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Gruber Admits He Knew Not All Could Keep Their Plan

So why did President Obama say they could?

“I have no answer to that question,” Gruber said.

32 thoughts on “Gruber Admits He Knew Not All Could Keep Their Plan”

  1. Every citizen needs to take the time to listen to entire hearing.
    I still cannot believe the Dems came out with C.. information today.
    This issue about not being a politician was pathetic.
    He may as well stated I am not a doorbell.
    Doesn’t make any difference, the American Citizens were ______.
    I tried to think of a proper word to place there without cursing.

  2. Looking back:
    The Dems were insanely giddy with glee that they could pass this monstrosity even though they had used lies, bribes, and other underhanded means to reach their vote goals.
    The public was either puzzled by this new law and what it meant or were quite sure that it would lead us into untested and murky waters that would adversely affect our most personal lives.
    MrObama made false assurances that no money would be used for abortions, that 30 million uninsured would be covered with life-saving policies, and that no change would happen to those who already held health insurance and were satisfied with it’s coverage.

    Lies, lies, and more lies.
    Then as MrObama went out in public and assured group after group that his legendary law would not affect them, he lied. He had to lie, because telling the truth would expose the whole law as something they didn’t want the public to know – a scam, a new Ponzi scheme, and a new redistribution of citizen’s wealth.
    That’s why he lied, that’s why they all lied, and that’s why Congress is now controlled by the Repubs.

    1. Obama lies constantly and without remorse nor shame. If we had real leadership on the Repubican side of the aisle, he would have been arrested, not impeached, years ago.

      1. Yes, you are right. I cannot understand how he is not impeached and thrown out for all the lies about his scam medical. Stealing our money is okay? The Republicans are not doing their job either. The Republicans have grown quiet about amnesty now? They think they’ll win the election if they keep out of it? They said they wouldn’t let the amnesty go through? Thats why they won the midterms. If they don’t foillow through on that, they promised they would stop it. Haven’t heard a word lately. If they don’t do something about this phony amnesty they won’t have the votes in 2016. People won’t forget the promise to do that.

  3. I listened to it and was astounded at a PHD that acted like a high school kid.
    “You will have to refer to my counsel”.
    I don’t have the numbers,…
    I will have to get back to you,…..

    I am tired of the diversionary tactics that these so called elites from MIT and a PHD cannot remember what they said two years ago.

    I am tired of the consistent stonewalling of the people that are paid with our tax dollars, and are defiant in the face of a congressional committee that they cannot remember or do not have the documentation that the committee requested months ago.

    All we get is we will have to get back to you,…or I can’t recall.
    Bullshit !

    1. I only heard a small portion of it, but I did hear Gruber insisting that the law provides subsidies for all states whether they set up exchanges or not.

    2. Gracepmc There was discussion of state and Fed. I was taking notes. They talk a mile a min., because they are on the clock.
      I believe it was McFarland asking about it. I took a note Total amount of service dropped off and the cost of service went up.
      Not much of an answer from Gruber.
      If I come across all the questions and answers I will note it.
      I did miss the end of the hearing.

      1. Thanks guys. Someone will do an analysis of this hopefully as it is more important than Gruber calling us stupid.

        Stupid we are used to. Obama does it all the time, and Holder , out of the gate, called us cowards. And we pay them too.

        1. My understanding and reiterated on Special Report Gruber reinforced that subsidies are for those who obtained insurance through state exchanges only and not federal.

          But we are so far gone as a country where the rule of law means anything I do not expect this will be a problem.

          Pretty much everything is kabuki.

  4. Did invoking the 5th amendment change from “On the advice of counsel, I am invoking my rights awarded to me in the 5th amendment” to “In excerpts of these videos I am shown making a series of glib, thoughtless, and sometimes downright insulting comments I behaved badly, and I will have to live with that, but my own inexcusable arrogance is not a flaw in the Affordable Care Act.” ?

    Boy, he kept repeating about his glibness…………as normal, Trey Gowdy was stellar. I would just plead guilty than face his cross examination,LOL.

    Nobody asked if he was going to give the 6 million people who had to switch insurance policies because of his glibness a dollar each refunding the 6 million he received for being glib and lying to Congress and the American People?

    1. While I was watching I felt the same way by his glib, etc. remarks.
      He did not say: I am a silly billy.
      Lois said I take the Fifth. That was aggrevating, but yes glib. was pathetic.
      He would not tell us how much the tax payers paid him!
      He was reminded in the hearing of people who lost there job, due to o care.

      1. I just watched a video of Trey Gowdy questioning Gruber and felt that his repeated replies that he was just making glib statements and really didn’t mean them almost like repeatedly taking the Fifth. It was his prearranged reply to every question. BTW, I’m so glad Trey Gowdy is on OUR side.

        1. Gowdy is just great and I am glad that he is on our side as well.

          As for Gruber, as I said, it was just a longer version of Lois Lerner’s 5th plea.

      1. After all these years of Obama speechifying….this is the new 5th. Words, words, and more words. The words are lies and the facts are absent.

  5. OT The tail end of a comment by an intelligence official on Cavuto. I just caught this. And I agree. It speaks to what we all were talking about a few days ago.

    It’s almost like a systematic destruction: law enforcement, intelligence, immigration.

    1. I made that point as well earlier. You have it stated better than I.
      Everyone in office involved has a family. I have said this over and over. How can they look their children, relatives, friends, childhood teacher, in the eye?
      The maniacs are laughing at us!
      By the way: Early this morning on Fox they showed a picture from 911. It was the sign they made which read:
      We will never forget!

    2. Yes, I heard that too! Systematic destruction! Wow, it hit me like a ton of bricks, those two words! I kept repeating them in my head all night after I heard that. Because when you think about it, systematic destruction, is what Obama and the democrats are doing to the country. Almost every day we hear another destruction. He is constant in his hatred.
      Obama is in a war against the country he was elected to serve and protect and he is consumed by it. Racist paranoia, like Hitler? Only this time this Obama Hitler wants to hurt white people?

  6. I don’t know why everybody’s so mad at Gruber. all he did was tell the truth. we should be mad at the people in government who used Gruber to lie to us about Obamacare.

  7. The thing is, the Obama administration has hired/placed/inserted Grubers all over the Federal government. They are in Justice, EPA, Interior, etc. Imagine an army of evil robots, slam-banging into everything, destroying all that gets in their way. Grubertons. A menace to all.

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