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The Latest Gruber Video Could be the Most Damaging of All

I know, another Jonathan Gruber video. That’s so yesterday, like Ebola, you’re thinking. But this one may be  worse than the derisive pomposity and shameless admissions of deception that marked Gruber’s previous performances.

Because in the new video, Gruber provides stunning evidence favoring the side that is seeking to destroy Obamacare in a case headed to the Supreme Court.

Here’s what he said in January 2012:

If you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits. But your citizens still pay the taxes that support this bill. So you’re essentially saying to your citizens, “you’re going to pay all the taxes to help all the other states in the country.”

Here’s why this is so important.

The Supreme Court agreed last month to hear arguments in a case that claims subsidies for people under Obamacare are only for people who, as spelled out in the law, use an exchange established by a state. The infamous federal exchange was really a backup mechanism that the law’s writers didn’t expect to be used because, you know, what state would refuse federal subsidies and fail to set up an exchange?

Thirty six, as it turned out. So as you can see, if people in these states can’t get subsidies because of a ruling by the Supreme Court, a central component of Obamacare falls apart, and possibly the law itself.

Nobody contests the language of the law. Liberals claim, though, that the “intent” of the Affordable Care Act was to cover everybody, so the law’s clear text is moot. But what Gruber, the central architect of the law – despite efforts by the administration and top Democrats to pretend he was merely making runs for  pizza and coffee – seems to be confirming is that, yes, this is what the law says, and this is the effect: You don’t set up a state exchange, your citizens don’t get subsidies.

The Court is expected to rule in the spring. It apparently is too late to include the video as evidence in the case. But the Justices, who are known to read newspapers and watch TV, may well be aware of this video, and influenced by its contest.

Here are Gruber’s remarks, followed by some good commentary by a panel on Fox.

38 thoughts on “The Latest Gruber Video Could be the Most Damaging of All”

    1. Silly laws,…that the people that impose them upon US are not affected by them.
      Silly laws that cost US millions of $ to comply to under penalty of law.
      Silly laws,……

  1. How interesting. The man nobody seems to remember is now on the news with all manner of disasterous comments meant to allow the innocent Dems that trusted the makers of the law to be outraged and promise to fix everything. How convienent, and so phony.

    Obamacare is a deal breaker, a sure loser for any Dem whose vote is on record, or who has some video of them praising the law. Now that the people have spoken, and the polls show that no majority likes or approves of this fiasco, they’ll be pointing out that they were, indeed, Gruber-ed and were tricked into voting for this mess.

    Being a suspicious person, it seems obvious to me that these damning videos were known and available to many, including the Repubs who must have chosen to let it fester until they can bring them out to slam the Dems in their reelection bids, or to just defeat any Dem who dares to praise Obamacare. It’s also possible that the Dems themselves have decided to throw MrGruber so far under the bus that he becomes the hated and devious destroyer of the US health care system.
    These videos did not just appear out of some dark video cave, they were out there, people knew what he was saying and he just kept saying it and digging on it. I smell a bunch of rats here.

    1. I understand it was a single citizen who dug in and found them.

      That said, Gruber was speaking — frequently — surely Dems and Republicans knew these were out there. Surely they were aware of the facts that have come out in these videos.

      Republicans refuse to fight — even when armed. And when not adequately armed, they do nothing to rearm or look for support. The conservative are the only ones in the Republican congress who are willing to stand up and fight. The RINOs knew and know what is going on and as long as they keep winning elections and hold in leadership positions it will be a slog to move on against the many abuses of power.

      1. Boehner and McConnell are both RINOs and I hope they are voted out of their positions.
        I want to see the leadership of both chambers to have the balls to stand up to the Obama regime, and bring it to it’s knees.
        That is the will of the people, that is why we put them there.
        This government shutdown should take place again if Obama runs this EO on immigration down America’s throat.
        Obama has them by the short hairs because they are wimps and he knows it.
        The republicans don’t want to get blamed for a government shutdown.

        Shut the damn government down and blame Obama for violating the Constitution.

        My first sentence is pertinent.
        I have no problem with the republican party being called ‘the party of NO’ for the next two years.
        There have not been enough ‘NO’s’.
        That is why the Country is 18 trillion in debt.

        1. Again–I advise be careful on this RINO stuff and wishing Boehner and McConnell out–knowing the culture and ways of the two houses is the work of a career–it is complicated—I say give them some time…This is finally what they wanted–a surplus of votes…let’s see what they do. And again, I cannot stress enough that in my opinion–Obama could SAY I am shutting down the govt and the people would blame it on the Republicans!

    1. I think all of Obama’s peeps have secret “branding” tattoos — kinda’ like cows or gang members. Just so everybody knows who you belong to.

      1. There’s a rumor that when you sign on to work for Obama, you have to have an “I ♥ Barry” tattoo on your shoulder. Will have to research that more.

        1. There’s also a rumor we all will have to have that tat on our asses. That will NOT juxtapose well with my “Don’t Tread On Me ” tat. Even if I turn the other cheek!

  2. We have men and woman who have/are risking their lives for this free Country. The Constitution comes in a small book. I would appreciate everyone in office all meeting same day, same time to read it out loud.

    1. Did anyone just listen to o. I am sorry. I had to mute it after 2 mins. He is not helping this issue. Let him try the job of a police person or military person.

  3. this is Chief Justice Roberts’ chance to fix his “supremely” bad mistake and drive a stake through the heart of Obamacare. he has to know how bad he screwed up, now that he knows what many of us always knew: Obamacare is a bad, bad idea (and sets a TERRIBLE precedent for Congress to control our behavior through the tax laws).

    btw, I have to say something about the Republican leadership:

    before the election I was imploring you-all and everyone else to please suck it up and vote for RINOs if need be. I said that because I knew we have to stick together in order to be able to stop Obama.

    so now I fully expect to see them grow a spine and start stopping Obama! they can’t wait until the new congress is sworn in; the funding runs out Dec. 11.

    the first thing they can do is PLEASE NOT invite him to give a SOTU speech. for all our sakes!

  4. i don’t think gruber is the kind of person that will fall on a sword for obama. this man is obama’s white twin. both think that they are above the law and know what’s best for us poor stupid people!!
    it’s gonna be entertaining and fun to watch!!!

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  6. What doesn’t seem to be discussed is that the wording was intentional so that the law would not be viewed as a federal takeover in order to gain votes by more moderate democrats. Had the law allowed federal subsidies, these senators would have had a hard time with their constituencies. In essence, this was a compromise to get votes. Obama clearly would have preferred a single federal exchange but then the law wouldn’t have passed.

    If the Supreme Court allows the federal exchange subsidies to stand due to the harm it would cause to enforce the law as written it will offer an incentive to all administrations to write laws to pass only to do whatever they please.

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  8. I wonder if the count of states which did not implement an exchange includes those that tried and failed such as Oregon’s expensive exchange that reportedly did not sign up a single client.

  9. I would pay money to be in the room when Gruber is interrogated under oath by Trey Gowdy next week. If the Republicans on that committee have a lick of sense they will each cede their time to Gowdy.

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  11. “Liberals claim, though, that the “intent” of the Affordable Care Act was to cover everybody, so the law’s clear text is moot.”

    That’s the whole liberal/left schtick. Facts don’t matter, the law doesn’t matter. Intent is everything.

  12. This man, Jonathan Gruber, is no relation to me and my navy service to our country during WWll aboard the PT-73 with my skipper – Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale. This charlatan has soiled the good name of “Gurber”.

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