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Obama Slaps Cameras on 50,000 Cops

President Obama today proposed a $263 million initiative designed to increase trust between police departments and the communities they serve, including a $75 million matching program to help buy 50,000 cameras to be worn by cops, a move demanded by the parents of Michael Brown.

Why the parents of Michael Brown get to demand things after their son robbed a store and possibly tried to murder a policeman is beyond me. Welcome to America.

According to the White House:

The President also proposes a three-year $263 million investment package that will increase use of body-worn cameras, expand training for law enforcement agencies (LEAs), add more resources for police department reform, and multiply the number of cities where DOJ facilitates community and local LEA engagement.

As part of this initiative, a new Body Worn Camera Partnership Program would provide a 50 percent match to States/localities who purchase body worn cameras and requisite storage.  Overall, the proposed $75 million investment over three years could help purchase 50,000 body worn cameras. The initiative as a whole will help the federal government efforts to be a full partner with state and local LEAs in order to build and sustain trust between communities and those who serve and protect these communities.

How will putting cameras on law enforcement officers affect their ability to do their jobs? Will they hesitate in life or death situations?

I don’t know. I’m not sure anyone knows. All they know is that Michael Brown’s parents are demanding it.

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        1. X3, he didn’t live with his mother and her boyfriend he lived with his grandmother. The one they assaulted in the Wal Mart parking lot over t-shirt sales.

    1. I don’t know if it is irony/sweet justice/karma or something else….but I suspect that the result of all these cameras will be a 2-3% increase in cop service levels (measured somehow) but a 2000-3000% decrease in number of claims of police brutality/wrongdoing.

      The funding should be local — not federal — but it will certainly make it clear that the cops are not, in very large part, the problem.

      The Brown family has not, nor will not, accept responsibility for their son’s momentary or lifetime of stupidity.This is a way for the politicians to exploit them.

      Too bad the Brown kid did not hear my father’s immortal words “Stay out of trouble because if the cops catch you — that will be the least of your problems (cold parental stare).”

      1. And what happens when a camera malfunctions? What happens when a criminal goes to disable the camera and claims something else? Once you take away the belief that law enforcement is there to protect and serve then you have undermined the authority.

        Are there corrupt police and rogue cops and police brutality — yes. Are cameras the answer no.

        As for the Browns — if there was a camera perhaps there would not be any riots when it showed that their son charged the policeman and went for his gun. We have courts, and we have laws, and they are not perfect, but cameras are not the answer.

        1. Speaking of transparency…now that Michael Brown is no longer with us, is there any reason not to look at his criminal record? (I have read that it’s been sealed and contains some bad stuff).
          Then again, maybe he has no record. Either way, shouldn’t we be able to find out?

          1. If there are any negative records that get released it will be undoubtedly followed by “he was just starting to turn his life around”

        2. There are riots in defense of the indefensible….there is no belief by these people that there is a police force to protect and serve and as such there is no authority.

          Water cannons, et al would be the answer too but there exists not a backbone to do that — so the best thing to do is to show the stupidity of the American people (Gruberism) and have the cameras. Suddenly — the ‘racism’ will go away. The cameras will quickly be the defense of the cops and the damning evidence for the race-baiters and their clueless stooges– who may someday come to see the reality.

          Some more video like this will show you that the cop is not usually the problem. I googled something like ‘cop beaten at traffic stop’ and see what I found…,d.eXY

          This does not solve the problem of stupid people attacking police but it does reduce the number of incidents.

          Shine the light of day on the dumb-masses.

          1. Good points on a half-vast “solution” to a vast problem.

            Here’s another proposal (inspired by a caller to Medved who mentioned the rare instances of “police brutality” being blown out of proportion.) Let’s keep a running tally on “police brutality” vs instances of “The Knockout Game” (NOT a myth) and mobs of “youth” taking over stores.

            That real math might help with the real score.

          2. Having worked in Internal Affairs in a metro agency with 1,000 employees most complaints were false. A lot of our officers all ready wear voice recorders. As soon as you play the voice recording they start back peddling on the complaint…amazing how their memory comes back to them.

    1. The evil people who oppress people like those in Ferguson?

      Another question: Would such a camera on Darren Wilson have prevented the Ferguson uprising?

      And another: Is there ANYTHING that would be acceptable to some of the people protesting this cop doing his job?

  1. Way to go OblameBush, just throw more money out there (which we don’t have). I’m sure it all end up in The Greedy Dems pockets who support your destruction of America.

  2. Look who’s talking about ‘building trust’ in the communities! Why it’s the lawless, race-baiting, rabble-rousing community agitator who would love nothing more than to emasculate and disarm every cop in America. Except for those that put their lives on the line for his sorry rear end!

  3. What about money for the businesses that were looted, for the people whose property was destroyed, for the people who lost their jobs because Michael Brown was a thug and a criminal and died as a result of his own actions.

