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The Obama Morning News || December 4, 2014

Obama on Garner: “We are not going to let up” . . . President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he and outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder are “not going to let up” in the effort to solve the problem of racial tensions that exists between law enforcement officers and minorities in communities nationwide. Holder announced a civil rights investigation, which has been underway for some time. CNN

States sue administration over immigration edict . . . A coalition of 17 U.S. states sued the Obama administration on Wednesday saying it acted illegally by issuing an executive order to ease the threat of deportation for millions of immigrants who are in the country without the proper documents. Reuters

As debt passes $18 trillion, WH claims victory . . . White House Press Secretary Earnest explained the federal deficit is now 2.8 percent of the economy, which he said demonstrated “significant, even historic progress” by the administration. The Blaze

Obama’s close friend Whitaker a “hostile witness” . . . Longtime Obama friend and Chicago crony Eric Whitaker has been stonewalling an investigation into a Chicago corruption case and has now been labeled a “hostile witness” by prosecutors. White House Dossier

New Gruber video could be most damaging of all . . . I know, another Jonathan Gruber video. That’s so yesterday, like Ebola, you’re thinking. But this one may be  worse than the derisive pomposity and shameless admissions of deception that marked Gruber’s previous performances. Because in the new video, Gruber provides stunning evidence favoring the side that is seeking to destroy Obamacare in a case headed to the Supreme Court. White House Dossier

DHS hiring spree to enforce immigration order . . . Department of Homeland Security officials wasted little time in ramping up for President Obama’s amnesty, posting 1,000 job openings the day after his announcement and announcing it already has space for hundreds of employees at a new location in Arlington, Virginia. Washington Times

White House decides to build a bigger fence . . . Now we’re making sense. The White House has settled on the most obvious solution to its security problem: Make it more difficult for people to jump over the barrier between the public and the president. White House Dossier

Obama, Hillary Clinton meet secretly . . . The Obama-Clinton meeting was not included on the president’s public schedule for Wednesday. Washington Examiner

White House may take Boehner’s deal . . . The White House isn’t ruling out the House Republicans’ government funding plan, removing a potential barrier to resolving a fight over funding the government before it runs out of money in eight days. Boehner wants a deal to keep most of the government going through September 2015 and the Department of Homeland Security for a shorter amount of time, a concession to appease conservatives. Politico

GOP to probe EPA paid leave scandal . . . Republican legislators, as they prepare for the incoming 114th Congress in January, are vowing to keep a wary eye on the Environmental Protection Agency and its practice of granting paid administrative leave to staffers involved in possible “serious misconduct,” lawmakers tell Fox News.

Four Republicans Hillary fears . . . Hillary Clinton allies are focusing on four potential Republican challengers for the White House: Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Scott Walker. Clinton World believes Paul has run the best “pre-campaign” of the group. The Hill

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  1. Ugh–am already sick of the Garner thing. I know that sounds rude, but I am. So many wrong tidbits have already entered the bloodstream..(1) “Homicide” means murder, (2) He was killed because he was black, (3) He died right there being choked, (4) This “proves” the grand jury step is bad, (5) It was really the fault of high cigarette taxes, (6) This and Ferguson prove the country’s police have it in for black people.. Did I leave any out. O’Reilly, Kelly and Van Susteren seem to have already sided against the police. “We need more information.” well, you may not get it. That is not how this works. As for the police, I can “speculate” that the officer might have had short-man syndrome and that guy was going down no matter what…

    1. Also–he did not die because he was selling single cigarettes…that is the new line. And his six kids and grandkids, etc. Off to the races again! He had 31 arrests–he knew this was against the law. Why not say aw, again? Pay the bail, cost of business. I don’t love the blame the victim stuff, but I am amazed at how fast wrong notions get cast in concrete. It’s so much easier, so people do it.

      1. I’m sick of it, too. After watching Fox News last night, I decided to turn everything off (I’ve watched no coverage at all today) …seems like one “crisis” after another with the never-ending analysis, misinformation and second guessing. Just need a break from it all.

