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Ferguson and Obama’s No-Responsibility America

It’s easy to talk about the can-do American spirit. Everyone thinks of themselves as part of an America where people haul themselves up by their bootstraps, become self-made men and women, succeed despite the odds, and several other cliches.

What is being forgotten, in President Obama’s no-responsibility America, is that these things take really, really hard work, sacrifice, and risk. Obama is doing a splendid job of erasing the basic American spirit and character. He’s telling us, for example . . .

. . . to immigrate the easy way, the illegal way, and not go through the hoops necessary for legal immigration;

. . . that we don’t have to work for our health insurance. It will be provided by the gradually diminishing percentage of the population willing to work, through their tax dollars;

. . . that we don’t have to pay our debts, which are headed toward $18 trillion;

. . . that we can wallow on welfare as long as we please.

And so on.

Today, the message is being delivered again. Instead of a colloquy on how black communities can change so that the violence in their neighborhoods is reduced, Obama has several meetings devoted to the topic of how we can restrain police trying to restore order.

I believe racist policing is a problem. I believe it is next to nothing in comparison to the problem of the degradation of communities where three quarters of the babies are born out of wedlock and boys lack fathers and a cohesive family structure to put them on the right path. Racist policing is not where the president’s focus needs to be.

I empathize with law-abiding African America males who feel fear and whose first instinct is to be ready with the phrase, “I didn’t do anything” when they notice a white police officer looking at them. Who can’t catch a cab because the driver thinks they’re going to murder them.

The solution is not reeducation campaigns for taxi drivers. It has to come from within the black community.

Obama had a chance to lead on this issue. Instead, today, he is talking about what type of weaponry police have, discussing ways to build bridges between the communities and the police, and meeting with “young local and national civil rights leaders.”

I know a good way to build bridges between the police and the people who live on their beats. Give the police more time for their donuts and coffee, and less time making arrests.

National Review’s Rich Lowry Sunday practically caused a Meet the Press panel of Democrats to release the contents of their bowels with a simple, yet obvious statement about Ferguson: “If you look at the most credible evidence, the lessons are really basic: Don’t rob a convenience store, don’t fight a policeman when he stops you and try to take his gun, and when he tells at you to stop with his gun drawn, just stop.”

But that would mean taking responsibility for one’s actions.

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  1. Good for Rich Lowry! And since Lowry is associated with NRO, there is a great cartoon of the day there. A fine drawing of Michael Brown and underneath, The Person Responsible for the Death of Michael Brown.

  2. This is what we often get when a conservative tries to talk sense to a panel of liberals — and why conservatives tend to be outnumbered on these shows, often 4 to 1. This is what we get when we are led by an administration which keeps proclaiming: “I’m not responsible for my own actions.”

    Maybe Holder actually got it right. When it comes to race in this country, plenty of us actually are cowards.

    1. I didn’t see the program, but I’ve watched the vid a couple of times. I know we’re supposed to reason with people like Andrea Mitchell — who, by the way, I knew and worked with back in her Philadelphia days a thousand years ago — but they don’t “do” reason. It’s all emotion, reaction, knee-jerk response to whatever stimulus is put before them. It’s like knocking your head against a wall. God bless those like Lowry who continue trying to get through.

  3. Saw Lowry–and how they cut him dead saying that. Well, bad choice of words, but you see what I mean. Scarborough, as I have said several times, had a similar rant this AM. He said people agree with him off camera but are too chicken to say it on camera. Michael Brown paid a heavy price for his own bad behavior–yes, in some communities the police come down on blacks, yes, there are two Americas, etc–but in my experience, they are also bullies to white people. This president is no leader on this…he should put a sock in it.

    1. Star, I agree with you about some police being bullies no matter what skin colors either of you are sporting. The best solution is simply mind your business, don’t break the law and obey when a cop tells you to do something. If it comes to it, you can do your mouthing off in a court of law.

  4. MrK is dead on point with the message from MrObama, but it’s not directed at “us”, not for “us” middle-class, working Whites.
    His message is for those who want to rely on Uncle Sam to provide food, shelter, and everything else without actually having to get out of bed in the morning.

    1. As Marcus and I have discussed, this is reminiscent of the period of the late sixties/early seventies when the liberals went off the rails and the public cried out for some “law and order”.

    2. Yep, before even rising they have the bong loaded for the first hit of the day. Then they are ready for their afternoon nap while watching those daytime yak/talk TV shows.
      (My ex gave me this bad attitude towards the moochers, & he is a blue eyed white lazy moocher.)

