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A Simple Cause of Obama’s Sore Throat that’s also Bad PR

As many of you know, I am physician by training.

Okay, that’s not true, I’m not a physician and nobody trained me to be one. But my wife is physician, and I was speaking to her yesterday.

Okay, my wife isn’t a physician either. But I did speak to her yesterday. I speak to her almost every day, in fact.

So, anyway, where was I?

Oh yes. Despite my lack of qualifications, I have an excellent hunch that President Obama’s persistent sore throat – diagnosed as “consistent with soft tissue inflammation related to acid reflux” – has an obvious cause, but one the White House would prefer not to talk about. That is, he’s chewing too much Nicorette.

As I’ve reluctantly pointed out before – okay, I enjoy pointing it out – Obama can be seen slapping Nicorette gum around his mouth everywhere he goes, whether the situation commands gravity and respect or not.

The White House of course early in his presidency tried to claim that Obama had quit smoking, which was as good as a lie since he is still heavily addicted to nicotine. It’s as if someone claimed he had stopped snorting cocaine but left out that he was now freebasing it.

Obama could still be ruining his health. Who knows what the long-term health effects of Nicorette are? Well, we do know there are some short term ones.

The website lists eight “more common” side effects of Nicolette. Here are seven of them:

Acid or sour stomach
mouth and throat irritation
stomach discomfort, upset, or pain

Sounds like the diagnosis could be pain “consistent with soft tissue inflammation related to chewing Nicorette.”

Mr. President, thank God it’s nothing worse than stomach acid kicking up into your throat. Now save yourself the discomfort by finally quitting your habit. It ain’t easy, but try. If you can part the waters of the Rio Grande, without Congress, you can do this too.

H/T DernDawn.

57 Responses to A Simple Cause of Obama’s Sore Throat that’s also Bad PR

      • I agree. If he quit back when he said he did, why does he still chew that gum.
        Also, his scrawny look speaks to smoking too. I have a girl friend who smoked for years and quit in her early seventies. She was a skinny stick of a woman and now after gaining some weight she looks years younger. I believe it was because she quit smoking.

    • Although we keep hearing that he is a FORMER smoker.

      Although an article details how Billy Joel recently related how he turned down an offer to smoke with John Boehner (because Joel had quit), but just couldn’t rebuff an offer from Obama, with whom he did share a smoke).

  1. Keith, that was my guess exactly. I have never smoked but my husband, age 76, smoked until his mid-thirties when he quit cold turkey. He frequently, even this many years later, suffers from acid reflux.
    In addition to being bad for Obama’s health, that crude gum popping in public places by our president is humiliating to all of us.

  2. What I want diagnosed is why every time I see him speaking, he is also pulling on his nose. What’s irritating his shnouzer that he has to honk it in public?

  3. You ought to hang out your shingle, Keith. Excellent observation. Obama is a walking tobacco plantation. He probably has a personal valet to clean out ashtrays on the Truman balcony, not to mention AF1 and the Beast.

    Billy Joel was at the WH recently and reported that Obama asked him to join him for a cigarette on the Truman balcony. Joel has given up smoking, but said he couldn’t refuse an invite from the prez…so he lit up with Obama. Obama is a sneak and a liar. We all know he still smokes like a chimney – why doesn’t he just man up?

  4. As a long-time sufferer from GERD, I will tell you that the worst thing you can do to aggravate it is drink alcohol, even the beer Princess Barri loves so much. Stack that on top of non-stop Nicorette chewing and you have a recipe for a digestive tract in rebellion.

    It’s actually quite surprising that this is just now being diagnosed and it makes me wonder if there is something else going on here.

  5. We still don’t know enough to rule out my preferred theory that Obama’s throat problems are the result of an STD infection.

    I concur with the observation that Obama is a skinny little runt.

    The recent photo that Governor Palin posted of herself posing with the wild hog that she shot down in Texas convinces me that she could break wimp Obama in half.

    • Palin is about 5’4″ tall.
      I am 6′ tall.
      Barry is 6′ tall.
      I outweigh him by at least 30 lbs.
      I would be surprised if he weighed more than 150 lbs.

      Sarah Palin could take him.
      He would be afraid of her,…..and he should be.

  6. Not a medical person, but an observer:
    Pain anywhere in the upper trunk or arms could mean some kind of blockage, and/or serious heart problems.
    It’s not just grasping the center of the chest that’s alarming and he’s the right age, with the right stressful job to be Heart Attack #1.

    IMO, the medical staff was on alert for his claim of pain and wanted to rule out something more serious than a need for some Tums.
    Good on them.

  7. …You guys in the “WH press corps” all know the fact that Obama still smokes (and many other nasty facts about the Obama White House)But you guys never ‘report’ it…?

  8. As Keith alluded to, we do not yet know what the long-term effects of Nicorett are as it hasn’t been around long enough. And it wasn’t meant for long-term use. People used to think chewing tobacco was better than smoking because there was no smoke going in the lungs. Then along came mouth cancers.

  9. He’s still a closet smoker and possibly drinking heavily both of which could cause acid reflux. Of course no one in the DC media will report on it no matter what.

  10. Keith–
    For the Record: I too am not a Dr., nor do I profess to know how to diagnose medical conditions. I quit smoking 14-years, 11-months, 7-days and 11-hours ago…but who’s counting. At the time I quit, I started chewing the nicotine gum and still do so today. I do not suffer from GERD, or any of the other items listed above. Any acid reflux I might have on occasions is simply due to the disease infecting the Oval Office.

  11. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease but in this case, I think he’s a liar and is smoking and drinking and God knows what else at a fast and furious rate. So sue me cuz I got nothing.