believe it because Obama said he attended? Obama the trickster, the fibber, the deceiver, the prevaricator, the fabulist? No one remembers him at these schools, students or teachers. That says to me that Obama never attended these schools. That’s where I come out on that issue, until proven otherwise. (rant ended).

        • I justl re-rented THE MANCURIAN CANDIDATE. I rented
          the original one w/ Frank Sinatra. I am going to compare it
          to Barack H Obama, because I always think of that movie
          when I listen to Obama. It may be dated, but that is OK too.

  8. The highlighted line beginning “”the President believes” slapped me like a large, wet mackerel, right in the face. I am still shaking my head feebly in shock.

  9. The new-found morality of this Administration is amusing…considering the fact that Obama has been spitting on our Constitution for six years now.
    Last week it was hag Hillary expressing her inner feelings that we must respect and show empathy toward our (Muslim) enemies. And today we have yet another ‘apology’ from the Muslim sympathizer (via Feinstein) with a vow ‘never to do it again’!

    Wonder how the families of all those who have been beheaded by those mis-guided ISIS youths feel about this idiocy! Not to mention our troops who are still on the battlefield! Obama can’t stoop any lower. He knew that this report had to come out now, otherwise the new Congress would never allow it to go public. It’s all political.

  10. Obama once again speaks like a true citizen of the world.

    Of course, this report has the added benefit of throwing his predecessors under the bus and also telling us all what a bad country America was before he became president. Another apology, but he’s cleaned it all up on his watch.

    But he’s got no problem taking all of the credit for the killing of bin Laden, does he?

  11. Weasel Zippers is running a story that the UN now wants to arrest Bush and Cheney. First of all, the UN is utterly worthless nd we should defund them today. Secondly, this is all the Dems have these days, to hang Bush. It’s all about timing folks and today seemed as good as any for the dems to take the conversation away from Obama.

      • As stated this is dangerous for our military, people in Embassies, and America in general. We already have maniacs who want to destroy us. This information could have been kept from the public for now. IF there was any wrong doing it could have been released years from now, for our history books, and adjustments made from within.
        I am fed up with him downgrading this Country, and the people within the Country. Our allies are not fussing about our history, they are worried about our current status.

  12. The president is a wuss x 1,000,000. Any maggoty group of sub-humans who lop off the heads of children for their own perverted ideology deserves the worst that can be given back to them.
    For Obama to make such a self serving political statement referring to torture to rout out the enemy, as being antithetical to our “national values” proves what a total craptastic p.o.s. he really is. It is the same thing when Hillary moronically told the nation that we have to be emphathetic to our enemies. Who are these people anyway? Can we send them back to the mother ship for re-programming?

    • Obama has no idea what America’s “national values” are. And everytime he says”we” as if he knows or values real Americans it makes me cringe.

    • To send out a report to the world that America tortures or tortured. Obama has more nerve than brains because Obama has killed/murdered by drones like THOUSANDS of people, he doesn’t believe in interrogation, he just kills the terrorists and their innocent families and neighbors too. What a deceiver. Obama kills, interrogation did not kill anyone. This guy thinks killing by drones is moral and interrogation is immoral? Where is the United Nations on drone killing? Oh, I forgot, Obama works for the United Nations so killing people by drones is okay with them, he’s one of them.

  13. I,had the honor to be seated next to WWII Veteran who was on one of the first landing craft to hit the beach in Japan. He stated they radioed instructions to take all guns, swords,knives any weapon and put it in the middle of the town square. He stated they were unsure when they hit the beach if a guerrilla type battle would occur. The Emperor told the citizens to lay down the weapons and show no resistance. When they entered the town the stockpile of weapons in the town square was so large you could not see the buildings on the other side. He was in Japan 2 years and does not recall a citizen looking him in the eye.
    After 9/11, we should have turned loose some Nukes in Tora Bora Pass when we knew Bin Laden was there. A red,white and blue nuke would have told the world you do not attack the U.S. without an overwhelming storm of retaliation.

    They planned, attacked and executed 3,000 plus US Citizens in our largest city and our Nations Capital. My question to Diane Feinstein is Why is this all we did to the two who planned these attacks and why haven’t they been executed ?

    • The police are being looked down upon. The people who were working to keep us from being ATTACKED AGAIN, are being looked down upon. Something is wrong here.
      As stated earlier on the tread we have people in office kissing up, apologizing.
      This bit of information, and The List, and the scandles can only be described a ball yarn rolling downward. It keeps getting bigger, and bigger and no one can catch it.

  14. “… the use of these techniques was not worth it because of the harm that was done to our national values and the sense of what it is that we believe in as Americans.”

    Someone should have asked, what harm? what values? what beliefs? What the hell is he talking about? I’m guessing it’s not American life, American liberty and the pursuit of American happiness. (And if not, why not?)

    • I tell you what I remember – what I clearly remember and what no one in government or in the media wants to recall:
      The shock of watching and listening -on live TV:
      -planes flown into buildings.
      -people who jumped-the sound as they hit the bottom of their fall
      -the fear in the faces of those who were fleeing for their lives
      -discovering that government officials were “in a safe place” as their citizenry awaited whatever was next in the wide open wherever.
      I remember the full blown realization that people in the world hated us and threatened the continuance of our liberty.
      I remember being all alone at home amidst the silence that permeated our country.
      I remember watching President Bush as he calmly went to the rubble and assured us we would get the perpetrators. Oh, how that reassured me!
      I remember. I clearly remember. And I do not care what was done to these enemies if it enabled our country to continue without fear.
      The enemy now – the enemy is within.
      Shame on you Diane Feinstein and every single lackey who followed your lead. Shame on you and may God have mercy on your souls.
      And shame on every single individual who now conspires to destroy our republic. May God have mercy on your souls
      Because I do not.

  15. With today’s presser, Earnest has finally earned his Spinmaster Badge, 1st Class. What a forked tongued, weaselly, self satisfied porte parole. All smiles and so very sure and proud of himself. This is what working in the Obama administration does to its employees, i.e. it cauterizes their souls, their virtue, their ability to act like normal human beings.

  16. Oh the guilt these people feel, until the next plane crashes into a building; bomb explodes in a mall; bio release on a subway; then it will be that the CIA did not do enough to protect us — they want it both ways

    I’m so done and tired of the posturing (both sides) and understand why people want to get off the grid, it does wear you down

  17. The United Nations has the nerve to put out there that the United States should be prosecuted? Obama works for the United Nations and isn’t this TREASON as he has taken an oath to protect us? In his position as “President” he should not be allowed to go against the United States and release a a report (he let Feinstein take the rap because he is a coward and a liar, but he is always behind the scenes micromanaging the evil) that goes against us and on top of that, the United Nations which he is a part of with Susan Rice, has said that America and its people should be prosecuted? How can he not be tried for treason on this issue and so many other issues that he has exacted revenge against the United States and the Republican party? Enough is enough, isn’t he ever going to be stopped and face OUR REVENGE AGAINST HIM?The United Nations is anti-America and anti-Semitic on all issues and he is definitely on their side, not ours!

  18. Coincidence? – Obama released six more Gitmo people and the news didn’t go over well, so he is bringing up this as a smoke screen to cover up what he did. He has been planning on releasing all the prisoners, he needs to picture them as “harmless” before he can do this. Tell the world they have been “brutally mistreated” and the bleeding heart liberals will beg him to release them….