  5. Kudos to Rich Lowry.

    As for Obama. He chose Al Sharpton to be his WH Representative on Race Relations. That says it all for me. The rest is just empty words.

    It does not suit Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, or Al Sharpton’s goals to have a genial America wherein we accept individual responsibility, the rule of law, meritocracy and hard work. For them to succeed there must be scapegoats and chaos and alot of people dependent upon the government for their existence.

    Barack Obama is destined to destructively transform this country. There is not an ounce of good will toward America in this man.

    1. And in South Saint Louis, a guy was surrounded by a crowd of teens, and when he got out of his car to drive them off, he was beaten to death with hammers.

      I’m guessing more “Justice for Michael Brown”, but I don’t have all the details. A police officer assured the angry crowd that the man was “not targeted because he was Bosnian”.

      1. Sadly, the Ferguson Chief of Police has chosen to be politically correct and has said that the incident had nothing to do with racism.

        1. Until Obama leaves office anyone who is attacked and is not black or a person of color or one of Obama’s chosen few it will not be deemed racism or hate. Race and Hate are the exclusive labels of the Obama Administration and all those who are afraid to speak out against them.

          1. Again sadly, Grace, this story will have no legs, butt the story of the Two Little Wons and how they were insulted is making great strides.

          2. Update: The same group of five “young men” who banged on the car of the guy they later killed had previously attacked another man with a hammer — he was able to fight them off and escape with non-mortal wounds.

            As for Obama, it looks like he’s figured out he can milk the Ferguson angst for all it’s worth (see today’s WH Schedule). Look for MSNBC to make this an ongoing priority.

    2. The POTUS has made it very clear for six years that he does NOT believe being proud Americans, being patriotic, respecting the laws of The Constitution by following that ‘Plan for Government’ are important attributes for him or for anybody!

      He has said in so many spoken/unspoken words (behavior/policies) that America and Americans are NOT exceptional and deserve no more respect than illegals or criminal illegals or any foreigners here or around the World!

      bho’s philosophy: ‘Reparations’ ($’s, etc., etc.) to be made by Americans to anybody or country he has convinced to identify themselves as VICTIMS in the USA and World. The far-left, progressive, social justice (communism) messages permeate our Nation with divisiveness as never before AND with bho’s plans to ‘fan the fires’ of discontent among the citizens! jb

    3. Bobble Head will be at the WH today. Obama’s choice of him is another example of Obama doubling down after the election instead of really seeking reconciliation between the races. He’s just saying In Your Face with the choice of Sharpton.

      1. bho & al ~ very scary duo! Can’t listen or watch either one without becoming overwhelmed with worry about the safety and well-being of all Americans here and elsewhere. Every American, now, wears a target ~ civilians, police, and military personnel!

        I am beyond sadness for our Nation. I am bordering on despair, because of bho’s arrogance, as you point out, and bho’s seemingly total disregard for finding meaningful solutions to unite Americans.

        Another example of ‘making the most’ out of a very bad situation he created!

  6. Anyone with half a brain cell can’t help but agree with Lowry’s remarks. Committing an act of violence against a cop is a form of suicide, regardless of the skin color. Officer Wilson fired a non-lethal shot and told Brown to get on the ground. But the stupid fool kept charging. He paid for it with his life. Case closed.

      1. Sorry to hear that. I’d help, but the last time I tried to help it all went south. So…..
        Word to the wise here: put some crackers or peanuts in your pocket when you post something. Y’never know.

        1. Good advice. And Girly1 — Marcus was there most recently looking for Cheetos. I did ask the Mod Jailer to replenish them. Guess we will have to bring our own as srdem65 suggests. Cosco Run.

          So, this is how it begins …Deprivation of cheetos for the incarcerated– inhumane treatment, torture per UN, violation of white civil rights — ooops, no white civil rights. And, of course, we are never advised of the charges brought against us when we are slammed into Mod Jail.

          1. Sage (still dreaming of turkey dressing) advice, srdem. Duly noted!
            And I do believe you are on to something, Grace! The Obama/Holder regime must be lurking around the Mod jail. I swear I left some COSTCO brie and crackers behind the bar.

          2. grace:

            “Cosco run”: Did you mean “Costco run”?

            COSCO is the national flag carrier of the People’s Republic of China, and has a 51% share (Stevedores have the 49%) of the Pier J part of the Port of Long Beach facilities in California.

