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WH Non-Denial Indicates Sanctions Against Israel in Play

The White House today pointedly declined to deny reports that it is considering sanctioning Israel over its continued construction of settlements on the West Bank, all but confirming that such sanctions are in fact very much on the table.

Asked by Ed Henry of Fox News today about the reports, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest could have easily put the matter to rest. Instead, he garbled some gobbledygook about the United States being Israel’s stalwart ally and then wouldn’t answer the question.

Imagine this. Sanctioning a close ally – our only reliable ally in the Middle East – while the panoply of barbarians around the world go unpunished.

Are we going to sanction China’s leaders for brutalizing the people of Tibet, the Falun Gong, journalists, political opponents, or anyone else they don’t like? Of course not.

Are we going to sanction Saudi Arabia for its repression of women?

Are we going to sanction Venezuela for its beating and shooting of unarmed protestors?

I mean, the list of bad actors doing terrible things is endless. But we are going to put the screws to a U.S. ally already under siege.

I have to say, there’s a bit of vindictiveness in me. As Jew, I’ve had to listen so often as my co-religionists sing the praises of Obama, blast the Tea Party as evil dunces, and then proclaim their love of Israel.

I hate to say it, but unfortunately I believe it. If wasn’t a Jewish state, Jews would be denouncing Israel too.

When will my fellow Jews learn that in today’s world of moral relativism, when the sins of Arabs toward Israel and even their fellow Arabs are excused as the strivings of oppressed people, that the best friends Israel has are on the right and, indeed, in the Tea Party.

Republican presidents have been almost all solidly pro-Israel. Democrats, not so much. Obama, leftist one-worlder that he is, has been particularly hostile toward the Jewish state.

RICHARD NIXON SAVED ISRAEL with a massive airlift during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, for goodness sake. Yes, the hated Richard Nixon. Can any Jew imagine Obama doing that?

For future reference, here’s Hillary landing a kiss on Suha Arafat, wife of one of the world’s most prominent and successful post-Nazi Jew killers.


Soon, because of Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon, or the ability to make one quickly. The only solution may be an Israeli strike. Is there any way a man considering sanctions against Israel would support it waging a preemptive war to avoid atomic bombs landing on the beaches of Haifa?

I understand that most Jews are liberal and hold their beliefs sincerely. But please, when you speak of the sweetness of Obama, don’t say that Israel is high on your list of priorities.

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  1. If Israel was an extension of the Roman Vatican, our feelings about the only true democracy, the only friend we have in the Middle East would be the same. That it is a Jewish state, formulated to give Jews a safe and protected home for all the ages, shouldn’t make a whit of difference to our government.
    Israel is our friend, our ally, and we have an obligation to protect them from harm. How they worship, or not worship, should never be a consideration for our friendship and promised protection.
    Sanctions to prevent a peaceful activity by a soverign state are a gross misuse of our mighty powers and MrObama should be called out by all of us to prevent this travesty.

  2. The dichotomy of Jewish Obama support and Israel support is about as baffling as issues get for me. I am not Jewish. But I am a sincere supporter of Israel and its people, and I have no tolerance for Obama and his minions who send billions to support Palestinian terrorism and give lip service to “support” for Israel while doing all they can behind the scenes to undermine Netanyahu. It’s sickening, it’s so hypocritical. I don’t understand why the hypocrisy is not obvious to all who support Israel.

  3. On 911 everyone feared for what may come next from outsiders who wanted to attack us. Now I have two fears. One is what they may be up to, and sadly I fear for the future of our Country.
    Now everyone in the Senate and the House. Why aren’t they afraid of the latter? Even if you are filthy rich, that won’t make a difference if our Country continues to accept The List. The List won’t stop growing. Is anyone paying attention?
    The Tea Party spoke out. They didn’t harm anyone, they didn’t burn down and destroy companies, they didn’t block interstates, and major arteries, etc. They get I** on their tale. Something is wrong!
    Please excuse me for repeating this: When I studied WWII, I can remember wondering how did the citizens just go about life, as Hitl. moved forward with his control. They were all intelligent people, and look what happened. I pray to God that in a small amount of time, we will be looking back and say we all worried for nothing.

