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Economy Adds 321,000 Jobs in November

The U.S. economy added 321,000 jobs in November, a robust pace that makes the number of new jobs created this year the highest since 1999, the Labor Department reported this morning.

The numbers for the last two months were also revised upward, showing employers added 243,000 in October instead of the 214,000 previously stated and 271,000 in September as opposed to 256,000.

The unemployment rate remained at 5.8 percent.

The White House immediately seized on the report to try to undermine conservatives who may move to shut down the government.

“Job growth in November was strong, and the economy has now already added more jobs in 2014 than in any full calendar year since the late 1990s.,” said White House Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Jason Furman. “To create an environment in which this progress can continue, it is critical that Congress take the basic steps needed to fund the government and avoid creating disruptive and counterproductive fiscal uncertainty.”

11 thoughts on “Economy Adds 321,000 Jobs in November”

  1. I just don’t trust any government anymore, but especially the Obama administration. Anything coming out of their mouths is outright lies.
    i personally think they are p/t 20hr a week jobs.They of course forgot to mention that part of the growth is Christmas help that was hired in November.After Christmast most will then be laid off
    We are pretty sure Sears/Kmart Aeropostle, will, close soon and JCPenny is on bubble too;

    1. Yep. This is certainly anecdotal, but we’ve been DEAD at work (I’m a bartender/waitress) and the stores have been empty.

      Not normal December behavior. i don’t know if people are afraid to go out due to riots/protestors?

      1. I operate 3 restaurants in Texas and I concur on the “dead” stores right now. We are not seeing holiday crowds at all this year. Seems to me that the high cost of daily living is showing in this years Christmas forecast. I think Americans are budgeting hard for Christmas this year and it will have a ripple effect on other businesses that might normally be busy this time of year, so they will see business.
        As for the numbers, I just do not get it. Lots of folks I talk to have a hard time finding decent full time employment. I have not believed these numbers for years now, just does not ad up.
        What gets me is we have two more years of this clown and his minions and now we seem to have a GOP who is going to go back on all the promises they made to get elected. Ouch.

          1. Electricity goiing up almost 5%–my level payment already went up five bucks. SS going up 1.7%. I am sure more bogus enticements will fall off the cable system–increases there. Food is spendy. Hmmm…once again, something will give.

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