As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || December 2, 2014

Obama Gitmo shutdown blocked . . . Obama’s plan to close the federal prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, hit a major snag Monday as lawmakers finalizing the annual defense policy bill rejected steps to shut down the facility. Fox News

Hill staffer resigns over Malia and Sasha comment . . . A staffer for a Republican congressman resigned Monday amid public outrage over disparaging comments she made last week about President Obama’s daughters, proving that there still may be some taboos in Washington’s ever more rancorous political culture. Washington Post

Holder has a plan to end racial profiling . . . Speaking at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta — the church where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. preached — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday that he will soon unveil long-planned Justice Department guidance aimed at ending racial profiling. Associated Press

Senate to OKs Obama fat cats for ambassadorships . . . Two of President Obama’s most controversial ambassador nominations are poised for any easy confirmation Tuesday after Democrats rallied behind them. Washington Examiner

EPA staffers linked to “alleged serious misconduct” . . .  Eight Environmental Protection Agency employees who racked up a total of more than ten years’ worth of paid “administrative leave” between 2011 and 2014 — valued at more than $1,096,000 — apparently did so because they were involved in “cases of alleged serious misconduct,” Fox News has learned. Fox News

HHS claims hospital safety strides . . . The number of patients who were injured or became ill during a hospital stay dropped 17 percent since the start of ObamaCare, saving about $12 billion in healthcare costs, according to new government data. Strides in patient safety saved the lives of about 50,000 patients. The Hill

Conservatives’ bill would block Obama order . . . House and Senate conservative lawmakers on Monday began circulating draft legislation that would attempt to block President Obama’s executive action to limit deportations and provide work permits and Social Security cards to some illegal immigrants. Washington Examiner

Paul to announce reelection bid . . . Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who is openly considering a presidential bid, said that while he was still “four to six months” away from making a decision about a White House run, “the one thing we’ve decided is that I’m definitely running for re-election.” Kentucky Herald-Leader

Portman won’t run for president . . . Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a Mitt Romney ally in 2012 who was exploring his own bid for president in 2016, says he has opted against a White House bid and will instead seek another Senate term. Politico

Jeb slams Obama immigration order . . . Hinting that a decision on his presidential ambitions is coming “in short order,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Monday condemned President Barack Obama’s recent immigration order for going “way beyond” what other presidents have done — including Bush’s own father. Associated Press

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 2, 2014

  1. Oh, please–any improvement in patient safety in hosps has nothing to do with Obamacare–and it’s mostly in Medicare anyhow and has been pursued for yrs. Yessir, I just fell off that there turnip truck, Mr Gruber.

    • I disagree, Star. I think the stats Are down due to Obamacare. I work in healthcare and I know for a fact that there are less patients being admitted to the hospital in general, thus the stats would Have to also be lower. Now that people have healthcare and high deductibles, etc, they can’t afford to go to the doctor or hospital.

          • I know. It’s such a racket, isn’t it. My mom was kept in the hospital for 2 days when she broke her shoulder because if they had only kept her overnight, Medicare would not cover cost of the nursing home she was transferred to, thus an unneeded extra day in the hospital.

  2. Keith, you are going to have to stop putting “have a nice day” on the Redline newsletter. Because everything in the first paragraph (like the headlines above) are bad, bad, bad,… unless you are being sarcastic about “have a nice day”, in which case it is appropriate!

  3. So he’s going to end racial profiling, is he now?………does that mean that Whites can no longer be called out for ‘racists’, or that Affirmative Action progams will be eliminated, the “Black” Congressional Caucus will be disbanded, that the NAACP will close it’s doors, that disparity quotas will be discarded for all hiring practices, and college admissions will be based on ability, not skin color?
    Ha, I say.
    Will MrHolder insist that MrObama dissolve his special program aimed at boys of “color”, will he insist that the US Census stop asking citizens for their ‘race’, will Obamacare no longer care what ethnic group one believes they belong?
    Double Ha, I say.

  4. I am all for anything the Republicans can do that will chip away at this monstrosity of run away executive power.

    And with each passing day the Democrats expose the whimpering little Obama ass kissers that they are.

  5. I just heard an African American man speaking on the radio. He is disgusted with this change issue. He is tired of all the stirrers coming out of the wood work. He said where were they when x amount of people shot in one city, x amount shot in another city, by African Ameircans. He said he has been stopped by a cop, but never confronted them. He said I am now good friends with the same cops. I apologize that i did not catch his name. It was either on Rush or Glen B.

  6. A comment I saw. I hope the Obama’s megalomania leads him to intolerable and devastating vetoes.
    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is warning that President Barack Obama would veto any spending bill that prohibits federal funds from being spent to enact Obamas executive amnesty. That means Obama is willing to shut down the government to preserve his executive amnesty.


  7. The fed demanding local and state police to wear cameras is unConstitutional, period. End of discussion.


    I suspect this is true. Anybody know?

    • I still do not appreciate the cameras on red lights. Hitler would have loved to have all the cameras all over the place. To top it off, on the police as well.