  2. Meeting at the WhiteHouse:
    Barry – Ma-dame Secretary, wassup?
    Hillary – Don’t ‘ma-dame’ me, what’s with that crack about a ‘new car smell’? Do I need to remind you of all the ‘smells’ that I can expose out of this WhiteHouse?
    Barry – Let me be clear, I was just making a comment about the ‘new’ electees to Congress and not about the upcoming Presidential election candidates, so………
    Hillary – Who do you think you’re talking to, some of your flunkies at CNN or CBS? I know darn well you’re going to support that undocumented so-called Indian professor and kicking me to the curb before we get started isn’t going to be a good thing for you.
    Barry – uh. Oh, look, here comes Shelly.
    Barry – Sorry, but I have something important to do, so good luck and good bye Hill.

  3. Re. Garner —

    You know what happens when someone chokes you? You can’t breath. When they stop choking you then you breath again.

    He died in the ambulance. Not at the scene.

    Also no evidence it was in any way racial.

    Perhaps if Nanny State extreme NY did not make selling loose cigarettes a crime, none of this would have happened.

    So far, we are a nation of laws (with the exception of the ones boy king makes up or refuses to execute).

    The media would serve us better — by cutting back on the coverage. But if they persist, then it should be more “fair and balanced” and include all the senseless ruination of other people’s right to celebrate the holidays — destroyed and marred decorations, interruption of performances that result in crying children , shouting down choirs and singers. And it’s about time to start arresting people who block streets, highways and access.

    1. I saw Giuliani on some blabfest and he said the second a rock or anything is thrown that is the first arrest. No exceptions. Maybe that should extend to the second a vehicle cannot get through–what if another black person with heart trouble were in it–then what?

    2. I agree it was in no way racially motivated or a crime. But it was bad judgment on the part of the police. (Notice, police plural. Anyone of them could have slowed things down.) That said, I’m really sad about the decision because it will be lumped with–already is–with the Ferguson decision. They are two very different cases: Darren Wilson clearly felt his life was in jeopardy, but the police in NYC cannot claim that. Even Eric Holder knows that. I predict he goes for a civil rights charge in NY but will not in Ferguson. But in the whole scheme of things Ferguson will pay for what happened in NY.

      1. It’s all unfortunate. But there should be no compromise with the law — whether we think the decision good or bad — everything should be above board and done legally. If Holder wants to knock himself out with federal investigations so be it. But once we get to interpret whether a ruling is correct, incorrect, without evidence or even with evidence and respond to that ruling in an intrusive way by creating disorder in the streets (even peaceful disorder of blocking traffic etc) then we are goners. This is not about race, it is about undermining the rule of law and the authority of law enforcement on a local level.

        Yes, there are bad cops. And there are bad people. And there are bad laws. But once we step outside the civilized construct of the law then it’s over. Obama has already done this with his EOs and the law and the constitution — and it will continue throughout society with the use of regulations etc.

        1. I agree with your comment Gracepmc of undermining the rule of law on a local basis. As well the MSM. I usually mute the TV when I have had enough of an issue. I have moved to turning off the TV.

      1. Oh, yes–I saw them taking sides on Fox big time. As I said someplace. O’Reilly was all I am trying to be fair, but I am so troubled. The guy died the next day of a heart attack, they way I heard it–Bill said he died shortly after…now everyone thinks he was choked to death on the sidewalk…MoJoe–they asked “all their friends” and no one agreed with Rep Peter King that Garner had health issues they did not know about–Sharpton was on, too, but I fast forwarded, I just could not!

  4. Just so that I understand, Obama and Holder are going not going to give up on working on the racial problems and divisions that they have created? This ought to be good….let me go get some pop-corn.

    1. Holder and Obama will be there at every opportunity — bring down the authority of the local police, amp up the racial divide, and give Al his marching orders for the event.

      L’etat c’est moi.

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