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  1. CNN is still fanning the embers of what they call a “nationwide protest” with the one-sided reporting on the rioting and violence in CA last night.
    A few hundred, or even a few thousand, people marching in the streets of certain Dem controlled cities doesn’t make these unlawful protests a “nationwide” anything.
    Kudos to the police for their restraint as the videos show the protesters taunting them, insulting them, and later throwing objects at them.

  2. The authorities in St. Louis finally have had their hands forced to deal with a case of black-on-white violence as a hate crime after a victim told police that a group of armed thugs asked if she were Bosnian while they were beating her.

  3. That horrible Jane Harman is on that increasingly horrible FNSunday.
    And at least Britt Hume intercedes when she maligns the police and supports Obama’s claim to civil rights abuses in the states.

    Oh no — Juan on the panel too.

    I do this to myself.

  4. 73 years ago. Pearl Harbor Day. God rest their souls and God bless the US military.

    We should pay more attention and respect than we do. Probably accounts for a lot of why we are where we are today in this country. We do not tend our history well.

    • Only two aircraft survived the attack and were able to take the fight to the enemy.
      They were P-40 Warhawks, like my avatar.
      It was a mistake to put that many ships in a harbor that only had one way in and out.
      They were sitting ducks.
      One ship was able to get under way and the Japanese promptly sank it in the exit blocking any others from escaping.

      Many lessons were learned because of that attack.

    • Questions about Pearl Harbor and WWII would make a good Watters World topic. Well, maybe, not: it would have all of us tearing our hair out.

      • It would be very sad and all about people trying to remember Ben Affleck’s name — and coming up with Matt Damon, if we are lucky to get a few of the brighter people on the street.

      • See my comment above about my 14 year old son.

        When Watters World is on O’Reilly, we sometimes pause the TV with each question before they answer and then ask our son if he knows the answer. He usually does and he is appalled that college kids, as well as much older people, have no freaking clue.

  5. A Naval engineer is facing charges that he gave an FBI undercover agent posing as an Egyptian intelligence officer secret documents about the new Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier while discussing how to sink the vessel with a missile.

    Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, of Yorktown, Va., was arrested Friday on an FBI affidavit that reads like it came from a Tom Clancy novel. SNIP

    • As yes, Mustafa who came to this country via marriage and became a naturalized citizen. I mentioned this earlier. Everything about this is outrageous. And stupid. If Obama and Holder don’t do us in, political correctness will.

          • I don’t know how long it will take, AFVet.

            There have been some benefits from PC, such as societal pressure to not hurl racial epithets or to not call disabled people “crips” and the like. That’s a question of civility.

            But, the stuff that hinders our ability to talk and act against foreign and domestic dangers needs to be rooted out. If I won the presidency in 2016, one of my first actions would be to reverse everything FCMABBHO has done that prevents the military and law enforcement agencies from addressing jihad.

        • There are a gazillion (the precise number) of government contractors and vetting is loose at best. Plus there are so many affirmative action and politically correct requirements that most likely more of this will happen. This is an area that has long been a breeding ground for craft, corruption, and espionage. The intent and goals of the current Administration makes this even more dangerous.

          • I gather you don’t see a contradiction between not calling someone a “crip” and freely trying to brand the president of the country you profess to love with neg names and acronyms. Whew. OK. Good compartmentalizing! It’s OK to pick apart actions or statements, but to just slap on a rude name all the time…I dunno. Oh, I know you guys will pile on with “he deserves it” or “he is trying to ruin our country” but what about a personal standard of not being ad hominem. Out the window these days, I guess.

          • Nobody called anybody a crip or said that deserving people did not deserve to be treated equally or be accommodated. I have worked on many government contracts, I know many contractors, I know many people who have lost contracts and business because of an unfair bias towards those who do get “special treatment” — sometimes it would be good for you to come off your high horse Star.

            And I have no apology to offer you or anyone for the manner in which I discuss Barack Obama, who has done more to foment discord and ruin in this country than any other president to date.

            I am not holding my breath waiting for the left to take back all the free flung Racist epitaphs.

          • Yes, and from up here on my high horse, I am suggesting we not call at least the president repetitive lame names–it reflects on the poster and the country. Sermon over–for now.

          • So far, your “suggestions” are that we don’t use foul language that offends you and now that we don’t call Barack Obama repetitive lame names (who determines repetitive and lame I do not know) and that we recognize the greatness that is John McCain. If this was your blog I might consider those “suggestions” a little more carefully, but it isn’t. And you treat it as if it was.

          • I stand with Grace.
            This is a discussion, and Star if you don’t like the environment no-one is forcing you to stay.
            Opinions are natural, and are the result of everyone’s life experiences.
            Your distaste for some of the comments is noted.
            That however does not give you the right to dismiss their opinion or the language they use in expressing it.