    1. yeah–I’m thinking cameras might be a good idea. we could have spared ourselves the grand jury and the riots, since a camera would have supported Wilson’s story. and then what would the looters and arsonists sorry I meant to say “peaceful protesters” have to complain about?

      1. ….and just maybe some father or some other person can show this sort of video to his 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 year old son and say “Do stupid stuff like attack a cop and this could happen SO THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU GET YOURSELF KILLED”

    2. I guarantee you it won’t make the slightest difference. They’ll twist anything that happens on camera to fit their narrative. They’re always looking for an excuse to riot and steal merchandise.

    3. These thugs probably “shopped” the stores before the riots to pick out what they wanted, and exactly where “their” merchandise was located.

  4. How is this local case of a justified shooting by a police officer any business of the Federal Government? Civil Rights issue my ass.

    So Dictator Obama wants to give cops body cameras using our taxpayer money? Just remember Federal Money always comes with control strings attached. Just look at the horrendous mess our public schools have become since they started getting on the federal money teat. Now the Federal Government has total control over the schools right down to what kind of food can be served to students. (All hail Queen Moochelle!)

    Classic communist tactics regarding this Furguson nonsense are being used by Dictator Obama and his fellow democrat party communists. Always use a crisis whether real or fake to exert more power over the American Citizen. This is all about Power.

    Demanded by the parents of Michael “Thug” Brown! The stepfather is a convicted felon, a member of the bloods, and was caught on camera inciting to riot. This mother of the year was arrested and is facing felony assault charges for beating the grandmother and cousin of Michael Brown with a metal pipe, stealing t shirts, and their money made from selling the tee shirts. Here’s my demand: Throw both of these criminals in jail where they belong for their crimes. This country is upside down.

    By the way the House had better not authorize any of the money for this despicable scam.

    1. GOP needs to play or get played…. authorize a few more million than asked for and make it with no strings attached….

      It is so sad to type that….but the reality is that the GOP must not be outsmarted here.

  5. I think it’s good all the nation’s attention and resources are on the underserved, put upon blacks of America who suffer so. Because there ain’t nuthin’ going on in the world that deserves our attention like a young man who died as a result of his own actions. And now the Obama Administration is doing what it does best — blame anybody but the person responsible.

  6. Here in Southern AZ, there are radio & TV commercials asking for donations to help the police dept buy body armor & for the FD to buy glass cutters & other firefighter essentials.
    Seems our county tax money goes to the county supervisors favorite charities & city tax money for water stations in the desert for illegal crossers.
    Honest. It’s crazy down here!

  7. I do not understand why these people are allowed to block highways, roads and sidewalks. All other protesters in the United States have to have permits and abide by public rules.

  8. I didn’t like the power grab the DOJ is making here.
    A camera worn on any part of a policeman’s uniform will become the bull’s eye for a gun or knife.

  9. And you just know when introduced in congress it will be known as the Michael Brown Law Enforcement Monitoring Hands Up Don’t Shoot Initiative

  10. How about we make Obama wear a body camera so we can see where he goes, who he talks to, what he says? While we’re at it, let’s require all Washington politicians, lobbyists, fund raisers, etc. wear a body cam so we can watch them sell the nation down the drain.

  11. We live in Albuquerque, NM. The police have had body cameras for years. Somehow when something big is going down, the cameras do not get turned on or they malfunction. The APD is now under federal supervision for its somewhat murderous behavior over the years. they shot and killed a lot of people. But no riots here.mCmaeras are not the answer. Better police training is.

  12. As a former beat cop, I have no problem with this. More cops should wear them. There was a recent case where a woman who was arrested for DUI decided that she would accuse the arresting officer of raping her. Imagine her surprise when the tape of their entire encounter was played to her.

    There might be a small minority of POs who won’t want to wear them, but they shouldn’t be cops.

    Obama and Brown’s parents are convinced that if Wilson had had a camera on, it would have revealed that he tortured a sobbing Michael as he begged for his life.

    Unfortunately for them, it usually reveals exactly what the officer says happened. Just as it would in the Brown case. There might be some inconsistencies or maybe the cop didn’t follow protocol EXACTLY, but only some ambulance chaser would really hone in on that.

    As far as a camera causing me to hesitate in use of force scenarios, that would be the last thing on my mind. I was in a few situations that came very close to lethal force and my training kicked in and I took care of business. It wasn’t pretty, but it was legal. I could care less if it was on tape.

  13. Probably after a couple years of reviewing the officers camera’s the proguessers will abandon the idea. Heavens we all see on video what we all know already. Law enforcement has a crappy duty trying to enforce the law. Working the streets with real people is not the same as writing a decree on paper. Eternal disconnect between the suits and the street.

