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Obama’s Close Friend Whitaker Termed a “Hostile Witness”

Longtime Obama friend and Chicago crony Eric Whitaker has been stonewalling an investigation into a Chicago corruption case and has now been labeled a “hostile witness” by prosecutors.

Whitaker served as director of the Illinois Department of Public Health from 2003 until 2007. He has not been charged with wrongdoing, but two of his aides have been linked to schemes to steal taxpayer money.

30 Responses to Obama’s Close Friend Whitaker Termed a “Hostile Witness”

  1. If Whitaker were a friend of Scott Walker, this would be a hair-on-fire national story. But Whitaker is just a close friend of the president of the United States. Meh. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Funny, if you start tallying up the millions stolen by aides of POTUS’ friend, the millions in taxes unpaid by Obama’s adviser, Sharpton… it really starts to add up to something.

    • Well said, Jed. The stench of corruption emitted from Chicago’s sewers added to the missing money, is beyond belief. As a former Chicagoan, it was always a joke to get anything done doing it, the honest way. Always someone’s palm to grease. It’s the Chicago way, even in DC.

    • Yep. A billon here, a billion there, pretty soon your talking serious money.
      Kickbacks, bribery and corruption are the very heart and soul of Illinois and Chicago politics.

      • Just as an example.
        Amer Ahmad, fled to Pakistan after pleading guilty and being sentenced to 15 years in Federal prison for a bribery and money laundering scheme while Ohio’s Deputy Treasurer.
        Ahmad, a personal friend of Rahm Emmanuel, was handpicked by Emmanuel to be Chicago’s City Comptroller. This in spite of the fact that Ahmad had been under Federal investigation for 5 months. When this made public, Emmanuel said “he didn’t know anything about the investigation”. Sound familiar? “I don’t know anything about that. Ahmad is currently in Pakistan awaiting extradition. Ahmad fled there using a forged Mexican passport and forged Pakistan visa.

  2. Watch U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon get a stern call from Eric Holder regarding this matter.

    Clearly, it’s unacceptable for a presidential buddy like Whitaker to be designated as a hostile witness.

  3. The current US Attorney must not be as pliable as Patrick Fitzgerald was during the Senate Seat for Sale fiasco when Obama first became President.

  4. This shady character even vacations with Obama in Hawaii and at Martha’s Vineyard…probably sleeps in the Lincoln bedroom when he is in Washington for golfing.
    If he were Mitch McConnell’s close friend the media would be all over it…just like the unknown aide to an unknown congressman as opposed to Jonathon Gruber.
    I also saw where a pro football player, African American, posted a picture of Malia Obama’s behind in tight jeans and a md-driff top on his social media.
    The behind is approaching that of her mother in size.
    Guess I will now go to moderation.

    • Star,
      I’m guessing the President will come out and say that he doesn’t really know this person. That’s he’s just an acquaintance of an acquaintance.

  5. If it’s a Democrat — closely allied to the boy king or other kingpins — it will never see the light of MSM day. And once again the media heads my list as aiders and abettors to Barack Obama and destroyers of the nation.