    1. How did citizens just go about life in Nazi Germany?
      This may only be fragments of a quote I read years ago.
      ” When they,( Nazi’s) came for the Communist, no one did anything. When they came for the homosexuals, nobody did anything. When they came for the Jews, nobody did anything.
      When they came for ME, there was no one left to do anything. ”
      I’m relying on my old memory, not Google.

      1. Pastor Niemöller

        First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  4. This is why it is important for the Republican Party take a firm stand against Obama and the Democrats.
    There are attacks on the Constitution, on Law Enforcement and the Rule of Law, on the Separation of Powers,on the Sovereignty of our country with unsecured borders and illegals and terrorists among us, on the state of Israel and our alliance. These are all one of the same chipping away.

    Unfortunately for us, the Republicans are weak and will not stand. Pretty much we will have to stand as individuals in our own communities and on our own values.

    And I hope that Israel does whatever it needs to do to protect itself. That includes calling out Barack Obama and John Kerry for the scoundrels that they are.

    I am Catholic. If I went anywhere I would go to Israel.

    1. This is one of the reasons we need to remove Boehner and McConnell from their leadership positions.
      Boehner removed Tea Party conservatives from key committees in the house, and McConnell openly declared war on the Tea Party candidates running for office in the last election.

        1. I have zero respect for RINOs.
          Progressives exist on both sides of the aisle, and they are equally devastating this Country by expanding the government to unsustainable proportions.


            Basically, this requires “real” conservatives to sign in advance on how they will vote on important fiscal matters. Why should they agree to this simplistic view tat completely ignores how legislating is supposed to work–issue by issue, investigation, thoughtful consideration. I don’t care how much I wanted smaller govt (the cry), I would not weasel under to this little dude.

  5. OT — GWB won’t speak out against Obama’s executive reach or anything but does weigh in on NY indictment — “difficult to understand” and making a comment about Hillary being “his sister in law”.

    Not funny. Not helpful.

  6. Obama heard Rev Wright rail against Israel with bitter, angry and sarcastic words for 20+ years. He never walked out of that church when Wright, spit flying everywhere, eyes popping out of his head, snarling noises coming out of his mouth, ranted against the Jews. He never walked out, and never criticized Wright. Not once.

    Why? Because Obama agreed with every ugly word Wright shouted about Israel and Jews. The parishioners of Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ have much to answer for. Including Obama.

  7. Keith , this is just one of millions of reasons, I despise this man with a passion,, He literally make me sick every time I see him or hear his voice.
    I pray that America will wake up and dill with this idiot!

  8. Republicans, generally, as Keith says, support Israel. When the people of the land of Israel look for support from the USA they want to see Rembrandt’s “Man With The Golden Helmet”– dependable, strong, clear, ready and willing to help.

    When Israelis look at the Obama administration for help and support in these evil days, they see Jackson Pollack’s “Blue Poles 1952. Nothingness spread over hatred.

  9. Obama is having the time of his life after his ‘shellacking’ last month. He is celebrating the fact that he is no longer beholden to the voters and can now free-lance to his heart’s content. Israel is at the top of his ‘hate’ list…now he can taunt them and threaten them with impunity. Next to Israel, comes America on his ‘hate’ list. He is euphoric at the thought of ‘punishing’ Americans with millions more illegals to feed, clothe, educate, medicate, and give shelter. He is basking in the glory of destroying the greatest H/C delivery system in the world and replacing it with the Socialist delivery system. He has passed the reins of power in Iraq to Iran, and is content to sit back and let them finish their bomb-making.
    And last, but not least, he can now bring Al Sharpton out of the shadows and into the WH for an official seat at the table as one of his trusted advisors.
    Obama unleashed! The next two years are not going to be pretty. Boehner and his side-kick, Kathy Rodgers, are so ‘excited’ about the prospect of bi-partisanship. I think I am going to be sick.

    1. You summed it up so perfectly as always Girly1. I would like to “hurl” along side of you. I cannot believe what has happened to this country by this person out of nowhere…mr nowhere “man”!!

