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Live Stream || White House Briefing – December 8, 2014

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  1. No qualms about releasing the Senate report on torture tomorrow! Obama is pure evil. Creating a racial divide isn’t good enough for him. Now he has to put our troops in harm’s way, not to mention ordinary Americans, by ginning up old wounds.

    • He and the Democrats will put many people in harm’s way. To them, that is a bonus along with further impugning the repututation of the United States and our intelligence agencies.

      • I was curious about how Diane Feinstein felt about the publication of this report at this time. She is always preaching security and support of the military and our intelligence services. DiFi is all in.

        Apparently politics over rides any concern she might have for the safety of those concerned or America’s reputation.

        The swill and swine that are today’s Democrats ——- looting and pillaging as they lose power. Shades of Clinton.

      • OT, but I wonder if it is tied with the report coming out tomorrow. Boehner’s plan to fund the immigration executive order with a CR is apparently falling apart because of the pressure of people like us signing petitions and calling our Critters. Breitbart says so anyway. Let’s hope so.

    • And torture, which was an exception, will be touted as a feature of our services. When our enemies are done with the report we will have no intelligence with which to combat them. Obama will have to keep on killing them with drones and gathering no intelligence whatsoever. It demeans the country, endangers our intelligence community and allies and serves no purpose other than to further drive a stake through the heart of this country.

      And you bet your ass it was human intelligence that led Barack Obama to Usama bin Laden.

      How silly Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama are to think that they have privacy.

  2. I just heard bits and pieces of this news on the radio during the day. I did here that certain information will not be released. I feel that untill we don’t have maniacs attacking with axes withen the States, and maniacs overseas attacking Embassies etc, I feel it would be to everyone’s best interest to leave that information alone for now.
    As anyone heard how other allies feel about this? Such as Canada, UK?

    • I just heard on the Five that there are allies disagreeing with this.
      Same time this is being discussed let’s have o come on TV now, and remind everyone all the prisoners he released from Gitmo.

  3. Will Candy Crowly replace the current Baghdad Bob at the WHPC podium? Asking for a friend ;)

    Sidebar: Bless her heart, Candy stepped on it in 2012, she should have left CNN after that.

  4. The release of this democrat Senate Intelligence committee is completely on Diane Feinstein’s head. It is a crass and petty political move that will bring harm to our intelligence community and our allies. She deserves to be reviled. And Obama, like always, is hiding behind a woman’s skirt.

  5. Just heard on Hanity – release of this report is cover for the releasing of more Jitmo terrorists tomorrow.

    Its a 2 fer – cover for Gruber and then cover for the release of more bad guys.

    What do you think the Lame stream will cover?

    • I didn’t watch tonight, but I thought that myself. Gruber is supposed to testify tomorrow, but anything he reveals about Obamacare will be overshadowed by the torture report.