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Obama to Announce Secretary of Defense Friday Morning

President Obama will unveil his choice for Secretary of Defense – reportedly former Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter – during a ceremony at the White House Friday morning, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced today.

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    • Consistent isn’t he ?
      Nominee has no military background whatsoever.
      The people that do have military experience are a threat to him.
      Those that do and do not agree with him are dismissed.

      Don’t know about you Spook,….but I am sick of the bully/puss that is ruining the finest military force in the world.

      • Roger that LS & AF.
        But I’m still encouraged by the young men and women that choose, in spite of Obama’s policies, they still choose to enlist or attend a US Military Academy.
        During this years Macy’s Parade, Oath’s of Enlistment were taken by young men and women into their chosen branch of service.
        Navy,Marines, Army, Air Force, etc.
        The parade stopped during the ceremonies.
        Not a rioter amoung them.
        God bless and watch over them.

          • My dad served in the Navy. Got out in 1959. He cooked in the kitchen. He liked that, because he was from N.O. We all like to cook! Do you know what the name is for cook, or is it just titled cook?

          • Well Lee, I served in the Air Force and we called it the chow hall.
            The Army called it the same.
            The Navy and the Marines call it mess hall.
            Some of the best food I ever ate came from the cooks that were there 24/7.
            (Of course it always tastes better when you’re hungry.)

          • Lee, when I was in cooks were called “Mess Management Specialists” (MS), but in the early 2000s they became “Culinary Specialist” (CS)… same job. All the new enlisted guys on the ship had to spend 90 days working in the galley doing all the dirty jobs (cleaning, washing pots, moving food, serving, being officer maids, etc.) Ir was called “mess cranking”. Some of the best times I had on my ship :-)

          • Thanks Vets. I agree chow hall (AF) was awesome food . I esp loved breakfast SOS was the absolute bomb (literally and figuratively haha) On a vet note, do any of you remember what HNWIC meant? LOL

          • I don’t know what HNWIC is.
            But on a really cold morning in Syracuse, NY with the snow up to your waist, the SOS was the go to stick to your ribs breakfast.
            I will never forget it.

          • Try it over scrambled eggs instead of toast – to die of bliss. Favorite comfort food to this day and I never served a minute in any military.

  1. I think Obama gives potential cabinet members a pre-announcement quiz that is one question long:

    If I say jump, will you vow to say how high?

    If the answer is yes, the person has the job.

  2. Ashton Carter’s acceptance of the nomination is kind of sad. He clearly has to check his self respect at the door. By all accounts a competent man. After some time as DefSec it will be objectively interesting to see what happens to this man.

    • “By all accounts a competent man.”
      Whose accounts ?
      May I inject another word here,..a compliant man.
      One that can be manipulated in any direction we see fit.

      • In 1972, Carter graduated from Abington High School in Abington, PA where he had been President of the Honor Society.

        Carter received bachelor’s degrees in physics and in medieval history from Yale University, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa in 1976. He received his doctorate in theoretical physics from the University of Oxford in 1979, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

        He was a physics instructor at Oxford, a postdoctoral fellow at Rockefeller University and MIT, and an experimental research associate at Brookhaven and Fermilab National Laboratories.

          • He’s an egghead who should be teaching college punks or doing physics stuff…

            Does Carter know: the TOE for a US Army Division? The composition of a US Navy CVW? What training a USAF Combat Controller goes thru? etc.

            -More important…does he even know what Im talking about?!

          • “BA in Physics and Medieval history”.
            ” Doctorate in therorical physics”, etc.
            Definitely impressive academic credentials.
            BUT, LS has asked the most important and relevant questions.
            TOE of Army Division? Thats a tough one LS.
            I’ll keep it simple. Has he or will he ever eat a MRE? Jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Fuel up a B1. You get the picture.

        • Oh my,…..I am not impressed.
          Stand on a tarmac in the heat and launch aircraft, or on the rolling deck of an aircraft carrier at night.
          Flight lines that are so cold that you can breath on a wrench and stick it to the side of an airplane.
          Slog through swamps in Vietnam with the enemy watching you ready to open fire at any time.
          Your boots are soaked and the bugs are driving you nuts but you cannot make any movement.

          College boys leading our Armed Forces.
          Some would never pass basic training in any of the branches.
          They think they know what is right.
          Education is one thing, but without wisdom and experience, it is useless.

          • I do agree with you AFVet. If he would have been there, done that, I would feel different as well.
            By the way AFVet in the Press Confrence, Josh mentioned that an attempt had been made to save the young man being held hostage, Mr. Luke Summers. Do you really think an attempt was made, or they are just saying that to pretend the are on top of things?

          • I didn’t hear the press conference Lee.
            Whether they tried to rescue Luke Summers, I have no idea.
            The propaganda that this regime puts out is to be taken with a grain of salt until someone enlightens us.

          • Tks. I do not think they should have announced the attempt. The maniacs, do not deserve to hear that.
            I do not have any experience of course in rescues, but I do know the less they know the better advantage you have. God Bless Summers and his family.

      • I still want to know why he left his last position.
        That is very important. It can’t be that he just wanted to take a break at that time. If he disagreed with Hagel all of the time. Trouble. If he disagreed with o all the time, than we are in trouble.
        Trouble that o will not listen to one common sense thing that he may advise.