  10. OT Special Snowflake NY protesters in Macy’s. Currently napping on the floor. I expect they will start their Christmas shopping soon.

    NYC thanks Billy and Al.

    1. You can thank Barry, too, I’m sure. I’m sick of the wall-to-wall coverage they’re getting…even on Fox. The landmark midterm election was a mere month ago and it has been wiped from the landscape…racism and racist law enforcement is now (supposedly) the #1 issue in our country. I’m sure this pleases Barry greatly.

      1. I am sure he is thrilled. He loves the chaos. Really wings off of flies delighted.

        I thought the Macy’s thing was crazy but this tops them. In Boston, protesters confronting the police. Protesters call out: White Allies to the Front! (human shields, children canon fodder). The thinking behind this was that of course, the police would put black police at the front (similar thinking — canon fodder — according to the protester mind). It’s insane that it is happening, insane that blacks are saying this and even more insane that the little white boys and girls are willing to be called “allies” (not down with the struggle) and be willing to be used as canon fodder.

        The smart white children will not be back I suppose. Then again, probably not too many smart white “children” allies there to begin with. You have to check your brain at the door with this stuff.

        1. On the floor at Macys? That won’t help their cause, they will just catch pneumonia and the flu from the rain, I hope. I don’t like these so-called RACIST protests. They want to destroy the country? How stupid is that. The President and Holder started all this stuff, everyday, baiting them with talk about victim racism, racism, with Sharpton. doing it all for VOTES! Destroy the country for VOTES! You better believe it! I believe the Police did kill that poor big man. I cannot watch that video. ! Why on earth would they bring such a big heavy man slammed to the ground like that and then choke him? If he was selling a few little cigarrettes,(spell?) so, why didn’t they just give him a ticket, a summons?? For real. The cop that was choking him? He should be sent to jail for life! Tragic, why didn’t they leave him alone, I can’t believe that all those cops pulled him down like that, a big heavy man. HE COULDN’T BREATHE AND THEY STILL DIDN’T LET HIM GO AND IT KILLED HIM! Some cops are bad but not all of them, these guys should go to the slammer for what they did.

          1. It was a stupid law. He resisted arrested.He had 31 arrests on record. How do you suggest big men be handled? Yes, the video shows that the hold was questionable. But he died in the ambulance. He was of questionable health. Being taken down by the police did not help, but it may not have been what killed him.

            We don’t have the access to the evidence. But we sure are quick to judge without it on the basis of a video.

            You cannot resist arrest in this country. If you would like to change that law, then change that law. Actually pretty soon someone like deBlasio will probably change that law and then we will have roaming bands of criminals (and no, I am not saying this about this man or situation).

            And finally, protests stopping traffic, interfering with people’s lives who have nothing to do with this, getting in the face of policemen who are there to preserve your right to protest — not the best response.

          2. That video showed it all! I don’t care if the cops knew him from before, thats no reason to take him down? Give him a summons — don’t choke and compress him until he dropped dead? Whatever he did or didn ‘t do, it certainly does not appear that 8 or so of them had to pile on him. The one that got away with choking him? He could have let go when the guy begged him 11 times that he couldn’t breathe. Just like abortion, some people have no regard for LIFE! HELLO! Even a bad person deserves to live, if as you say he was career criminal? But the evidence is there on the video of how they killed him. Sorry but I feel terrible for that so-called criminal losing his life that way on the cement. Also, a man that big, the police should have some intelligence and think, like maybe the guy has some illnesses? being heavy like that? No, they just pounced. They did manslaughter.

      2. Also if I am watching something and the protesters come up or anything about this issue, I click to another channel. I don’t mute, I click. I want it to be registered.

        1. I have done the same with the TV. I usually mute as well. However I have CLICKED off the news many times as well.
          I didn’t know it resgisters if you click off.

    2. OT, I just read that a Bosnian woman was dragged from her car and beaten in the same area of St. Louis where Zemir Begic was murdered. She is alive, but the more these incidents occur the less the police can claim no evidence of hate crime.

