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Quote of the Day || December 5, 2014

“My reeducation campaign for police will include reading the collected works of Mao tse-Tung, albeit the condensed version.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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    • OT: Last night: Thousands of people block brooklyn bridge. Two hundred people arrested. Brought traffic to halt in much of manhatten. Rallied in Times Square. Did they have a PERMIT to block a major bridge, streets?

    • Last week the interstates were being blocked. I recall their were doctors and nurses screaming because they could not get to work due to ALL the people protesting on the INTERSTATE.
      Why hasn’t anyone told them to keep of major roadways?

      • IIRC, that was in Los Angeles, and the cops quickly got them off the road.

        I’m kinda’ surprised Di Blasio allowed the police to make arrests after he threw them under the bus the other night.

          • The bottom line if you had thousands of let say, robots, resisting arrest, confronting them, etc. etc. their will be some type of issue someone getting hurt. End of story.
            There was an American woman stabbed to death, by a maniac the other day, he didn’t make a peep word about that.

  1. OT: I just watched a video of the hostage family. Mr. Summer’s brother and mom pleading for his safe return home. They made a point that he was a jounalist. The MSM has not made much to do about this. Instead everyone protesting like yester years.
    Same time there is another article regarding Germany jails Islamic State Jihadist. First trial of its kind in Germany. He will be jailed for 3 years and nine months for joining ISIS. (Mideast news)

    • I truly hope he is spared. I will pray for him and his family.

      I also hope that if this man is beheaded it does not interfere with golf or fundraising or it will go unnoticed by the boy king who will respond with words and not actions.

  2. I think a Reminder is in order vs a Re-Education . The Reminder needs to be given to Mayor DeBlasio and the youth that make up these crowds. They needed to reminded how horrible NY really was before they were born.

    The murder rate in NY City Averaged 2,000 murders annually from 1970 until 1994 When Mayor Giuliani’s policies kicked in the Murder and Major Crime rates dropped dramatically. Just last year, 648 people were murdered. That is 66% of the avg from 1970-1994.

    The Policies and the Police who enforced them have done a great job for NY. DeBlasio is going to NY what Obama has done to the nation. They need to learn the phrase “isolated incident” vs commenting “the way we go about policing in NY and our country needs to change”.

    Yea, let’s go back to the day of not enforcing certain laws vs. enforcing all the laws. Times Square of the 70’s was great with the drugs, porn stores and hookers. How stupid can they be………here are crime stats from NYC over the years….

    • Very good point. I drove up to N.Y. when I was 12 yrs old. I got to see all the famous sights. I wasn’t scared back than. However it was a totaly different place as you stated. I can remember riding the subway (which was a big deal for a 12 year old). However looking back as an adult you couldn’t pay me to ride the way it was back than.

      • One wonders if NYC would have been better off with that clown Anthony Weiner.
        De Blasio blew my mind with his revelation that he reminded his black son to be afraid of the police, those very people who drive the black son to school each day.
        He has no shame.
        I liked Bernie Kerik’s comments earlier about what he taught his son.

    • “before they were born” — history. Leftists, liberals, democrats, progressives and communists have no use for the history of NY.

      These people respond to the latest tweet call to action. And without a thought lay down in the middle of a road.

  3. Interesting little nugget about DeBlasio—he refuses to apply for a security clearance investigation to qualify him to receive classified information from the Feds. You know, like classified information on potential attacks on NYC. That kind of thing.

    In addition, the NYC Police department has the best urban police intelligence unit in the country, and he cannot have access to that high level intelligence, either. So he must be making great decisions based on classified information he cannot have access to read and hear..

    Weird, no?

    There’s one major reason (usually) a person refuses to undergo a background investigation to qualify for access to intelligence– you’ve got lots and lots and lots of stuff about your life you want to hide.

    Nuff said.

  4. I have an idea…send Officer Friendly (is he still around–or McGruff the Crime Dog) to schools and tell people that committing crimes and messing with the police may endanger their lives. What are the police supposed to do when someone resists (and mind you, I think many police are bullies)– just say, wow, too hard, let’s grab a doughnut..No! Once they commit, they are going to get ya!

    • The police in Chandler are bossy and full of themselves. Many, anyhow–the ones I have had to deal with. I told the kids when they were HS age to stay away from the police–that the police were paid to mess with them and held all the cards. Sure enough, we had harassment from the cops–our house was a gathering place. They came one nite for a “runaway”–two females–and when I let them in, they did not stand there, they roamed, opening drawers and cabinets. This infuriated me and I took the girl aside and said don’t talk to them, remain silent. I don’t know what happened. After that, if they lurked around, I would not let them in. I would very nicely say…”It’s OK, I can step out.” And I did. Eventually, they did get a warrant–long story–and I had to let them in. I also had horrible experiences with the police in DC. They are not all angels. But they are necessary with as many mean people as we have these days.