  7. When the Black Racist ‘Leaders'(and the media) aren’t held responsible for their bad behavior and their vocal promotion of racism, their message is an invitation to those people who act irresponsible with a sense of entitlement to do so.

    5 Gold Stars for Rich Lowry !!

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  9. “I empathize with law-abiding African America males who feel fear and whose first instinct is to be ready with the phrase, “I didn’t do anything” when they notice a white police officer looking at them. Who can’t catch a cab because the driver thinks they’re going to murder them.”
    I wonder what it would be like if the media just did a news black-out on any Obama pontifications? Fantasy I know, but this endless reporting on the Ferguson mayhem and destruction that is being kept front and center in the news is just beyond ludicrous. This endless attempt to “solve problems in the black community” wihtout addressing the real causes of those problems is just irresponsible.
    It is amazing to me that despite the Grand Jury not finding the evidence to indict Darren Wilson for murder or even manslaughter, the Race Hustlers still want him to pay a penalty for acting in self-defense. That is also a very real problem that no one seems to be addressing.
    Black crime is very obviously out of control. Those problems need to be addressed by the black community itself. If the law abiding black community does not want to be a target for the police, then they need to hold their crime committing brethren accountable. But they don’t. They don’t want to be accused of being an Uncle Tom, or too white, or whatever kind of racist crap that will be thrown at them to try to humiliate or cow those who would stand up for decency.

    1. The reaction of Obama/Holder/Sharpton and the other similar pinheads to the Ferguson Grand Jury decision proves that they, at least, believe we are in a post-Constitutional, lawless era.

    2. Your comments lack accuracy, comprehension of a complex society and intellectual rigor. Further, you have revealed your desire to sociologically profile people who are black, which clearly indicates the existence of a depth of ignorance that proves a lack of evolution of the collective American spirit. I have no idea in what community you claim your identity, but be clear that handling crime on the front line is a dangerous job and one for well qualified police, ergo police departments and law enforcement agencies. I would have no problem curbing crime in any community, black or otherwise, because I would cut it out from the root without apology. The people making money off of the misery of poor communities are not black people. Be clear about this. The people who are making money have a vested interest in perpetuating an underclass and making sure that the ignorant paint the problem as a “black” issue so that they continue with the status quo. How utterly ridiculous, passe, overdone and disgusting! Oxygen and computer key strokes are terrible things to waste. America looks really stupid to the rest of the world right now, just stupid.

  10. I grew up in a town without ‘color’….. so I just realized that when I was a 15, 16, 17 year old kid hanging on the street corner with my buddies that the police officer stopping to see what we were up to were actually profiling me. In fact, I should not have followed the ‘Yessir’ training of my parents — I should have grabbed whatever was nearby and along with my buddies we should have beating the cop.

    What was I thinking?

    I was a victim of discrimination!

    1. I admit it. I might be flippant with this serious subject here by referencing this, but maybe if Brown had seen this video he might be alive today.

      What do they say? In every joke, there is a bit of truth. It’s not rocket science and not been a secret that if you act like Brown did, some serious consequences are coming down the pike.

  11. Exactly! Mike Brown effed up! The blame lies with Mike Brown. Brown had complete control of his destiny. The cop was just doing what copped are trained to do. How come Mike Brown didn’t know what cops are trained to do?

  12. Yes blacks tend to have an attitude , and one tried to bully me at a casino. He said I should let him cut in line. I said no and we had words, he was very insistent that I let him cut. My liberal friends literally ran from the confrontation.
    They have not treated me the same since then. Cowards!

    How many more days until we can be rid of these white house morons?

    1. That’s right! Stand up for your right to throw your money down the drain first. Apparently you and that black person were one in that moment. You both wanted to throw your money down the drain at a casino first. Seriously? Now that seems like a fight worth having. Something to stick up and sacrifice for. Honestly, if this is all we have, America is over.

  13. Keith,

    Should Obama condemn and denounce the direct Call to Action over the weekend from Louis Farrakhan, demanding the death of whites at the hands of blacks?

    I’m trying to imagine, were there were a similar demand for violence against blacks from a white leader, the Legacy Media accepting a white president who stood mute on the subject.

  14. In a sad and pathetic way, it is a brilliant tactic by Obama. Instead of being a lame duck, he is going to spend his last two years in office being what he truly is: activist-in-chief. Of course this will divide the country and well, push back race relations thirty years not too mention our enemies abroad will continue to gain strength while our domestic might falters but hey small price to pay right!!

