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Prince William to Meet With Obama Monday

President Obama will meet with Britain’s Prince William Monday at the White House. I assume they’ll discuss a topic of mutual interest to them, the role of monarchical rule in democratic societies.

Duchess Kate is traveling with William, and I assume she’ll be at the White House as well. At least I hope so.

William is in Washington for the first time in his life as part of a three-day trip to the East Coast. He plans to speak at the World Bank about wildlife trafficking.

“The President looks forward to thanking The Duke of Cambridge for the hospitality shown to him by the Royal Family during the President’s recent visits to the United Kingdom,” the White House said in a statement. “This visit underscores the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.”

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59 Responses to Prince William to Meet With Obama Monday

  1. Perhaps he will give the Prince a new collection of his speeches to replace the one he gave to the Queen that won’t work on the U.K. electrical system.

        • to MT’s comment.

          Star, I understand you might think the Nazi reference offensive. I can see similarities — not regarding the holocaust, but in other ways.

          • I see the Nazis in a historical context and not out of bounds. Stalin and Mao have a very long list “kill” list as well. I see the Third Reich.

            And with what is going on in the country today I do not trivialize totalitarian rule, ascent to power, infiltration of governments and organizations and inciting mobs as well as other things common to such rule. Suppression of dissent.

          • You don’t know until after the fact, do you? I think Obama has real totalitarian instincts. Would he go so far as the Holocaust? I don’t think so, but the comparison is not absolutely off base.

          • Too true. Think about it: An economy in crushing trouble. A populace in need of a “savior.” Along comes this charismatic unknown, promising better education for the young, health care for all, an end to all the strife from the rabble-rousers, and restored fiscal health. Hitler promised EXACTLY that. And the people were only too willing to give him whatever power he needed to make it all better. Their guard goes down… and it all goes to sh*t.

            Sounds awfully familiar to me!

          • For me, I exclude the holocaust for what it actually was, when I use a Third Reich reference.

            But I do concede that the Jews were initially used as a “scapegoat” and in the world of “scapegoats”, “strawmen” etc Obama excels.

            As for Obama’s dislike of Israel — he sees them as an obstacle to what he would like to see his Muslim Brotherhood accomplish. As long as Obama sides with unsavory elements of the Islamic ideology he cannot accept Israel. It should be clear by now that Obama’s bias and preference in the ME is with the Muslims. The Jews aside, he has done virtually nothing to speak out about massacres of Christians.

          • A lot of the problem is semantic. Communism, Socialism, Totalitarian, Marxist, Fascist, etc.

            Authoritarian form of government works for the moment. Most likely in the end it is somewhat fascist in terms of the sharing of the means of production between the state and the enterprise.

            That said , what I do know, it is a fundamental transformation using the institutions and laws available to change the United States from its foundations. And to my mind it is a dangerous revolution from within. And there are a lot of bad actors. What President of a Republic in their right mind would use a known race hustler and agitator like Al Sharpton to be his principal advisor.

            The uptick using racism and police intimidation charges is disturbing. What people are calling normal protests are not normal protests at all.

          • Please understand that by no means am I trivializing – a clear existential danger to America exists; for quite some time it’s operated ‘unseen’. The current Admin would make you hair stand on end, if you saw what they’re up to.

          • I take a diff view than all this–will skip these sections, I guess. Catastrophizing is a cognitive flaw–maybe you don’t think the Hitler thing is, but I do.

  2. The White House doesn’t appear to be on Kate’s schedule ….

    Makes me wonder who decided the schedule, the Royals or the WH ? Looks like the Elite parties are in NYC, and we know our MO would have been more than happy to meet them there? I read this same schedule over a month ago, well before the verdicts and protests, so that’s not the excuse. (Unless sneaking MO into NYC is a covert operation?)

    • NYC? They’re coming at an awkward time, aren’t they? I’m sure the Brits don’t want them caught up in a traffic shutdown by protestors.

    • The Monday schedule is bizarre. Good luck to Kate on that lovely trip to a child development center in Harlem. Not quite deBlasio’s cuppa — royalty visting the children in Harlem. Surely there must be some Marxist no no on that type of thing.

      And the Clintons and then some basketball.

      Mooch out — Hil and Bill in.

  3. This meeting and the speech at the World Bank about Wildlife Trafficking is a joke. Of course, the World Bank is a joke itself — but it’s a real reach to make Wildlife Trafficking a priority in today’s world.

    Would that Obama aspire to something so trivial as monarchy.

  4. ‘Special relationship with the WH and the United Kingdom’? Don’t think so, lol. The Royals have never visited the WH on their previous trips to the US. When MOOshelle met Princess Kate in the UK, she looked like a circus clown. Can’t wait to see what godawful outfit she comes up with this time. Hope she keeps her elbows off the table if they are planning a dinner for the Royals.

    • Historically it has been so. I don’t think the royals went to the FDR WH, but Churchill did, and FDR famously treated the royals to hot dogs at his Hyde Park home. Truman entertained then Princess Elizabeth, and Princess Diana danced with John Travolta at the Reagan WH. Maybe that was after the divorce, but there are probably other examples than those I’ve mentioned. Still, with all of the UK’s problems with its Middle Eastern immigrants, I’m surprised that they would line up with Obama.

  5. Class and Crass.
    I wonder if Mooch will meet Princess Kate…if so more Class and Crass.
    Let’s hope she keeps her hands off, unlike with the Queen.

  6. Keith, where has Meesh been these past several months?

    Will she come out to see the visitors?

    Will the Princesses Obama be showing off their lovely manners? I personally think that if two teenagers act like sour, spoilt kiddies in public it is fine to mention it.

    • The Obamas use their own children to distract — Stop picking on my kids and all that jazz…

      When.. As parents they should have taught the children how to act in public. I would never put my teenage daughters (at that age) into any social setting without some serious coaching — the 40 second lesson would be about right – Stand up straight. Be polite – act like you like being here.– ok maybe that is the 10 second version

      But no — that putz (president) let’s his daughters down so that he can fake some indignation and get a little pity.

      If my kids ‘shamed the family’ (which is a summary phrase that tells them to do all the right things) it is my and my wife’s fault.

      Mr. Obama needs to be a man and father — also.

    • Oh, please. If the kiddos got dressed up and acted like the real princesses they are, somebody might catch on to what is really going on. Has anybody checked Fort Knox lately to see how much gold got let out to make up the crowns, tiaras, scepters, and maces for the investiture that is sure to come soon?

  7. Continuing coverage on the Louisiana election, will be held tonight at 10:00 central time. If I don’t fall to sleep, I will give an update.

  8. “This visit underscores the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.”

    If I were Prince William, I’d look over my shoulder. The United States also claims to “enjoy” a special relationship with Israel.