        1. Well, it is not about Boris and Natasha Bettanoff. It about a white resident who is different than the attacking black thugs who were in the protesting crowd, who exacted misplaced, racially charged violence against this defenseless and innocent woman. Satan and his fallen angels danced in the streets amidst this strife.

    1. Are you talking about other countries? Or are you talking about Congress? If Congress, I think sanctions require congressional approval but I do not know for sure. I doubt that this is something Harry Reid would want to bring to the floor, and it is unlikely (or it used to be unlikely ) that a Republican House and Senate would agree to sanctions.

      But knowing our monster boy king — he will do whatever he needs to do in order to get what he wants and deal with the condequences later. And with the Republicans, later is like never.

          1. Julie Here is a beginning discussion of Republican response to rumored Israeli sanctions — reading between the lines Obama might use it to get what he wants re. Iran sanctions. Note there is no Democrat response here.

            Maybe tomorrow someone will have an answer. I think some sanctions require congress, some can be an EO. I think also some are tied to treaties. I would imagine that even the delusional power crazed boy king would hesitate to EO sanction Israel. But then again who knows? He’s happy as a pig in sh*t right now.


          2. I’ve been all over the net and have not seen one reaction from the Dems. grace, I posted the link you provided to my FB page with the same question.

          3. You would think so, but maybe because this is just being mooted about for the time being, none of the Democrats has responded yet.

    2. Julie, I didn’t ignore your question. I didn’t find a clear answer. We both know that any POTUS can declare war w/o congressional approval. I think that’s for 90 days and then he has to ask “nicely”. The WH removed sanctions from Iran w/o congressional approval. I can only conclude that he can declare sanctions or at least this one believes he can. The fall-out would be monumental and I am curious if he is more than willing to throw all the Dems under the bus into the 2016 election.

      1. I agree that he would be most willing to go it alone, but I don’t know how it would play out for him. One day there will come a breaking point.

    1. i won’t believe Landrieu loses until all the votes are counted. I don’t trust the Dems — now more than ever I do not trust them or her.

        1. Candy is retiring? I won’t miss her. She’s another one responsible for Obama winning the election. She must be so proud of that! I bet she is.

        1. Nah, she’s behind 20 points. She really broke her pick with the voters when all-of-a-sudden, ta-da, she started pressing the Senate to pass a Keystone bill. I never saw a better display of hypocrisy.

  11. Anyone who paid attention during the 2008 election knew what he was, and who he was.

    But, I’ll grant some latitude to those who listened to the networks.

    As for 2012, they’re shit-out-of luck in my book.

    Anyone who voted for him in 2012 is responsible for this mess.

    A pox on you and your house. You have helped destroy this nation.

    Happy now?

      1. Did you read this? Were you aware of this? Did you know of his sympathies? Did you know he was hostile toward Israel? Did you just not care?

        1. I voted for Sarah and Mitt…just to cancel this fool out. And why would you need a sound at sunset when you have that view.
          He needs to be dragged out of our House.

  12. I was reading the Huffington Press (Spain) last evening and the news about the construction of new homes. I made a nasty comment about the article, as if the Palestinians are angels and how come don’t they report when innocent citizens are killed.

  13. Enough with this pig in s… in the White House. Get him the F out already, he is a sadistic SOB. He throws out stuff to the media everyday to get attention Today its Israel, tomorrow something else. He’s nothing but a clever POS with a low I.Q.

      1. I know Star, not classy at all. I was just so mad about Israel and Obama once again showing his anti-semitic feelings and lack of common sense about Israel, a tiny country the size of New Jersey, just trying to exist. Sometimes I wish that Israel was somewhere else instead of living next to killers still living in the Stone Age. I know one thing, if the Palestinians had been nice to Israel and weren’t killers that can’t be trusted, Israel would have given them the world, anything they wanted. Israel and Clinton gave the Palestinians the chance to have 95% of what they wanted but Arafat turned them down, you know why, because the Palestinians, all they want is death to Israel, they are so dumb, instead of having a nice state that they could have had long ago. Dumb and dumber is a big part of the Middle East.

