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Obama Pal Whitaker Charges Racism, Gets Out of Testimony

Eric Whitaker, who has been friends with President Obama since their days together as graduate students at Harvard, was excused from testimony after he leveled charges of racism against the prosecutors.

Obama, who by throwing in with the Al Sharptons of the world has helped foster the current climate of suspicion that a racist resides within every law enforcement official targeting a black man, must surely approve.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Federal prosecutors said Tuesday they will not call one of President Barack Obama’s closest friends, Dr. Eric E. Whitaker, before a jury hearing a multimillion-dollar grand-fraud case because of “baseless accusations” they say Whitaker leveled the day before.

“We are not going to call Dr. Whitaker as a witness,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy A. Bass told Judge Richard Mills, who ruled Monday that Whitaker would have been a “hostile witness” had prosecutors decided to call him . . .

Whitaker, a 49-year-old African-American physician from Chicago, became combative with Bass at the end of Monday’s hearing, suggesting racial bias was behind the wave of fraud cases brought by the Justice Department in the Central District of Illinois. Nine of the 10 people charged in those cases are black, including Golden and Roxanne B. Jackson, 49, who was Whitaker’s human resources director at the health department. Karin Dingle is the only white defendant.

“Almost everybody who’s been indicted or scrutinized has been African American,” Whitaker said, also telling Bass he’s against “selective” investigations.

“Personally, I’m upset about this process and how I’ve been made to look like I’m on trial,” Whitaker later testified.

Without going into detail, Bass said Tuesday the government would not call Whitaker as a witness because of the “baseless accusations” Whitaker made in his testimony. “I’ll leave it at that,” Bass also said.

Instead, prosecutors plan to introduce photographs, emails and other evidence involving Whitaker into the trial, which is expected to wrap up this week.

No doubt Whitaker and Obama already have their Hawaii tee times mapped out.

37 thoughts on “Obama Pal Whitaker Charges Racism, Gets Out of Testimony”

        1. I believe that the obummer will give them all pardons after his term is over! Probably made a deal with them not to “tell” anything that would be incriminating to him. Guess we all need to know Chicago politics!

          1. I don’t think pardons will be offered to Blagojevich or Jackson Jr., but I wouldn’t doubt that Obama would pardon Whittaker in advance of any charges leveled against him.

    1. Actually, I think Jesse Jackson Jr. did not deserve the sentence he received either, and maybe the animus against him goes back to Jackson Jr. being one of the parties interested in Obama’s Senate seat. Valerie Jarrett was another.

  1. And the NFL is selectively going after one race when complaining about the “Hands Up” demonstrations?

    Is it possible that most of Whitaker’s associates were of the same skin color as he is? (FWIW, until now, I was unaware of his race).

    Some selection is self-selection.

      1. For now. And not everywhere and not for everyone.

        But in the halls of Injustice it is. History will show this to be the most dishonest, corrupt and morally depraved administrations.

      1. The USA in Chicago was handpicked by Obama and/or Holder to replace Patrick Fitzgerald so he knows where his bread is buttered.

        1. Ha! Can’t wait until the legal crybabies at Harvard and Columbia Law get real jobs. Think these federal prosecutors are bad, wait until that lot gets in.

          Pretty sure none of them would stand with the people and be criminal defense attorneys — they are cowards.

  2. So when the Federal prosecutor finally comes after Al Sharpton for refusing to pay his Federal income taxes, all he has to do is say “this is racism’ and the charges are effectively dropped?

    I thought the “get out of jail” card could only be used in the Monopoly game.

    1. As long as Barack Obama is the supremem ruler of the land once known as the land of the free and the brave, Al Sharpton is golden and untouchable. Just like Eric Holder. They are protected by their racism superman capes.

      1. And that is the sad truth. Obama and Holder have concocted a justice system for “us” and another justice system for “them”. Rule of Law? What rule of Law?

  3. Racism? What a hoot!! Just so happens that the Dingles and Whitaker’s nurse, who have all been convicted of embezzling nearly $4M, and are now awaiting sentencing.. .. are all Black! So is the woman, Michelle Obama, who hired Whitaker at the U of Chicago in 2007 after he left his State post with the Health Dept. Why did he leave the IL Health Dept? To escape the heat? Who knows. Obama also gave Whitaker a $1M grant last year – allegedly to update electronic records at the University.

    The Whitakers are the Obama’s closest friends – they have traveled with Obama on nearly every trip from Martha’s Vineyard to Africa to Europe and beyond. Mrs. Whitaker went to Spain with MOOCH on our taxpayer dollars. Whitaker is a regular golf partner.

    After Obama leaves and if we have a Republican in office, I seriously hope there will be an IRS investigation into Obama’s personal finances, along with the finances of his close friends. Should be veddy interesting. Maybe it should be a RICO investigation!

    1. Correction. The Dingles have not been convicted…yet., It’s only Whitaker’s nurse/mistress(?) who has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing.

  4. This is OT but good. Read just the comments by a sheriff about the ultimate rollout of cameras for police. Good for the police but lots of unintended consequences for John Q. Public. Everything will be recorded, a matter of public record, accessible to everyone who asks by law, and possibly end up on YT. You know, like the drunken rage over the fence with your neighbor about the barking dog (and that is being kind). Have a fight with your spouse, SO, call the cops. Feel bad about it in the am — too bad. Sort of like Candid Camera — but it doesn’t require your permission.

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  6. Doesn’t everybody know?

    It is ontologically impossible for a black person in America to commit a crime. Any charge levied has no basis in reality. All convictions originate in racist animus. Every prisoner is incarcerated without cause.

    Ask Holder. Or Aka Obama.

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