  14. The hyperbole continues! Since it is so unclear what actually happens during these fatal shootings and there seems to be a complete lack of transparency with respect to the facts leading to and following such events, what reasonable person would object to a camera? If it can set the record straight, then we should use the device. With respect to the victim’s parent’s demanding the use of the camera’s, from my research they don’t own the camera companies selling/supplying the devices. So, the victim’s family has no vested economic interest in the use of camera’s. However, it was interesting to see who does.

  15. That step father who commanded the mob to burn down the town also turns out to have done at least on prison term. As Scarborough said, these people are not the ideal poster “folk” for this movement. I thought at the outset, they said Brown’s mom had also been in jail or prison, that could have been early days and wrong..

    1. So, let’s examine our thinking. A teen’s parent has been in jail; therefore, the teen should be killed because he back talked a police officer? I hope that you are kidding. Obviously if what the officer claimed was true, then he acted appropriately, but there appears to be a significant amount of testimony that shows otherwise. We should elevate our thoughts. Further, no “movement” is necessary. More psychological testing of individuals seeking to be law enforcement officers is necessary. Clearly too many white police officers are just inherently afraid of people that are black. This causes these fear ridden officers to act outside of what is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances. Perhaps people with such proclivities can better use any talents they may have in another field of endeavor. At least in a field where they will do less damage.

      1. Did you even listen to the prosecutor during his statement that the grand jury did not have enough evidence to try officer Wilson?
        Your thought process is similar to those in society who hate cops or any authority figure that gets in the way of their taking of what is not theirs for the taking.

        1. You clearly lack wisdom and discernment. I have the highest respect for all legitimate laws and you will never find me or anyone that I am responsible for disrespecting anyone, not to mention a law enforcement officer. This is not even a concept. You would like to categorize me so that you can feel comfortable wallowing in your ignorance, but you cannot and what you have stated is false and lacks truth and any validity whatsoever. I reject your hate and invite you to do the same. You do not have the capacity to think because you lack objectivity and a fairness. If you had any capacity for meaningful though, you would be able to comprehend what I wrote and understand exactly what it means. Your comments are not relevant to anything that I stated. You are not a positive force for America.

      2. “Clearly too many white police officers are just inherently afraid of people that are black”
        I do not lack wisdom or discernment.
        I believe you need to step off your stool & examine how your words actually reflect on your lack of wisdom.

          1. The cameras can be very small and they can be made to respond to specific voice command. Officer’s are already trained to say specific things to like “put your hands up”. This would be no different. I am not suggesting that it is a panacea, but it should have some impact on transparency problems. Ultimately, if white officers are going to patrol non-white areas, they really can’t be afraid of a person that is not white because the person is not white and they have to get better at discerning the type of threat that they are facing in a particular moment. That takes better education, training and, honestly, a non racist heart if they are going to police non white areas. I am not making any statements about the Ferguson Officer’s heart because I obviously don’t know him.

  16. There are as of 2006, 683,396 full time state, city, university and college, metropolitan and non-metropolitan county, and other law enforcement officers in the …


    1. There are already plenty of those companies in existence, currently supplying cameras and various other equipment to law enforcement agencies. Again, the people who will profit financially from that deal share no resemblance or relationship to the people that you mentioned or the black people of Ferguson for that matter. Unbelievable how quickly those deals got done. Now that’s a movement!

  17. Why do they need more cameras…..they have the camera in the convenience store. Shows what kind of model citizen LIL MIKE is. Sorry I forgot ….that is the one of LIL MIKE robbing/roughing up the clerk. The one Obumo/Holder have demanded not be shown.

    1. Well, there is a difference between what happened at the convenience store with the store owner and Michael Brown being killed. In America we do not impose the death penalty for stealing something. If we do, then we will need to take my son’s white classmates, who in a class discussion regaled in their various theft activities, and line them up and execute them. Not the right result for stupid behavior, I am sure you will admit. While those students are seen as paragons of society, which they are not, Michael Brown is deemed worthy of death because of his theft/thug behavior. This is just irrational and the world is seeing America as irrational. The poor store owner was just a casualty of unfortunate circumstances . Although, if it is one of those liquor and illegal drug stores in an economically challenged neighborhood, I am not sorry that it is no longer there. Maybe the owner of the store can use the insurance proceeds and find a better place to sell whatever was being sold there.

  18. What makes a dead gang-banger’s parents demands more important than mine? His father or stepfather should be arrested for inciting a riot with the comment he made about burning stuff down.

    I demand a lot of things of Obama…get rid of amnesty, stop giving my money to the welfare slackers; arrest, try, and convict Eric Holder; open up your personal papers and files. Do I see it happening because I demand it? Nope, ain’t gonna happen.

  19. There was a security camera that showed the thug abusing the store owner, but folks refuse to admit that Brown was a thug. The store owner no longer has a store because the mob destroyed it after the verdict was released. Why is all this his fault?
    Cameras on officers will not work. The ignorant public will see what they want to see so they can cause mayhem.

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