As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, December 5, 2014

10:10 am || Announces his nominee for Secretary of Defense; Roosevelt Room
11:10 am || Meets with King Abdullah of Jordan
4:45 pm || Meets with newly elected governors

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

27 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, December 5, 2014

    • The racist Sharpton & his thugs must be busy in NYC with the chokehold case and now I heard there was a NYPD shooting case in Brooklyn that is under investigation…

  1. Obama is supposedly “mulling” over sanctions against Israel (Washington Free Beacon via Drudge). Is this something else that he thinks he can do by executive order?

    • Butt, it’s kind of reversed. White males have a harder time getting ino a college & getting a job. The white male is passed over and less competent people with ‘browner’ skin have the advantage now.

  2. I am reading that he is considering sanctioning Israel while stopping sanctions on Iran.
    The man is determined to destroy our best friend and assist our worst enemy.
    I am seething.

  3. I see where Obama is going to issue sanctions on Israel. I bet Bibi is counting the days, hours, minutes until Jan. 2017! He has things so screwed up with enemies and allies, I think he has no idea what he is doing. And where oh where is the outrage in the US Jewish community?

      • I posted the “mulling over sanctions” to my FB page. I was not the only one who saw the story and did the same. Elections will be held in Israel next Spring and my feeling is that the POS was doing some saber rattling in advance in order to make Netanyahu bleed votes. We all remember what he did to unseat Mubarak and Egypt had to deal with the Morsi/MB fanatics for a year. As a postscript to my comments, Egypt and Israel together discovered 83 new tunnels into the Sinai/Egypt from Gaza recently.

  4. And doggone it, we know that his consideration to employ sanctions on Israel and take away sanctions in Iran was NOT influenced by the band of Muslim Brotherhood (the mothership of the jihadists) goons he has brought into the White House to advise him on ME affairs. No siree bob. You’d be wrong to think that was the case. You might get an IRS investigation if you thought that was the case.

  5. Another black man shot in A Z let’s see he was selling drugs had a semi automatic gun ran from the officer and then was fighting with him its called self defence stop crying and respect the law