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Video || The Latest SNL Sharpton Parody

I can’t resist anything that lampoons Sharpton, Obama’s closest advisor on race issues and alleged tax cheat. And I can hardly resist anything that features Kenan Thompson.

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    • My fav was his statement that Saint Travon only was out buying some “skillets and iced tea”. Still makes me laugh.

      Let’s face it, Rev (of no church) Sharpton has conned the MSM, his Af-Am community, and the not so smart people in the WhiteHouse. He might be uneducated, unable to speak the common language, but he’s as smart and clever as they come.

    • Not to mention the Crown Heights riots, which he helped stir up as well as Freddie’s Fashion mart. Sherpton is a truly despicable human being.

      I also beleive he is more than an allleged tax cheat. I thought he was convicted and owes the IRS millions?

      • I listened for most of it. What in the world is her point, what is she trying to do or change or what?
        Would any adult wise to the ways of men around the world be shocked to learn that even US servicemen can be brutal, could rape or kill or terrorize the enemy?
        I accuse her of a sinister form of treason, of trying to demean and stigmatize our government agents as monsters and our whole government of being
        I can’t finish.
        I can’t believe my own eyes and ears that a formerly respected official would do such a thing.

        • I wish I had had your comment before I wrote an email to Feinstein at her office, as part of her official communications as to what a dishonorable thing she was doing here now — putting politics ahead of country and the safety of the men and women in our intelligence service who work to serve and protect this country .

          I, for sure, would have included this — I accuse her of a sinister form of treason, of trying to demean and stigmatize our government agents as monsters and our whole government of being

          • I’m not too worried about our agents. I’m worried about the people who work in our embassies and consulates overseas, American NGO workers and tourists.

          • Exactly. It’s not like this WH has sterling record of protecting our people abroad.

            And here is something good — I haven’t read it all. I hope there is more. Congress needs to be exposed for the hypocrites they are in this “torture” activity. CIA speaks up.


          • I wonder if travel insurance would cover someone who decided to cancel her plans to travel overseas now that this report has been released.

        • In my opinion–as I learned in college, by the way–nations are amoral–they do or should do what benefits their survival. We hire hard men and women to go out and do this–better not to dwell on it or have dainty discussions of how this is not our national character–actually, it is. We slaughtered plenty of Indians, dropped a nuclear device on a population, in the name of natl. security and the continued existence of this country. I assume some of this amoral behavior is still going on. We need to be realistic here.

          • That is a good way to put it. It’s what we do, and it’s what other nations do. It’s the way of the world. BTW, I was never taught that in college, but I didn’t major in political science or government. Maybe kids should learn this at the high school level.

          • The way of the world–exactly. This is a dangerous, unpredictable, even savage place–and no one is really as houses…People don’t need to dwell on this but it should not be a shocking surprise. That woman in Rockville MD was in her house with her kids–bam–plane wiped them out. Time’s up. Gosh, I am so upbeat today–but I am sick of this handwringing.

  1. If you want to know Sharpton, go meet aka Obama’s “Uncle Fred” Newman of NYC – who selected, groomed and placed Sharpton into the position of Media Pit Bull for his nephew.

    Check out “Dr. Fred Newman” – rabid socialist; key political supporter of Michael Bloomberg; colleague of Sonia Sotomayor [O’s first Supreme Court appointment]; evil political genius.

    Fred ran THREE national Presidential Campaigns for black candidates prior to [surreptitiously] strategizing for “Obama” 2008.

    Recall the marked difference between the 2008 and 2012 Campaigns? The difference: Fred was reported dead in 2011.