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Holder Suggests Police Can Be an “Occupying Force”

Speaking about Ferguson to a largely African American audience at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder indicated police are sometimes an “occupying force” in black neighborhoods.

“Our police officers cannot be, and cannot be seen as, an occupying force disconnected to the communities that they serve,” Holder said.

Holder was speaking about steps the administration is taking to foster greater cooperation between police and minorities. He said he will announce in coming days new initiatives to counter racial profiling.

Nevertheless, he got heckled. His response helped swing the audience back in his corner.

“There will be a tendency on the part of some to condemn what we just saw, but we should not,” he said. “What we saw there was a genuine expression of concern and involvement. And it is through that level of involvement, that level of concern, and I hope a level of perseverance and commitment, that change ultimately will come. And so let me be clear, let me be clear, I ain’t mad atcha.”

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  1. I certainly hope that the “police” in every community is considered and “occupying force”.
    I expect our police to keep the peace, to assure our safety from evil-doers, and to answer our call when we need their help.
    How else can they do their job without being alert and on the ready if not by occupying and directing the citizens.

    If the City Fathers of Chicago allowed the police to be an “occupying force” in the solid Black communities, perhaps the killing fields that devastate so many families will be erased. If they collar evil-doers while keeping the peace and quiet, then they’re doing their job.
    We believe in laws, that’s what and who we are.
    If someone is arrested for violating those laws, then it’s not the fault of bad policing, but rather the result of our police doing their job.

    1. LOL!!!
      You mentioned Chicago and “black-on-black” violence.
      Something Obama and those racists Holder & Sharpton NEVER mention…

  2. BTW, I hope Star watched Morning Joe today and can relate her take on the interchange between Scarborough and Eugene Robinson. The left, particularly the black left, will just not let go of their attempt to portray the grand jury decision as erroneous. Robinson at one point said, “There is no evidence that his hands were never up and there are people who say they were.” They are banking on people believing whatever they want to believe. End of argument.

    1. Robinson is one of those that would state:
      “Well yes, but there are conflicting accounts in this case. On one hand the sky is blue but the transcript shows at least three grand jury witnesses testifying that the sky in their eyes is most definitely green so I refuse to accept your premise that the sky is blue.”
      The fact that someone like Robinson has a Pulitzer Prize says all you need to know about how unrelated to actual journalism said prize has become.

      1. I just can’t help contrasting the way the black community received the verdict on O.J. Simpson with their response to grand jury decision in Ferguson. It is not my intention to paint the entire black community with this brush, but I’ll go out on a limb and use the word my English teachers always advised against. MOST blacks do not care about the underlying issue or cause: if you’re black, no matter what a fellow black does, it is right. That’s a bizarre twist on Alexander Pope: “Whatever is, is right.”

          1. Don’t you think a side–people taking sides…
            Chris Rock., btw, came out and said we should own the actions of our ancestors…Mine were in Norway–but even if they weren’t, you should not visit the sins of the father on the son–you know what I mean, son or daughter. And there are plenty of past actions both sides (or views) could own!

        1. I was working for a well-known publishing company at the time of the OJ verdict (the first one), think Wall Street J…..

          The company set up a big screen in the employee cafeteria to broadcast the event. When the verdict was read, all of the blacks stood up and cheered loudly, while the whites sat in their chairs in disbelief.

          Take that for what you may.

      2. E.R. got his Pulitzer for a fawning series of tributes to Obama’s first presidential campaign. That’s the same Pulitzer that was awarded to a fashion writer whose noted body of work included a bashing of Dick Cheney for the outfit he wore to a foreign ceremony. That’s the same Pulitzer with a long line of liberal winners, and a rather conservative listing of those on the right.

        Like the Spoken Word Grammys, the Pulitzer is far too often an “attaboy” to those propping up the left and pooping on the right.

    2. I didn’t see the epidsode, but have heard over and over that, yes, his hands were ‘up’. I believe that he did have his hands up – but not “up in surrender”, It’s usual to have your hands up when charging at someone or something. MrBrown had his hands up when he assaulted the store owner after stealing some goods.
      The big issue is not the “hands up” but why they might have been up.
      No one has ever suggested that little MrBrown was surrendering to the policeman he had just assaulted.

      1. Ever watched a boxing match? Gee. Lookee at where those hands are.

        So next time a boxer is losing a match and fears his opponent firing off a finishing volley, will he yell “Hands up — don’t shoot!”?

      2. I had a suspect who I was chasing turn and put his hands up, but his hands were in fists and he was doing it to threaten me.

        Perfect PC to taze him, which I did.

        He actually thanked me afterwards for tazing him. He said it cleared his head.