          • Yes, I do have that right–and you have the right to lash out at me–see how that works? The bar here is sometimes so low it’s discouraging. But I came here the first day, am not leaving…and I do intend to express my views.

          • Yes, these are suggestions…If this were my blog I would be stricter, but obviously it is not. On my seven sites, I do take off coarse comments if they occasionally come up. I am not asking for an apology–and obviously some people are not changing…But I am here and I can say whatever I want. Just as you do. I will say if you don’t know which names are repetitive, I must be paying closer attn than you are.

          • Whatever Star. So tedious.

            And yea for you for your careful attention. I was speaking to the fact that someone must determine what is lame and what is not. And, of course, that would be you. Have at it.

          • I believe Keith did say to notch it down a few–but I am not speaking for him, just myself. And people who email me offlist. You are not even a name caller, grace, why are you so bent out of shape? Oh–as you say–WHATever!

          • Star December 7, 2014 at 1:27 pm

            I believe Keith did say to notch it down a few–but I am not speaking for him, just myself. And people who email me offlist. You are not even a name caller, grace, why are you so bent out of shape? Oh–as you say–WHATever!
            Star- Rightly or wrongly your comment about crips nested as a comment to me. So I responded.

            That said. This is not the place to carry on over this. You pick nits and you nag over your personal sensibilities and you do not move on. It is rarely a point or an issue of substance . It is more often than not an etiquette correction. We are all so painfully aware of your personal sensibilities Star you do not need to keep banging us over the head with them. And sometimes when they land, rightly or wrongly, in response to me I have had enough. So, let’s cease and desist and move on.

          • I think we all pretty much know everyone’s opinions by now–and style. Have you noticed how many thoughtful people don’t post anymore…I wonder if it’s from the tone. Or, of course, it could be from my high horseness, but that is not what I get offlist. For some reason, we are supposed to agree or think alike. How boring is that?

          • Well said, AFVet. I for one (and a measly one at that) dislike it when Koffler comments rage around the personalities of those making them. I had thought this was a forum to discuss politics and current events, and not to bitch at one another on a personal level.

          • Yes, it’s beyond old and tiresome reading all this complaining again and again about what other people post on this blog. Grace is 100% right on this issue.

            I thought this scolding of other posters was supposed to be OVER. No one needs to be told what they can and cannot post, other than an occasional, but necessary, gentle reminder by Keith – the owner of this blog. As for everyone else, comments do NOT need your approval. If you don’t like something, just don’t reply and scroll on by. This relentless schoolmarm routine is condescending, insulting, and ridiculous.

          • Well said, Snark.

            This is one of the most civil sites I visit. Some people would really have something to be offended about, if they read some of the posts on Weasel Zippers, for instance.

            Mr. Koffler kindly gave us guidelines for comments on his site. It’s up to him to set the standards, not us.

  6. I borrowed this from a commenter on another blog. It highlights what we often forget — that many of the men and women who fought in WWII were first generation Americans. — including my father. RIP
    What’s forgotten today is that many of the men who fought in WW2, were first generation Americans, such as my dad. His parents immigrated from what was Austria-Hungary (as did my mom’s parents). They went off to war to possibly fight and kill cousins, uncles or family members they never met. And, yet, they went. And got the job done. And, as has been mentioned many times, did not talk about their experiences very much. My dad passed away in 2003, still bearing the scars on his back from an incoming artillary shell in France. I am forever grateful to him and his comrades in arms for keeping us free. It’s a shame that so many in my generation did not share that sentiment. However, all the “kids” I grew up with all feel as I do. I guess growing up in a small town in the 50’s does that. 22 years years after my dad was discharged, his son received his draft notice.

  7. Lee, there is a long article on Jeb Bush and Common Core on Breitbart which might interest you. I think you’re the one especially interested in Common Core. It’s called “Jeb Bush’s Education Reform Empire”.

  8. First, every American in Iranian prisons should be released. The fact that the Iranian American pastor is still there, makes Obama’s appeasement efforts even more disgusting. And I am sure there are more.

    But now this is problematic for the Obama Iran Appeasement team. Apparently an Iranian American (Iran does not recognize dual citizenship)reporter has been detained and is being charged. This reporter works for WAPO, friendly to the WH, and it is reported has been privy to the Obama appeasers activity. This is truly sad for the reporter and we should do everything to get him released.

    But it could be an awkward question for Josh…..hopefully Ed Henry will ask it since so many of the others are still corpses.

