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Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 4, 2014

10:00 am || Recieves the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Delivers remarks at the Summit on College Opportunity; Washington
5:00 pm || Attends the National Christmas Tree Lighting; The Eillipse

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

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42 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 4, 2014

  1. I wonder if his merry mob of roving “protesters” will be there to ruin the National Christmas Lighting like they have been at other Christmas pageants — making children cry, shouting down singers and carolers, threatening to set the tree on fire.

    I sure hope so.

    • There will be a tree lighting ceremony on the Boston Common tonight as well.

      “Since 1971, Nova Scotia has given a Christmas tree to the people of the City of Boston in gratitude for their assistance and support following the Halifax Explosion in 1917.
      This tradition of giving has been in place for 43 years. The tradition is a way for Nova Scotia to express sincere thanks for the help they provided during a difficult time.”

      I hope that ceremony doesn’t get disrupted either.

      If interested, more info can be found here:

  2. Never have I seen such incitement to disorder by the deliberate distancing of the President from the outcome of natural justice. Just what is so wrong with a grand jury’s outcome, either you as president accept them or wade into EVERY jury verdict you disagree with, whilst also encouraging others to riot. That appears to be what obama is doing, The zimmerman case, now the ferguson case and so it goes on. Meanwhile the president picks and choses which laws he will follow and when any body with the authority to investigate those actions wades into those decisions, the President throws the weight of the DOJ to run interference on those investigations. If this were happening in China I’d be equally appalled. So much for Unity, together, yes we can, now more beltway politics, arching across the isle, not a president of clot but a preside for ALL the people. And when the music stopped to his celebrity Obama resorts to the Olc Chicago politician he is. Race is still and issue now because those who lead “discriminated minorities” benefit from the trappings of their position only if it remains an issue. If I were a person of color and had endured the lats 6 years of Pres Obama, do I feel the hope , dreams and promises have borne fruit for me in any way? No I would not.

    • Obama does not understand that the word Bully meant “awesome” when Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase Bully Pulpit. Obama uses his pulpit to actually be a “Bully”. This started when he chastised the SCOTUS ruling about corporate campaign law in a State of the Union Speech.

      I want to see how the Attorney General is appointed changed. Either they need to do a term limit like the head of FBI. The AG position has to stop being the Presidents Attorney. Look how quickly, he has called for investigations into Civil Rights in both the Brown and Garner Case. On the other hand, he has done nothing in the IRS case other than interfere and now defy a judges orders about 2500 Taxpayers personal information being shared with the WH. All these scandals by the Obama Administration and no Special Investigation or Prosecutor. Justice is no longer applied to all citizens we just cherry pick the laws that the AG wants to,prosecute and ignore the others.

    • You might want to check out what the Feds are doing about the members of the New Black Panther Party who plotted to kill Missouri officials and blow up the arch in St. Louis.

    • It’s like this: the assigned task of the Obama/Sharpton/Holder/ Farrakhan/DeBlasio racist cabal is to pose as firemen trying to put out the flames of “racist division”. At the same time, they happily throw as much gasoline on the fire as possible. That’s how that works.

  3. I see Barry’s daily schedule is getting back to the norm. The last two days was nearly full with speeches, lunches and ceremonial duties. I was a little worried this ‘torrid’ schedule might wear Barry out.

  4. couple of schedule predictions: fundraising and a beer summit in NYC. Nothing like locking up donors, protesters, and traffic all at once.

    • The issue of protesters blocking interstates is not being addressed as well. The issue of some type of permit to protest is not being addressed as well.

  5. OT: Hostage Luke Somers was caputed in Sept. 2013 in Yemen. The video showing the hostage state demands must be met, or he will be killed.
    This was published 12-3-14. I did not hear a word on the TV news.
    Of course I have turned off the news quite a bit in the last couple of days.

  6. OT: Just saw actors Wopart and Scneider from the Dukes of Hazzard series on Fox. It has been 35 years already since the series. They made a video ‘Duke the Halls’. They look great. Of course in 78′ I was usually busy picking out a dress to go dancing while that show was on. :)

  7. Obama will not pass the day without a comment on the white cop in NYC. Mayor Deblasio has already pronounced it racism and has told his own black son to live in fear.
    These people are setting race relations back more than fifty years.
    I resent Holder desecrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s church with his race baiting.

    • If I were a 1/2 purple and 1/2 pink P. I would have, would be doing my best to keep the harmony (bring back harmony). He has done nothing of the sort. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.
      All the 1/2 pink side of his family must feel left out.
      I would speak and be proud of both sides of my family.
      End of crap. We just had a fine American teacher attacked and stabbed by some maniac, dressed in full dark cover sheet, gown, rug, whatever that outfit is called. Everyone in America should stand together against that type of issue. Not to mention the American being threatened with death by maniacs overseas.

      • “We just had a fine American teacher attacked and stabbed by some maniac, dressed in full dark cover sheet, gown, rug, whatever that outfit is called.”

        It didn’t look like a burkha. Maybe a chador with a niqab?

        Whatever. Just another Muslim doing her religious duty to kill the infidel.

        • “I wanted to experience the Arab world and experience their culture and daily life,” she wrote on the teacher-recruiting site. “I am working in a very traditional neighborhood and it is very unique to learn and understand their culture.”

  8. Speaking of the devil, a few members of the Religion of Peace decided to attack Grozny. They took over a school, no doubt trying to replay Beslan. About nine jihadis are dead. Good riddance.

  9. I once took comfort in the ‘light’ schedule – then the calendar turned a day only to read that Madam Pantsuit dropped by the WH. Will we ever find out why? Stay tuned, something is in the works.