    3. I watched–Robinson is an Oh-no for me. You know what he will say–Scarborough has staked out a position on this–that the grand jury has spoken and Brown was a LOT to blame–and Robinson would never ever admit to that… the hands up thing is a lie–Scarborough says it over and over.

  3. Then maybe all those “occupiers” need to just pull out and go home and let the “aggrieved” step in and to the work of providing their own security and safety.
    Every “solution” proposed by Holder/Obama/Sharpton has been to blame and restrict the police. The same police that put their lives on the line each and every day to protect the very aholes that cause them harm.
    I could be wrong but I have yet to hear ONE of this triad of victimhood stand up and tell “their” (their words not mine) people that robbing a store, then walking down the middle of the street, then mouthing back to the cop, then actually assaulting the cop, will most likely in the real world not result in a positive outcome for the person that is not the cop.
    It’s against the law to yell FIRE in a crowded theatre but evidently it’s just fine for this bunch to start fires all over the country for cheap political gain. Disgusting.

    1. And there’s no issue with NFL players (on the same team that didn’t want Limbaugh as an owner because he’s such a “racist”) playing “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” before a game (although similar gestures in the end zone could draw a flag). Then again, members of the CBC — including the ever dependable Sheila Jackson Lee — pulled the same stunt in Congress.

      BTW: All that evil militarization gear — didn’t the Obama administration provide that to these “occupied” cities?

      Holder says he’ll end racial profiling. A bigger issue could be the impression of racial profiling — despite all evidence to the contrary.

      1. Yes, the “militarization” of law enforcement may have started and continued under presidents before Obama, but he did dump leftover equipment from the real military he was downsizing onto home law enforcement. What about all the weaponry and ammunition his Homeland Security Department under Janet Napolitano and other departments bought up? It was probably intended to be used against law abiding citizenry.

    2. I say, only have a black police force, from the chief on down in Ferguson. Let them be the test case and see how things work out. We’ll see how quickly they become tired of the rabble-rousers and thugs. Wonder how the supporters would react to this?

      1. That experiment has already taken place in metro Detriot and New Orleans which has resulted in massive corruption, brutality, murder and/or conspiring to… so much for that idea…

      2. My son interviewed over thirty people last week for a couple of positions as police officers. I mentioned to him that they need to hire some more black officers. He heartily agreed and said if there was ever one who qualified, the job would be theirs, but the problem is – there are two tests to pass – an agility test and a written test. He said that none of them can pass “the” test. I didn’t ask which.

      1. A good book about this, Star, is “Gang Leader for a Day.” It’s an older book, but what the author describes doesn’t sound out of date. True, the gang leaders run the show and exact payment from everyone for “protection” from other neighborhood’s gangs.

        It’s an eye opening book.

  4. This is what communist and all those involved in destruction of a culture do. What is so hard to believe about “hands up” in a country where terrorism and beheadings are “workplace violence” and illegal aliens are “undocumented workers”. Where 26 year old people are “children” on their parents health insurance. Eventually the lie becomes the reality.

  5. Holder was speaking in front of a “largely African American” audience. I can’t help but wonder if he is going to give the same speech to any of the synagogues, mosques, temples, or “largely white American” audiences..

  6. About the federal government taking control over your local police departments (because this is what it is).

    “This time will be different,” Obama said. “Part of the reason this time will be different is because the president of the United States is deeply invested in making sure that this time is different.”

    Obama is deeply invested in becoming a dictator by force if necessary, not preferable, but if necessary.

  7. For six years, America has been held hostage by two professional race-baiters, Holder and Obama. I’m so sick of it! Most of the crimes in this country are committed by the 13 percenters (blacks)…AGAINST their own people! The small minority population of Af/Ams has remained at 13% for as long as I can remember. Is it any wonder? The males are either in prison or laying dead in the streets of Chicago.

    Michael Brown is just one example of Black ‘youts’ doing stupid stuff!
    Eric the Racist ought to be lecturing his community on ‘law and order’. Isn’t that his job?? Michael Brown should be the poster boy for bad behavior in the Black community. Blacks and racial profiling would not exist if there weren’t so many Michael Brown’s running around robbing convenience store clerks, looting, and burning down businesses.
    Instead, the chief law enforcer says: “I ain’t mad ‘atcha’! Incredible!

  8. Funny that the AG is giving speeches about government in a church of all places. Does not compute. Somebody call Mikey Weiner.

  9. heres the thing…police aren’t the bad guys, they do their jobs. jobs where they see the worst of society.death.drugs.hate and then on top of it they risk their lives to protect everyone; druggies, law abiding victims, drunks, thieves, haters and everything in between. these men and women need HELP! they need PTSD treatment, counseling, and yes good training and better pay. Where is the love from our society.

  10. There is something wrong with Eric Holder, something we don’t know about him or his history — or is he just an up-and-coming race baiter like Jesse and Al?

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