    1. I agree that it will push back race relations thirty years and our enemies abroad will continue to gain strength, but I feel that by 2016 Obama will have united us and not in the least in the way he intended. 2014 has already given indications.

      1. One of the outcomes of the antics of The Anarchist in the White house is that the comfort level of politically-asleep people is slowly vanishing.

        Since the Obama years, lots of citizens have begun re-learning/learning the US Constitution, US History, how government operates, how to identify the enemies within our own government. (Hillsdale College has free online courses on all of these–very well done).

        People are waking up, taking little baby steps toward liberty, self reliance, becoming informed. I wish all these developments would have happened much earlier, and that even more people would have awakened, and that the Obama presidency would have never occurred. But we are where we are, and that’s the reality we have to work with.

        As mentioned above—free online Hillsdale courses you can sign up for:

  15. Lowry could have taken it up a notch by using Obama’s own words: “DON’T DO STUPID STUFF”!!! Isn’t this what it’s all about??

  16. Meeting must have gone swimmingly. The agitator-in-chief is asking Congress for $263 million for Ferguson. Why don’t they get the street agitators infecting the country to “out-source” it.

  17. According to Chuck Todd, whites who live in rural areas are racist. White country folk refuse to see racism in everything. And if blacks want to catch a cab or stop feeling like everyone sees them as suspicious, then they should pull up their pants, wear a belt, don’t act like thugs and raise their own children.

  18. From the AP, the latest spin from the Ferguson protesters…

    At the University of Missouri-St. Louis, not far from Ferguson, sophomore Amber Whitaker was among about 30 students who chanted “Hands up. Don’t shoot!” Whitaker, who is white, said the symbolism is what matters, not whether Brown literally had his hands in the air. “There are black men and women who are shot with their hands up,” Whitaker said. “There are black men and women who are shot unarmed. It may not apply exactly to Mike Brown, but it still happens.”

  19. Obama making yet another speech about Ferguson, police ineptness, etc. The usual. Can you imagine the result if he had put as much time in energy into the affairs of State as he has done on this topic? On second thought, maybe that wouldn’t be good, given his lifelong track record of constantly screwing everything up.

  20. And while we’re at it, Hillary is getting the Edwards treatment from (of all places) The National Enquirer. It’s the most well known rumor in Washington, of course.

    A friend of mine who was in the State Department was stationed at one of our African embassies a few years ago when Lady Hillary showed up with 80 of her friends and staff . Hillary was so drunk she could barely walk off the plane. She remained in such state for the entire two day visit there.


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  23. What I find perplexing is the intimation in your article that all black people are responsible for the behavior of all other black people. Are you responsible for all white people? If I suggested that you should go out and stop white people responsible for Americas drug societies you would immediately reject the concept as absurd and ridiculous. What makes you think that the average black person has any more relationship to some drug dealing, murderous, societal despot than the average white person has to mass shootings, cyber bullying, suicide, child molestation, child pornography, alcoholism, prescription drug abuse, KKK rallies, etc., etc., etc.. Shall I continue? I can if necessary, but I prefer not to continue. Since we are all here, it would be helpful if you could expand your mind to understand that people, including black people, are multidimensional and our communities and families are as well. There is not a single black community in the United States and I am very tired of the discussion continuing as if there is and I submit that this is one of the main problems with the police. They have no capacity to distinguish among people. It seems painfully obvious that if a white policeman is afraid of a person because the person is not white, they should not be able to become a policeman. There are tests to expose this. This is a problem and really speaks to a lack of intellectual capacity in this American society and stunted human development in our country. We really look very stupid to the world at this juncture. Who would want us to lead anyone anywhere. It is as if we can’t find our way out of a wet paper bag. Ridiculous!

  24. This post is so powerful on so many levels. Rich Lowry’s statements nail the issue. Any discussion need to start there. Unfortunately, the Jackson/Sharpton ilk are too busy using the issue to fundraise. And the president is horrifyingly absent from reality. What a waste.

    1. Agreed, but who gives those of that ilk credibility in their endeavors. think about it. Who or what goes to them and gives them media time? Who or what goes to them and props them up? who or what provides financial support to their endeavors? There are many with different opinions and perspectives, but they get no hearing from the highly controlled media. Meanwhile, the American population walks around in utter ignorance and a stubborn stupidity that makes one wonder what century we live in and forces a one by one recollection of the purpose and redeeming qualities of America, despite the overwhelming manifestations, or shall I say persistent infestations, of pure stupidity.

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