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When Barry Met Shelley

A new movie is in the works chronicling that historic summer afternoon in 1989 when Barry and Michelle went out on their very first date.

Tika SumpterAccording to, “Southside With You” depicts “the summer 1989 afternoon when the future President of the United States of America wooed his future First Lady on an epic first date across Chicago’s South Side.”

Ah yes, who can forget the summer of ’89, when history brought together the Houses of Obama and Robinson. An epic moment, indeed.

An Actress, Tika Sumpter, has already been cast to play Michelle. That’s her, just above. Nice.

I’ve actually obtained a little of the dialogue:

“Uh, you wanna split this?”


“No, it’s okay, I got it.”

The search is still on for someone to impersonate her strapping young suitor, the young leftist, Barack Obama.


As Presidential lore has it, the date took some convincing. Obama, then an idealistic first-year Harvard Law student, took a summer job as an associate at Chicago law firm Sidley Austin where he fell for lawyer Michelle Robinson, his younger boss. Southside With You spans the day she agreed to go out with him when the two visited the Art Institute, took a long walk, and caught a showing of Spike Lee’s new film, Do The Right Thing. They were married in 1992 . . .

“I took her to this new movie that everybody was talking about, directed by a guy that not that many people had heard of, but it was supposed to be pretty good,” Obama recalled during the film’s 25th anniversary celebration this summer. The site of the Obamas’ first kiss – curbside, outside a Baskin-Robbins in Chicago’s Hyde Park – was commemorated with a city plaque in 2012.

I’m a little surprised no one thought of putting together this worshipful outtake from the Obamas’ lives before Reelection Day 2012.

Honestly, I hope they don’t throw too much money at this. I can’t imagine the American people at this point are as enthralled with the minutiae of Obamaworld as Hollywood is.

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  1. The country would be so much better off if Obama was still scooping ice cream at a Baskin and Robbins rather than running the country.

    The fact that they cast that hot young actress to play Michelle proves that the producers are truly delusional. It would take two such actresses to equal Michelle.

  2. Not too OT, the TV and film industries are going to make movies of HRC when she was young. I notice already the media tapping into the archives for photos of a younger Hillary Clinton instead of using current ones. See the new NYT article on her, and in that video you posted the other day, there is the young blonde woman who keeps popping up. Is that supposed to be Hillary? One of my mother-in-law’s sayings was that you cannot make something young out of something old. I guess the Democrats want the “stupid Americans” to think they’ve discovered the fountain of youth.

  3. Without looking it up, first thing that came to my mind, if Michelle was Obama’s younger boss, was she already working as a lawyer when he was a first year law student?

    I’ve heard so many versions of how they met, I guess they found one they can agree on :)

  4. A whole movie detailing a first date? Talk about hard up – but at least there won’t be a sequel – Keep reading they will be divorcing when they leave the White House.

  5. C’mon. Who would back this turkey? Methinks MOOshelle is secretly producing her first film. Probably with taxpayer $$$. I’ll wait for the sequel – ‘Sourthside Divorce’!

  6. And the never-ending conjuration of the Obama story goes on, avoiding truth and reality at all costs. The movie will have symphonic music, sad moments, happy moments, laughter, tears . White doves will appear from nowhere to alight on The One’s shoulders.

    Certainly there will be rainbows. Lots of them. And there will be an angel or two whispering heavenly messages in Barry’s ear. And Barry will nod, wisely understanding that everything depends on him. Mysterious strangers will move around, in and out of purpose and focus throughout the movie.

    Maybe they’ll have free popcorn to tempt people to pay actual money to see this latest propaganda effort about “The Magical Life Of Barry Obama”. We should ask Bill Ayers about that.

    • The diversionary tactics are what I am watching Island Girl.
      Many lawsuits over many issues are landing in the White House.
      The shiny object over there is not the one that you should be spending time on.
      This administration is adept at throwing shiny objects in front of the fools that grovel for them.
      I am one that can see through the facade that the magicians have orchestrated on the American People.

      We shall see how the next congress deals with this corrupt administration.

  7. Sheesh, reading this made me almost puke up my very late breakfast that I enjoyed on this cold, rainy day.

    Despite what Deadline reports, I doubt this movie will ever be made because there’s no way it would be popular and profitable.