  14. This is not the only ally Obama has down over recently. During the G20 in Oz Obama went out of his way and demanded at min notice to make a speech to young folks. The OZ govt asked for a copy of his speech prior , Obama refused. As background the OZ govt was recently elected on a mandate of canceling a carbon tax scheme brought in by prior govt and the Oz PM had made a pointed fact of the G20 being about jobs and the economy he did not want any climate chang eon the table. What was Obama’s speech about, yup you guessed it and in it he dissed the Oz PM and giovt big time. The bros sheets down here were aghast that such a strong ally of the US and great human cost in tropsp deaths and moneys pent was disse din their own back yard. Why, because Obama is linig up his post emperor role as climate change and civil rights spoeksperson and focal point, so his dissing of is real is awful but not out of character at all. Diplomatic fences take time to heal, ask the UK govt when Obama did not send anyone to thatchers funeral but sent 5 people to fergusion funeral

  15. Gee, what a shock that Dictator Obama is once again going after Israel. The anti-Semite runs deep in this Dark Lord. Why do Jews keep voting for a president and a political party that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and is run by rabid anti-Semites. A total mystery to me.

  16. Good for you, Keith. Possibly your best work so far. I love the heartfelt emotion in this piece. It is time we stand for truth and you have done that with your words.
    As we southerners say when we are in complete agreement, “Amen!”

    1. Maybe not as OT as you think. I read somewhere this last week that no one in the royal family has ever made an official trip to Israel. I think one them, Prince Charles?, went to a funeral, but that’s all.

        1. I saw that as well. I didn’t know that before and I found it interesting — why have they not gone? I don’t have a thing for the “Royals” but my opinion of the Queen and her offspring went down a notch with that one.

          1. I don’t know. The Grand Duchess Elizaveta Romanova was great aunt to both Philip and Elizabeth. For many years her remains were in the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Jerusalem near the Garden of Olives. (Now she is in St. Petersberg and is a canonized saint.) She was especially close to Philip’s side of the family as his mother Alice became an Orthodox nun herself inspired by the Grand Duchess’s example. You would have thought they would have visited Jerusalem if only for that reason. The royal family is a mixed bag in their attitude towards the Jews. Philip’s mother hid Jews in her apartment in Athens during WWII and is honored by the Israelis with the same title Schindler received. I forget what it is, but maybe someone here knows.

          2. You are right — mixed bag. And, if I remember correctly but not specifically, there were a fair number of the upper crust of the British elite enamored with the Nazis.

            Today, I would expect more from William and Harry.

          3. Do not forget the very bad relations between the first European Jewish immigrants to Palestine that was being administered by the British military as a U.N. protectorate after WWII. People on both sides were imprisoned and killed. I wonder if the U.K. still holds this against Israel? Perhaps the growing and significant Muslim population and their accompanying disaffected radical threat there is a factor in the U.K’s snub. Why send the Royals to Israel when there is so little to gain, and so much peace to lose, they might think. What a pity!

  17. I recall that when John Kerry became Sec. of State his number one priority was to made a peace treaty between Palestine and Israel. There was no news about ISIS. Working on solving the problems with Iran and ISIS should take all the time and effort of the WH. Israel is not the problem. I see no peace over there until Palestine stops shoving AK 47s in the hands of the 6 year old boys and tell them to go kill a Jew. Obama has a history of ignoring the real problems.

  18. Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, a York County, Va., resident who worked at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia, was indicted on two counts of attempted exportation of defense articles and technical data, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Dana J. Boente.

    How did this happen? How did he get a security clearance? Political correctness is how. Not a citizen either. Pretty outrageous.

    1. When you asked How did this happen?, I thought you meant how he could he ever been indicted under this administration. : – )) Not to worry–he will probably get off.

      1. How did this happen was entirely sarcastic. It’s kind of a miracle he didn’t succeed.

        If we did a housecleaning — we would find a lot of people in the military and in the government who are dedicated to doing harm.

        1. Whatever vetting was done of Barack Obama has been buried deep. But it is there somewhere and whoever uncovers it should be given a medal and hero status.

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