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The Obama Morning News || December 3, 2014

GOP divided on Boehner’s immigration response . . . House Republicans vowed Tuesday to confront President Obama’s temporary amnesty for illegal immigrants, but they continued to wrestle with how to do it, as conservatives balked at the GOP leadership’s plan to put off the fight until March.

Leaders were counting noses to see whether they had enough support for a three-pronged approach, which would include passing an omnibus spending bill to fund most of the government through the end of the fiscal year, while carving out funding for homeland security programs in a separate measure that would last until early next year, when Congress would revisit the amnesty controversy. Washington Times

New Black Panthers get DOJ kid gloves . . . The communist and racist New Black Panther Party plotted to bomb St. Louis’ Gateway Arch and assassinate local law enforcement officials, but the Justice Department so far has limited its prosecution of the group to an indictment of two members on minor gun charges. Washington Free Beacon

Docs showing WH getting IRS data withheld . . . An IRS watchdog is acknowledging that thousands of documents related to requests between the White House and the tax agency for unauthorized tax information exist — but says it must withhold them all due to privacy concerns. Fox News

National debt exceeds $18 trillion . . . The national debt has passed the $18 trillion mark, sparking renewed criticism Tuesday from Republicans and other fiscal conservatives over the soaring trajectory of government spending under President Obama. Fox News

Top Dem to Obama: Sanctions for Iran . . . Sen. Bob Menendez, the outgoing Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, says time has run out for negotiations to roll back Iran’s nuclear program. The New Jersey Democrat pledged to try to move a bill imposing new sanctions on Tehran as soon as possible. Washington Examiner

SecDHS: Border security a work in progress . . . “I recently issued a directive to better define out border metrics and how we should define border security,” Jeh Johnson told the House Homeland Security Committee. “That is a work in progress.” Washington Examiner

Jeb gets ready to battle the base . . . Jeb Bush is steeling for a fight with the GOP’s conservative base, signaling he will not bend from his centrist positions on immigration and Common Core education standards in 2016 — even if it costs him support with grassroots conservatives. The Hill

But is he one of them? . . . Admittedly, there are his heresies on Common Core and immigration, the two hottest-button issues of the day in that world—but that’s enough to make Jeb a moderate? Really? For those of us who covered Jeb’s two terms in Tallahassee, this is beyond mind-boggling. On issue after issue, Jeb’s track record in Florida pushed conservatism’s envelope to the breaking point. Politico

Could Rubio emerge? . . . The Florida senator is barely registering in polls, but he’s got the most potential of anyone in the crowded field. National Journal

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 3, 2014

  1. 10.6 trillion in debt when the boy king took office. 18 trillion now. The defense budget during this time has been cut by 50% so we know it’s not going there — despite a world in turmoil and ISIS cutting off heads.

    I don’t have a good understanding of funding but I would suggest that if the Republicans are in control of the Congress perhaps they could start restraining this national bleed.

    • All the more reason to get back to regular order the way the Founders intended.
      And stop the baseline budgeting immediately. Start with the amount appropriated last year and freeze it at that level until specific proposals and need for increases are justified.
      Budgets are presented and debated in their appropriate committees, then voted on by full House and passed onto Senate. Differences hammered out in conference with final bills sent on to Obama for signature or veto. Harry Reid has protected him from any tough decision for 6 years. Time for him to defend his left wing vetoes to the tens of millions of voters who in 2016 will decide whether to give him a 3rd term via electing another Democrat again or shut down the liberal agenda once and for all.

  2. If the Republicans don’t at least voice their opinion on executive action on immigration but give it their tacit approval for a few months now, it will become more difficult or impossible to reverse in March. What overreach you talking about? You signed away last December.

  3. Debt now $18 trillion (up 70 percent under Obama). No real surprise here considering Obama has never worked in a business in any capacity (community organizer and jr. senator doesn’t count as free market work experience). Tax revenues collected have been the highest in years, yet our deficit has increased – maybe because Obama has never submitted a federal budget and Congress keeps kicking the can down the road.

    Obamacare still does not have a back-end system in place and has cost the taxpayers dearly ….about $2.1 billion for the partially working enrollment system. The back end system still has not been developed and processing is being completed by hand. Another Obama and government opportunity for fraud and waste of our hard earned taxpayer money.

    Now I read that the government has been purchasing penis pumps through the Medicare program and has spent over a quarter of a billion dollars over the past decade on these pumps, many of them purchased fraudulently. Think about this…a quarter of a billion dollars and our veterans are not receiving the care they deserve.

    What do you think will go on with the purchase of lactation devices forced on the taxpayer in Obamacare? I suspect many of them will be purchased fraudulently courtesy of the taxpayer.

    Obamaphones are being purchased from an Obama crony and donor? Another opportunity for fraudulent behavior.

    Enough is enough. Congress should stop worrying about their own careers and start taking actions to eliminate fraud and balance the budget.

  4. Yesterday, my sister–Dem, Obama voter, would not even discuss the news for 6 yrs in any form–out of the blue asked me who would run. Not Hillary, she added–no no. In fact, she said it has to be a Republican (I almost fainted). We ran over everyone–and didn’t come up with anyone we loved..What if NO ONE RAN? Like No One Wanted to be SecDef. I am sort of kidding, but seriously…

  5. Here is a reprint of an AP article on Michael Brown’s step father.

    See the para. beginning “Brown, 18, who was black and unarmed…Wilson who is white ….Brown was trying to surrender.”

    This standard fare for AP. If there was justice in the United States, and that is a rapidly disappearing part of our legal system, AP and other such media who write like this should be charged with inciting to riot.

    AP, of course, is very open minded — they never have a comment section.