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No, the Message of the Last Election Was Not to “Get Stuff Done”

In the days since Election Day, and during the coming weeks and months, the message from the White House has been and will be put forth endlessly as accepted wisdom, the lie repeated often enough until it becomes truth: that Americans voted for Congress and the White House to “work together.” That what they want is government action to solve their problems.

This assertion, which is not just wrong but disprovable, serves the White House purpose of quieting conservatives who are willing to muck up business as usual in order to scuttle or at least make a vigorous point about President Obama’s unconstitutional effort to legislate immigration law from the West Wing, among other unlawful acts. But it’s nonsense.

In his post-election post-mortem press conference, President Obama asserted:

What’s most important to the American people right now, the resounding message not just of this election, but basically the last several is: Get stuff done.

He said something similar just two days ago at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda:

The last few elections, the American people have sent Washington a pretty clear message:  Find areas where you agree, don’t let the areas where you disagree shut things down, work together and get the job done.

And yet, the exit polling done on behalf of a consortium of major news outlets shows quite the opposite.

Asked, “Which is closer to your view: Government should do more to solve problems or Government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals,” 54 percent chose the latter, while only 41 percent said they wanted government to do more.

Asked “How much of the time do you think you can trust the government in Washington to do what is right?” A resounding 20 percent – sarcasm intended – said Just about always or most of the time while 79 percent chose only some of the time or never.

Taken together, it’s obvious from these responses that the election was not a cry for help from the government, unless you assume some mass suppressed masochism under which voters want Obama and Congress to “work together” to inflict more harm.

Meanwhile, from the mushy middle, establishment Republicans will be warning their excitable comrades to the right that all their noise is going to further plunge the “Republican brand” into ruin and destroy the GOP’s 2016 election chances.

And where’s the evidence of that?

Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas, and Mike Lee, R-Utah, shut down the government in October 2013 over Obamacare. The next month, in purple Virginia, conservative firebrand Ken Cuccinelli came within two percentage points of being elected governor despite being outspent 2:1, and might have won had a Libertarian Party candidate not taken 6.5 percent of the vote. Northern Virginia, with its federal workforce, was particularly hard hit by the shutdown.

And, of course, a year later, Republicans swept into control of the Senate and expanded their majority in the House.

And yet, in the coming months, you will be told over and over again by the supposedly rational-thinking set in Washington that you’d better be down with more cooperation so we can get things done and prove Republicans can govern.

Don’t listen to it.

The lesson has not been that stands on principle hurt the Republican Party, even if unpopular as they are being conducted. Such stands actually help identify the Party as a meaningful, conservative, outfit that wants to get the government out of people’s lives. And that’s the “Republican brand” that will win national elections.

40 Responses to No, the Message of the Last Election Was Not to “Get Stuff Done”

  1. thanks for this, Keith. I scream at the TV every time someone says “The government shutdown REALLY HURT the Republicans.” how? would we have won more than 9 Senate seats if the shutdown hadn’t happened? please.

    • I agree with you rulierose, and thanks as well Keith. I am fed up with the “We better behave” move by the Repulicans.
      We have The List, we already know who has been misbehaving, and we need them to stand strong on behalf of every citizen.

    • Agree, 100%. It was a big lie that all of the MSM kept pushing, but the voters knew who closed the sidewalk at the Veteran’s Memorial, and all the rest.

  2. The message, if any, was to get things “undone”.
    Not one Repub ran with the slogan – Elect me then I’ll work with MrObama and his agenda.

  3. You bring up a very important topic, Keith: who controls the political narrative, the storyline, the description of reality aimed at the citizenry? Obama actually believes he and his people have the power to do so, and much of the MSM is so damn lazy and clueless that they empower Obama in setting the narrative. They just fold up, salute smartly and keep time with Obama’s music. Good for you for writing about this.

  4. When the Fed Gov’t shuts down, the employees are on ‘paid vacation’! WHY? That’s because they receive ‘back-pay’ for every day they are not at work when the Gov’t opens for business!*

    The private vendors and suppliers to the Fed buildings and offices are the citizens who are hurt the most!

    If ‘back-pay’ for not working were to be eliminated for ALL Fed employees, those employees, along with the rest of the American citizens who pay taxes for their salaries, would DEMAND that the bho WH Adm & Reid stop obstructing debate on solutions to protect the USA!
    *If that is incorrect, please correct that statement! jb

  5. Example of saying one thing and doing another: polling showed the public supported parts of the executive action on immigration (and wasn’t some of it in the bill the House wrote?) – so there was agreement between the Republicans and Obama on some points. If the mandate was to “get stuff done together” then why did he rush that executive action out? Why not wait for the new Congress and then do it together? ……..Yeah, don’t worry – I know the answer.

  6. PS Keith, I agree that the talking points from bho & Co are what the lame stream media will promote! Sadly, the Republican is best known for ‘snatching defeat from victory’…! jb

  7. Unfortunately no matter the elections — McConnell and Boehner have closed their ears and minds to standing firm. They want to be liked and stay in power and they will drag the Party down with them as Barack Obama grabs more and more power.

    The minute McConnell won, he stopped breathing conservative air and took big gulps of RINO. As long as they can stay in power, the nation will be in peril.

    • Additionally, we need to filter out the truth about Republicans, conservatives, independents as reported by the Obama ‘talking heads’ on all of the Soros-controlled left-leaning media outlets.

      Smearing of any and all leaders opposed to the bho agenda is ratcheting up and will be more intense up to Jan ’16. Then, the focus will be on stirring ‘disunity’ in Congress among the majority ranks, along with another ‘mis-info campaign’ on full throttle. Plus, hrc’s comments and moves are calculated to continue the ‘unrest and chaos’ among minorities! Her handlers are loyal and determined…!

      Be aware and do not be deceived. Write, phone, fax your Gov’t leaders for direct ‘clarification’ on an issue. Another power-grab that weakens citizens ‘free speech’ rights is in the works for Fed control of the Internet. ‘Net-neutrality’ is NOT neutral in any way.

  8. I am sick to death of the media, the protesters, and Sharpton, Obama and Holder and the disgraceful deBlasio.

    No law. No order. Obama Amin.

  9. In addition, Obama had blamed the Republicans in Congress for blocking legislation and for being a ‘do nothing Congress’. If the electorate wanted to send the message ‘you work together and get things done’, wouldn’t they have voted in DemoRats? What a bit of reverse logic!

    • I agree. We have at this time the two most inarticulate, spineless and buffoonish, sad sack Repub leaders in the last 100 years. This, at the very time when we need Bravehearts to crush Obama’s Marxist agenda.

  10. Might you be “associating” the shutdown with the Republican victories—did one really cause the other or can you say the shutdown did not anger people? I stand by what I have said–shutdown=harm to Republicans. For one thing, it is so bush league… Go back to authorization, appropriation, hearings on both bills by approprioate committees–responsible governing.

  11. The longer this fool remains in the oval office, the more damage is being done OUR country. WHY are they enabeling him to continue with this TREASON? Remove him, by force if neccessary, to a reserved room at Guantanimo. If nothing else, send him Back to his country of birth. We already know his presidency is illegal. He is a prime candidate for Exile. Get it done…