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Ashton Carter to be New Secretary of Defense

President Obama will nominate former Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to be Secretary of Defense, the Washington Post and other outlets reported.

According to the Post:

President Obama will nominate Ashton B. Carter, a physicist with long experience in national security circles and at the Pentagon, as his new secretary of defense, according to a person familiar with the decision.

If confirmed by the Senate, Carter would succeed Chuck Hagel, the former Nebraska senator who is being pushed aside by the White House after less than two years in the job.

“Great, very highly qualified,” said Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz), who will replace Levin as chairman next month, called Carter a “noncontroversial” choice.

Carter, 60, is little known outside Washington but is renowned for his intellect. A Rhodes scholar, he earned a doctorate in theoretical physics from Oxford University and holds degrees in physics and medieval history from Yale. A longtime faculty member at Harvard, he began lecturing at Stanford this fall.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today refused to confirm the reports, but he noted Carter has served “very, very ably” as Deputy Secretary of Defense, had received “strong bipartisan support” in the past and had a “detailed understanding” of how the Department of Defense works.

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40 Responses to Ashton Carter to be New Secretary of Defense

    • Was second to Panetta and then he resigned. Harvard. Will probably finish what Hagel was assigned to do — bare the defense budget down to the bone, continue to thin the ranks of competent senior officers, enforce politically correct positions. Not qualified in terms of any military experience. Will do exactly what Obama tells him to do. Egghead.

  1. PS I would like it if this Carter had the juice to get Obama to fight ISIS and act in the best interests of the country–time will tell. I also was not too worked up against that Lynch woman–let’s get these cabinet members in and run this joint! It is a little worrisome when a bunch of people don’t want to be Secy of Defense…

  2. It seems sad to me for such a highly qualified man to put himself in the position of being at the mercy of Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama and that emaciated chief of staff.
    He appears to now be highly respected. Will his career end on that note?

    • I would like to know why he stepped down from Deputy Defense Secretary.
      In the Washington Post article it states his relationship with Hagel was awkward whe he stepped down in 12/13. Carter didn’t give a specific reason. Just stated in his resignation letter that it was time to go.
      So two issues. Why exactly is Hagel leaving, and why did Carter leave in 12/13?

      • The article also stated that it was not released if o recommended him. HA. Does everyone think o studied this situation, or did “other” people tell him who will be the replacement?

          • I will tell you why I don’t think so and also why I don’t think all of the stupid things they do are thought out and really smart–and it’s because I cannot accept that these people are smarter than I am or many who come to this site. Pure ego–but I don’t buy it.

          • Because I think FCMABBHO is smart enough to transform this nation with his own ideas. Sure, he surrounds himself with like-minded people, but his doing so is his choice.

          • I think there is a plan to fundamentally transform this country. I believe Obama is the front man. I believe that Valerie Jarrett is required to prop him up because he is a weak weak man. And I believe there is an entire ring of collaborators who were either there in the beginning of Obama for President or who signed up later. I further believe that neither this President, Valerie Jarrett or any of those on the team like this country as it was founded and have a commitment to its destruction. Transformation just sounds so much less threatening.

          • and if you look at the quality of the junior staffers dragged in off the campaign its really disheartening — the State Department twins, the van driver Tommy Vietor.

            And btw I heard that Al Sharpton had a seat at the table dealing with national security. What’s that all about?

    • Doesn’t bother me. Anyone who accepts a position in this Administration leaves their self respect and their soul at the door. Choices.

        • I know nothing about him.
          There are very smart people that can be very naive & ‘out of it’.
          Education & ability can negate each other.
          But, I don’t know him, I do know some very smart, educated people that have used unleaded gas in a diesel Mercedes…

  3. At a glance….Carter has Bachelor’s degrees in Physics an Medeival History from Yale. Was dubbed an ‘uber-wonk’ by Gen. Dempsey.
    Has NEVER served in the Military.
    He championed a concept called ‘preventive defense’ in the 90’s.
    Its basic premise is that in the aftermath of the Cold War the U.S. could forestall major new security threats by using defense diplomacy — forging and strengthening security partnerships with China, Russia and others.

    Dunno….he sounds rather ‘yesterday’ to me, but who knows? Can’t imagine any Def Sec not taking orders from the mighty Val and her protoge. We shall see.

  4. Being a US Navy Vet who would do most anything to get an entry-level job in the US Govt (CIA, DOD, State etc.)…
    I LUV the fact that these political HACKS with NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE get to run & lead “US National Security”

    • Not sure if this Carter is a hack or a malleable placeholder bec no one else would take the job. He does sound like an “intellectual” or what this group thinks of as an intellectual.

  5. A big OT, I’m sorry, but why is the St. Louis Department refusing to look at the murder of Zemir Bejic as a hate crime? There was no robbery involved.