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Joe Biden Tries to Fool Me Into Giving Out Personal Information

Look what showed up in my inbox this afternoon.

Joe Biden

I’m like, what? Me? JOE, THANK YOU! I mean, I’ve been writing all this mean stuff about you and the president, and here you are, so magnanimously, calling me “great.”

But the Biden buttering up was just beginning. I double clicked:

Since we’re all spending some time this holiday season thinking about the things that make us grateful, I thought I’d go ahead and shoot you an email, Keith.

You’ve had my back. You’ve definitely had the President’s back. And it means a heck of a lot. But you don’t have to just take my word for it.

That’s right, I’ve had his back. And I’ve had the president’s back. And I’ve been digging a knife it for several years.

Something’s not right. What exactly does Joe want? I thought.

The President of the United States wants to send you a thank you card, Keith. Will you tell us where to send it?

Thank you, truly.


A thank you card? For me? THE PRESIDENT?? But I –

Wait a second. I get it. Joe has my email address. But he doesn’t have my home address. THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS TRYING TO TRICK ME INTO GIVING HIM MY PHYSICAL ADDRESS!

A sucker is born every minute. Joe knows it.

I clicked on the link:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.21.44 PM

Look at that. They do have my zip. But not my address. Actually, the zip code is wrong. So much for the vaunted Democratic turnout machine. It thinks I live in rural north-central Pennsylvania. Good luck trying to canvass me there!

Is this even legal? Using false pretenses to obtain someone’s address? Making believe that they like me – I assure you, they don’t – and that Obama wants to send me a card? Just to find out where they can direct mail me their propaganda and drag me out of bed on Election Day?

I’d say it’s at least sleazy, except this is the Obama openness White House, locus of hope and change, where sleazy business is so not what they’re about.

56 Responses to Joe Biden Tries to Fool Me Into Giving Out Personal Information

  1. It’s from Joe and Barry. Of course, it’s sleazy. Good luck trying to prove that it’s illegal. The law, to the extent that it even exists anymore, moves at a snail’s pace when it comes to the most transparent administration evah’

        • Don’t know but it is pretty standard fare for the left of all stripes. And increasingly (Darren Wilson most recently) reporters feel it is their duty to their leader to report personal information on those who dissent from the official point of view or disagree with Obama’s base.

          If we don’t start fighting back we will go the way of the Mensheviks.

        • I think I remember it being during: all the squat-happy glurge decided those evil capitalists needed to remember ‘how they use & abuse’ those they employ.

  2. This is OT but I think it is interesting in terms of how the MSM whores have abdictated their role and responsibility to the American public. Social Media may be awash with rumors and nuts, but it is increasingly the place to go to get news. Once again Sharyl Atkisson uncovers 1400 people in the US being monitored for Ebola. So, I suppose the Ebola Czar has been busy keeping them out of the public eye.

    • Thanks for the clip. I have kept away from the news for the last several days, due to the f. crud. For the last couple of weeks, I kept thinking how one day this was a major worry, than not to hear a word about it. I was grateful that it seemed to just go away.
      Now to find out there are 1400 people. We as citizens of this Country have the right to know the stat on each and every case.
      We still have people flying in from over there, don’t we?

    • Ya think maybe the Obama White House has some sway in what news we do and do not get (unless, of course, we pay attention to those “not real news” organizations that somehow cover the news the left doesn’t want covered)?

      Speaking of which, what are the odds that some Obama troops had a hand in milking the Ferguson mess for more than it was worth and making sure there were nationwide “protests” leading to the “need” for action by Holder and Obama?

      Community organizing — continental organizing. Not really that much of a stretch when you consider Obama’s reach (with support like his friends at Facebook and Google — who seems to have somehow avoided a heap of taxes).

  3. Actually Keith Joe wanted you to know he has this inside information on his cousins Nigerian uncles mother-in-laws good fortune having recently been awarded dividends on their investments in the gold mine venture. All Joe wants is for you to provide an account number to send the money to, so you can send it back.But for your efforts will let you keep some of the money. Maybe..Not to worry Keith, the scheme works just like the social security tax scheme. A solid idea not yet known to the thinkers and shakers of the taxpaying world…

  4. That’s hilarious.
    How stupid do they think we are ?
    They have offered you a palm branch to show that they are sincere in their never ending efforts to go across the aisle.
    That’s BS, and we all know it.
    Watch your back dude !

      • No disagreement here Spook.
        Although they continue to act as if they can put this BS over on us.
        The MSM continues to hammer it day in and day out, and the drones say that that must be the truth because they said so.

        The next congress had better put a leash on Obama.
        Whether they have the nuts to do it will be determined.

  5. I’ll bet you the farm they have swept every federal database there is and have “pivoted” the data offshore to be scrubbed and sorted for present and future use. Makes the Clinton FBI files scandal pale by comparison.

  6. It’s commonly permissible today to send a “card” via the e-mail service.
    Sooooo, there’s that.
    On a sober note, the question is why? Why do they want to know where you live, especially now. Joe and Barry won’t be on any ballots between now and 2016.
    I need to don my deerstalker hat and light up a pipe for this mystery.

    • Possibly slow scare tactic. Possible slow………..controll of each of us one click at a time. In other words if everyone excepts this routine, what is the next thing they invade?
      Picture a snake slithering though your computer.

      • “Snakes In A Computer”, another thriller movie directed by Valerie Jarrett and starring Barry Obama, as the confused techie who thinks he’s a computer genius.

        This exciting new film was written by Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr. a bongo player formerly known as Louis Eugene Wolcott and Jeremiah Wright, in his first comedic role as a demented veterinarian who discovers he is afraid of snakes and weasels.

        Learn what happens when a den of snakes is released by Lefty Progressives upon an unsuspecting public innocently typing at their computers. THRILLS! ACTION! SUSPENSE! Don’t miss it!

  7. You best change that address now. Reminds me of Brietbart…scary. Yet, I can’t believe that they don’t know exactly where you live with complete access to the FBI and the CIA – seems they would be able to find everyone – even Osama Bin Laden who was in a building in a completely different country.
    There is something else behind all of this. I’ll say one thing, you have quite a few witnesses if they try anything – Biden never was very smart.

  8. I think the dumbest vice president in the history of the U.S.A. is only trying to make you think he isn’t improperly getting his mailing list from the Federal Government.

  9. OT and because I am sick of the hypocrisy of the MSM making hay about Republican staffer’s comment on her private FB page about the Obama girls. See AOS and elsewhere for the extent the media including WAPO is blowing this out or proportion.

    In the meantime don’t hold your breath waiting for Cardinal’s Darnell Dockett posting and commenting on Malia’s ass to hit the MSM.

    The media is as responsible for the ruination of America as is Obama and this should never be forgotten.

  10. This used to be illegal, but after exhaustive research, a decision was made whereby the Executive Branch can indeed harass its’ citizenry for an exact physical address.

  11. is that verbatim, Keith? did Uncle Joe really say “heck” and “shoot you an email”? that’s pretty funny. whatever anonymous communications staffer wrote it did a great job mimicking Biden’s, uh, verbal tics.

    but this “won’t you tell us where to send your thank-you note” thing–is that legal? sounds fishy (or phishy) to me.

    OTOH…when you think about it, it’s kind of a brilliant way to qualify your prospects. the Obama regime is looking for hardcore supporters, and only an Obama voter would cheerfully give some email bot his home address.

  12. “That’s right, I’ve had his back. And I’ve had the president’s back. And I’ve been digging a knife it for several years.”

    Keith, has HHS or FBI or IRS shown up at your door yet? I think you just threatened someone.

    And I’m sure THEY have your home address…