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The Obama Morning News || December 1, 2014

House GOP could address amnesty next week . . . The House Republican Conference will hold a closed meeting Tuesday morning when it returns from the Thanksgiving recess, and if there is consensus early in the week on a way to respond, a bill could come to the floor as early as Thursday, an aide said. Speaker John Boehner has several options: The leadership team is considering trying to pass a government funding bill that could target some immigration enforcement funding, or they might directly responding to the executive action in a standalone bill. Politico

Obama to focus on racist cops . . .  President Obama’s first move in December will be to focus the nation’s attention on complaints about racist cops in African-American communities. Obama has a Dec. 1 morning meeting with cabinet members to talk about federal programs that supply equipment to local police forces. He’ll also meet with “national civil rights leaders” in the Oval Office, and then meet with a large group of police, elected officials and “community and faith leaders” in a nearby auditorium. Daily Caller

Obama to force businesses to pay more overtime . . . Obama early next year will try to force employers to pay their workers more overtime by limiting which workers can be called managers. The administration in February is set to announce a proposed new rule under the Fair Labor Standards Act that would designate who is an “exempt employee” who cannot claim overtime for working more than 40 hours a week. Washington Examiner

Fight over immigrant Social Security benefits . . . The White House now acknowledges that many of the illegal immigrants spared from deportation under Obama’s sweeping executive action will become eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits once they reach retirement age. The conservative backlash has been swift and will certainly extend into a GOP Congress’ deliberations in 2015 over how to limit the reach of the president’s immigration blueprint. Washington Examiner

Despite Obamacare, Americans delay treatment . . . Despite a drop in the number of uninsured Americans under Obamacare, more put off medical treatment this year because they can’t afford it, according to new survey data. Washington Times

Woman who dinged Obama daughters apologizes . . . An aide to a Republican member of Congress had to apologize Saturday for a Facebook post critical of the first daughters during Obama’s Thanksgiving address earlier this week. Elizabeth Lauten wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post Friday that Malia and Sasha Obama, aged 16 and 13 respectively, should “try showing a little class” and described their outfits as more appropriate for “a spot at the bar.” Fox News

Study: Congress can halt amnesty with budget . . . Congress could use its power of the purse to halt President Obama’s executive action on immigration despite the president’s use of a fee-based agency to do most of the key work, the Capitol’s legal research team has concluded. Washington Times

Former Hillary pollster unsure about her prospects . . . Doug Schoen, former pollster for Bill and Hillary Clinton, isn’t certain Hillary Clinton could win the presidency in 2016. He doesn’t think his former boss has the “new car smell” that Obama last week said was needed for a Democratic candidate and notes she’s in a dead heat with Romney. Newsmax

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  1. From the accounts on different cable news programs, the rioting seems to be fizzeling out and has been co-opted by commie groups, radical anti-government individuals, and are succeeding only in irritating the general public. It appears that middle-class Blacks aren’t interested in street marching or being arrested to “honor” a Black thug who should have got back on the sidewalk when told to do so by a local policeman.

    The big meeting to discuss the program of awarding local police departments excess military equipment is a biggie. The original purpose of all this massive, lethal gear was supposed to be used to fight off the hordes of tea-party rioters (Whites) who were assumed to be ready to overthrow the government (the Dem controlled gov’t).
    Now that the big guns and heavy equipment were used to discourage Black rioters and looters, the racists in the WhiteHouse don’t think the program is such a good idea

  2. Glad you’re back i full form, Keith. It was getting a little weird without your presence ;+}. Couldn’t you hear the mod prisoners begging for water, food, a little heat?

  3. The do-nothing Congress finally arrives tomorrow (Tuesday) after spending weeks sitting on their duffs watching Obama on their flat screens while he systematically dismantles our immigration laws. By the time the new Congress is seated, it will all be over except for the shouting.
    There MUST have been SOMETHING they could have done to stop this thug, outside of ‘passing a bill’, since this was clearly a case of extortion: ‘Pass a Bill’…and the EO will be withdrawn. If this isn’t a criminal act, I give up! This is a de facto ‘amnesty’, and it will never be reversed. Try yanking 5M green cards from a mob of angry illegals.

  4. The only reason the lady who “dinged” the Obama girls became a story was the media got their facts wrong calling her an RNC Official. She’s just a Congressional staffer, big difference. It was a dumb thing to do on her part and nobody’s defending her, but I see she’s still being flogged in the media because….she works for a Republican. Geeesh, the media got another one wrong.

    1. She once was a media director for the Republican National Committee.

      I wonder what her next job will be because she’s quitting her job.

      1. Never mind. I did look it up.

        It is ridiculous that this woman is resigning.

        But she works for the GOP and this “I denounce myself” is in keeping with what the GOP has become. They win an election and I expect them to fold one after another in facing Obama.

        1. This wasn’t her first screw up with social media.

          In August she posted a tweet about “shagging” from Mr. Fincher’s official Twitter account.

          “God I love this song. And beach music. AND shagging #pandora,” Ms. Lauten tweeted in reference to an Embers playlist on Pandora radio.

          She later deleted the tweet and apologized for the accident, clarifying that “shagging” is a dance term, not a sexual reference.


          1. I don’t really care about Lauten. There have been far worse things said about Palin’s children and others. But truly — it’s a non issue for me.

            What is an issue is where are the police when these scum leftists protesters block highways and bridges and interfere with the normal course of peoples comings and goings. Why is a mother and child being harrassed in a Target store escorted out as opposed to the harrassers?

            I am not concerned that”we” will devolve to their level Julie, I am concerned that there will be any defense at all of anyone who is not black or illegal in the United States.

          2. She screwed up. Sure, the kids should have dressed a bit more formally, and Malia should not have crossed her arms and legs like that, but it’s bad form to go after kids no matter who their parents are. Some things are better left unsaid when you’re in a position such as hers.

  5. As far as the illegals getting SS and medicare benefits is just dandy to hear. sarc. There are thousands of people who lost their jobs do to o care. We are not going to be able to afford ocare speaking of just the American citizens. Is he trying to destroy this Country?
    I have said it before, If my father was doing this. I would be crying, pleading for him to stop.

  6. My husband says that HRC not only doesn’t have the new car smell, she has the 2 year old stale cheese sandwich one. Not nice to mention older ladies and smells in the same sentence anyway, and no matter the spin they try to put out there now, Obama succeeded in tying her to the smell remark. That’s how everyone is taking it.

  7. At his 3 Ferguson meetings today, will Obama acknowledge the death of a Bosnian-American at the hands of 3 African-American youths, because the victim was driving while white? I’ll wait with baited breath, Sarc.

    1. Absolutely he will not. I’m hoping one or more of the Fox programs tonight not only cover it but juxtapose it with the story on Obama’s meetings today.

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