  9. I NEED HELP..
    I’ve been searching the net for days looking for any name, other than Bowe Bergdahl, who was successfully rescued from ISIS, AQ, or any of the no IQ jihadis for starters. And so many more obvious questions yet to be answered.

      • Kristellnacht. I’m out. We’ve all seen this. Evil. It is interesting that after so many years, it is still so powerful and so reprehensible.

          • I dunno’ I was just channel surfing. I am not particularly impressed with the History Channel — I just came in at the end of the Rise and watched the Fall. That’s where I noticed the Fatherland thing. No matter how much time passes, I am always gobsmacked that an entire nation could follow so willingly and enthusiastically — probably a lot came from the thrill of victory as they marched in and took over. Still it is incredible — after all this time.

            Was in Nuremberg and elsewhere in the 50s and 60s. I remember some of the cities still had bombed out areas. My sister learned to drive at that big nazi party rally grounds.

    Barack Obama who holds the modern record for overall losses, at least through 2014. President Obama has presided over two devastating midterms for his party. From 2008 to the present, Democrats in the Obama era have racked up net forfeitures of 11 governorships, 13 Senate seats, 69 House seats, 913 state legislative seats, and 30 state legislative chambers. In the latter three categories, Obama has doubled (or more) the average two-term presidential loss from Truman through Bush.


    • About that sore throat; since when does a patient get a CAT scan for something this minor? Some have suggested that they were looking for cancer or some polyps.

      Anyway – being such a sore loser, MrO might be getting ready to take his glove and ball and go home.

    • THKS for the link. I have friends who still maintain that Dem losses were not that bad.
      But I had no numbers available, only hasty notes on scraps of paper scattered here and there.
      Now I have ammo.

    • I’ve wondered about that myself, and here in America we don’t use either although we refer to America as “she”. I think the Russians are more open to the idea of the land nurturing its people where as the Germans traditionally have been more militaristic, and that’s a Dad’s schtick. I could be talking through my hat though.

    • My husband told me that a couple months back there were more transfers of Gitmo prisoners to other countries which went unnoticed unlike the 6 to Uruguay. I only mention this because he said two of them went to Slovakia.

  11. Candy Crowley is leaving CNN…to where was not specified. Do I sense a press secy with a new car smell? Nah–prob not…Oh, well…I do not watch CNN, but sure remember her scrambling to run interference for Obama during that debate–wrongly as it turned out, but enough to flatfoot Romney for a crucial moment that may have cost him the election. What media co would not want such a fast-thinking woman?

  12. I got an e-mail from my daughter in which she described a documentary about those unaccompanied minors who crossed the border a couple of months ago and were placed all over the country. It seems that at least one kid interviewed said that this was not his home and he didn’t care about any of the new material goods available to him. The people who have him now told him that they were his parents now.

    It almost seems like a kidnapping scheme to me produced by Obama and the liberals. He doesn’t care for any of these kids. It’s all about his agenda and his legacy. I wonder now if they will really attempt to bring the parents of these children here. It reminds me of the Turkish Janissaries. I’m very surprised someone was able to make this documentary and am sure Obama doesn’t want this kind of story getting about. Have any of you seen it? My daughter didn’t give me a title.

    • How sad for that child. Makes you wonder where these children really came from. There was a time when children were let out for adoption either unbeknownst to their parents, or with their parents consent in return for something.

    • For Obama and his band of misfits, other people, including children, are useful only to promote Progressive agendas and programs. And, of course, to continue the social chaos. That’s their only purpose in life—to serve Obama.

  13. Here’s an interesting and relatively short discussion of what Republicans should do short term. There are some good points.

    A thing that people acknowledge but no one talks about is Is there in fact an EO, is there a number to it, is it filed and if it is an Exec Memo to Jeh at DHS — what’s the binding force. But nobody really seems to be talking about this. And McConnell and crew are hot to get this over with an out of town — I suspect all the advantages the Senate Dems took for themselves and locked out the Republicans will be returned to the Dems. Anyway, some thoughts if you are so inclined.

  14. By the way, I wonder if Obummer is feeling better today because this was on the schedule:

    5:00PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at the Kennedy Center Honors Reception
    East Room

    7:15PM THE PRESIDENT and FIRST LADY attend the Kennedy Center Honors
    Kennedy Center


    Also, same old ridiculous garbage: On Monday, after meeting with Prince William in the Oval Office, Obummer will be taping an appearance on The Colbert Report.

  15. Unrelated, but on a more serious note…

    Chicago hotel evacuated after apparent chlorine gas attack.

    It was hosting a “furry” convention, for whatever that’s worth.

    It doesn’t take a very high concentration of chlorine to kill. If this was deliberate, it needs to be prosecuted as either a terrorist act, or a weapon of mass destruction, and preferably both.