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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 9, 2014

11:50 am || Delivers remarks at an event for the Senior Executive Service; Washington
1:05 pm || Departs White House
2:05 pm CT || Arrives Nashville
2:50 pm CT || Delivers remarks and answers questions about his immigration order; Casa Azafran, Nashville
6:00 pm CT || Departs Nashville
8:45 pm || Arrives White House

25 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 9, 2014

    • Yes o will travel (not coach) to Nashville community center to highlight local efforts to promote immigration. The latest stop on a Natl. tour intended to promote the Executive action offering deportation relief and work permits to millions of those in the the Country illegally.

        • I would like him to meet with all the parents (citizens) that now have other illegal children crammed in the class room with their kids.
          There will be less time, less money, for the American children.
          That is not selfish. However the Welcome wagon was placed last summer. The teachers as well be taken advantage of. All the politicians that are still standing behind him do not have their kids sitting in a classroom with illegals.

          • Around 25% of students in the Nashville public schools are from homes where English is not spoken. And people wonder why private schools are doing a booming business.

  1. I wonder if Obama will explain how this is not reportedly an Executive Order but merely a Memo which suggests to Jeh Johnson that DHS not enforce the law. Probably not. Probably he will hand out Barack Obama IOU Citizen Ship cards.

    • What a con artist. I recall something about a meme several weeks ago. Sounds like he knows he can’t write an amnesty EO, Five Million is outrageous but old Jeh must have found a loophole. BUT…this does not give him the Constitutional right to pass out SS cards, work permits, and Medicare. This is basically what he did with millions of Dreamers, and every Constitutional lawyer said it was an impeachable offense – totally un-Constitutional.

      He can put a ‘temporary’ halt to deportations – that’s it! Unless the SS cards and green cards have an expiration date, I don’t see how he can get away with it. Just my $0 .02 cents.

    • Thanks for the clip. If it was drowning and she did have a life jacket, the next question would be. How did she drown with the life jacket on?

      • You can drown with a life jacket on. It depends on the type she was wearing. A type I or II will keep a persons head upright and tilted back a bit to keep their face out of the water. A type III will not (ski vest style). Most people wear a type III because it’s not restrictive. And that is the trade off. And there is a warning label inside the pfd stating that.

        • and one addition.. not all life jackets are FAA approved, depending on the flight location the aircraft is working. There are some that border on keeping a persons head upright. So many factors about weight of the person, etc. Have worked a few boating accidents where victims were wearing pfd’s and still drowned.