    I haven’t been commenting much, just so darned burnt out by all of this. I can’t even watch Fox anymore because I’m so sick of the constant protest coverage. I’m going to spend this rainy afternoon with HGTV on in the background while I catch up and read all of the comments here on this week’s posts, (I hate to miss anything good).

    Looking forward to Landrieu’s concession speech tonight.

  8. I already know more than I wanna know about Barack and Michelle Obama. The idea of seeing a phony Hollywood production too seems about as appealing as one of Michelle’s government overreach/ mandated lunches.

  9. “Honestly, I hope they don’t throw too much money at this.”

    Actually, I hope they do. Anybody stupid enough to get behind this idea needs to be taught a lesson.

    • McCarthy has it just right. The Obama/Holder/Sharpton musketeers have one goal in these matters–to create as much chaos as possible in local police matters. Why? So the jackboot of federal forces can take over and show us how much we “need” the Feds to trample local authority.

      • That’s why I am opposed to federal funding for police cameras. Also federal funding for any local police needs careful oversight. I do not know who oversees this, but I believe strongly that this is the end game for Holder. And it needs to be stopped.

        • Me too. If local police administration wants to fund their own police body cameras–ok. That’s up to them. Local voters can address the issue if they want to. But the Feds? Nope.

    • Excellent article. Thanks for the link. I wish Drudge would link to McCarthy’s article.

      …the Obama Left’s civil-rights crusade is about control — central control of state law enforcement by Washington.


      Holder and his constitutional-scholar boss are not banging the civil-rights drum because they believe these are prosecutable cases. It is just a pretext for unleashing Justice Department community organizers on state and municipal police departments.

      Exactly. That’s why the other day when Keith posted about the $75 million for 50,000 police cameras as part of the $263 million “investment package” for police departments across the country, I said never let a crisis go to waste. Ferguson was simply the excuse they were waiting for in order to exert more federal oversight and control over local police departments.

      • This is how the declaration of Martial Law begins.
        The DHS already has the elements to enforce it.
        The elimination of the local authority as opposed to federal authority is happening right before your eyes.
        One step at a time.
        We have seen the encroachment continue of the feds over the local law enforcement slowly but surely.
        If you don’t comply,…there will be ramifications.
        Is that coercion ?
        Could that be extortion ?

        Well, that all depends now doesn’t it ?

  10. This is not a film made for us. It is made for the ages. Can be shown in elementary schools to classes of AfAm kids so they can see how The One and Wise Woman met and be inspired.

    That young actress will be able to dine out and chat in interviews for the rest of her career about the honor of playing the Meesh role.

  11. BREAKING NEWS – top story on Drudge:


    Sat Dec 6, 2014 3:00pm EST

    (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama has a sore throat and has gone to Walter Reed military hospital for testing, the White House said on Saturday.

    Obama’s doctor, Captain Ronny Jackson, recommended he go.

    “Given that the president has free time in his schedule this afternoon, Dr. Jackson, the president’s physician, recommended he go to Walter Reed for some diagnostic tests,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said in a statement.

    “According to Dr. Jackson, the quickly scheduled test is a matter of convenience for the president, not a matter of urgency.”

    Obama’s trip was scheduled quickly. Reporters who cover the White House as part of a regular press pool had been dismissed for the day and scrambled back to make the motorcade, which did not wait for everyone.

  12. No wonder no one goes to the movies anymore. Who dreams up this kind of crap and even more unbelievable is who in their right mind would invest money in this propaganda nonsense?

    I wonder, though, who wore the pants on this so-called date and who wore a dress.

  13. I would definitely NOT go to see this movie. As it is, I get way too much of the Obamas’ every single day, and I am totally tired of it.
    BTW, Keith – I miss writing to you. With your new format it is a bit
    complicated. Keep up the good work. Now I have introduced my husband to you and he gets Redline every time you send it out.

  14. Will “Bathhouse Barry” be frequenting Man’s Country with Raum just like in real life? Will it cover Barry’s crack smoking rendezvous’ with Larry Sinclair and love affair Donald Young? If the movie covers Michelle’s struggles feeling like a “busy single mother” being a beard to member of the “Down Low Club” I will definitely go see it.