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Obama’s Unqualified Ambassadors

NBC picks up on the recently confirmed Obama ambassador to Hungary, who seems especially unqualified for the post, since her experience just involves making soap operas and making money.

President Obama, the apostle of Hope and Change is the worst offender when it comes to giving political cronies ambassadorships, notes Andrea Mitchell. Yes, Andrea Mitchell.

This piece leaves out Noah Mamet, a Democratic political consultant and fundraiser who was chosen as ambassador to Argentina despite not only never having been there, but not speaking Spanish.

No one else could do this job? Argentina is not a small nation. Are we really lacking in this country for people who speak Spanish?

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  1. An unqualified potus…and an unqualified ambassador. Makes perfect sense to me. Also thought about Malia. Isn’t she planning to enter the entertainment business as a producer…eventually? These Obama charlatans have been feathering their nest since Day One.

  2. Rewarding political contributors and supporters is and has always been part of the ambassador game.
    Sending the unqualified to a foreign post usually meant they were going to Luxemburg, or the Bahamas, not the big important or troubled countries.
    It more than likely that the Obama administration can’t find qualified (intelligent) people to fill any post now.
    Who wants to sign on to a sinking ship, anyway?

    • Maybe she can covertly produce glorious tributes to Obama, which the White House can then quote as overwhelming support from overseas. (It’s a well-worn technique for creating “sources” to quote as bona fides for people and products.)

      Surprising that NBC would actually question the intelligence of Obama, although since Jon Stewart first blessed the concept, it looks like it passed the acid test. If the Peacock feels it’s time to move on, any chance they’ll hire Sharyl Attkisson to do some real research? Like on the 1,400 ebola cases currently being followed here in the US of A.

      • Playrighter, you are spot on. The Korean Central News Agency does this all the time. Headlines like “Obama Praised by South African, Nigerian Organizations” and “Obama’s Ideological, Theoretical Exploits Lauded by Indonesian Political Figure” can’t be far behind.

        • Kinda like the White House with their “embedded journolists” at the NY Times or WaPo writing biased stories that Obama and Co. can then cite as “authorities”. And “studies” from the Center for American Progress (as in Progressives/Liberals) run by John Podesta, who actually moved into the White House. And somewhere there’s a fascinating list of people spinning in the revolving door between the WH and the media — which would include the wedding Obama recently attended for a staffer married to a talking head on MSNBC.

          • P.S.:
            Just got this nugget from OFA:

            “Even the House bill’s sponsor called it a “symbolic message” — ​but it’s hardly symbolic to the millions of families who could be torn apart by the bill they considered today. And it’s ​just one more thing they’ve done with the time they could be ​using to ​vot​e​ on comprehensive​ immigration reform.

            “Senator Ted Cruz talked about blocking the President’s executive and judicial nominations as punishment.

            “Another group of lawmakers proposed refusing ​​​to permanently extend tax credits for working families, in a move The New York Times described as “payback.” ”

            Gee: I wonder who suggested “payback” to the NYT…

          • Yes, you are referring to Sam Kass, the first family’s personal chef, dragged with them from Chicago, and frequent Obama golf buddy (although not so much since the wedding.) Sam is the one behind FLOTUS’ healthy eating initiatives which have re-crafted public school lunches. All the kids seem pretty enamored with the changes.

    • ok, so the president calls you and says “I’m nominating you to be ambasssador to Argentina.” what do you do? if it was me:

      -I would get a subscription to Rosetta Stone and start learning Spanish. (I suppose these people could just talk to their maids, gardeners, and nannies.)
      -I would read everything I possibly could about the country.
      -I would read books by some of their important authors, like Jorge Luis Borges.
      -I would book a flight immediately (remember, these people are all super-rich; that’s how they got to be ambassadors in the first place) and spend a couple weeks in Buenos Aires.
      -I would find out who the smart Argentine hands at State were, and meet with them and find out what’s going on politically.

      you get the picture. in other words, I would prepare for this honor the president was bestowing on me.

      what did these people do to prepare? apparently, nothing at all.

      like everyone else connected with Obama, they’re just not qualified to do their jobs.