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Obama Schedule || Monday, December 1, 2014

10:00 am || Recieves the Presidential Daily Briefing
Noon || Meets with members of his Cabinet to discuss federal programs and funding that provide equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies
2:00 pm || Meets with young local and national civil rights leaders
2:50 pm || Meets with elected officials, community and faith leaders, along with law enforcement officials, to discuss strengthening trust between police and communities

All times Eastern unless otherwise noted
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

59 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, December 1, 2014

  1. These posturing meetings Obama is holding are a little undercut (sarc) by the story on Weasel Zippers from the AP and St. Louis TV station about a young Albanian man beaten to death with hammers by two unidentified youths. Race not given, no pics, but you can guess.

  2. Oh great — the Feds dictate local police policy. Why don’t the police just hand over their bullets to the mob. Nothing short of that will make Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton feel like justice has been done.

    Every law enforcement agency in the United States should be concerned. As should every citizen.

  3. I”d like to see a list of all these civil rights and other “leaders” that Obama will consult with. Assume Al Sharpton will preside at Obama’s right side.

    Race hustling at the highest levels.

  4. Oh dear, I almost forgot: Welcome back Keith!

    We emptied the bar, frig, destroyed the contents, stole TV’s, blocked traffic and demanded justice. Oh wait, that’s the news. OTOH, we were well-behaved, engaged in chit-chat, made our points, shared stories, recipes and engaged in civil discourse. ☺

  5. I wonder when the federal plan to “integrate” the suburbs with blacks and illegals will kick in with the Castro LaRaza brothers. About now seems right.

    • Why don’t we just cut to the chase & call this a meeting of black racists who will never see beyond their distorted vision and accept the grand jury (or any grand jury’s) decision to exonerate a “white” man for shooting one of their kind. Their blinding level of racism is so intense, they refuse to see any of the FACTS.
      And it is on full display for all to see. But lets not dare say a word about it or we will all be accused of being the haters THEY are actually are.
      Is this insanity or what?

      • All weekend–every show–incl Fox News Sunday which should have better taste–they relitigated this over and over. The man was held accountable–he entered the legal system–it’s over! But of course it will never be over. The lies have sprung into truth. Personally I can hardly bear any more blah blah from Obama or anyone else.

  6. What/Who faith leaders will be there? Will there be a leader from each and every different religion? While he is having the religious people there, he can explain all of his lies.

    • Will these groups discuss that bringing back disipline in school would be a great start? When I was in school, I knew my mom would not say, “You can’t fuss at my daughter”
      I knew that my mom would punish me as well, when she found out that I did not behave in school.

      • No, they won’t. In fact, there is a movement afoot that is trying to force schools to not suspend African-American kids if more of them get suspensions than other kids.

      • I don’t know if you saw this link Sadie posted yesterday. A family member of a man who was shot by a bystander during an armed robbery says that the bystander should have minded his own business because he wasn’t the one being robbed. (The robber had bonded out of jail following another, recent armed robbery).

    • In fact these groups should not even be assembled especially on a federal level. Nationalizing Ferguson is wrong. If MO had a state government worth a damn they would reassert their rights.

  7. The Ferguson story should be over, except the race baiters and the press who keep pushing it. Obama should focus on making sure people understand the Grand Jury system and respect our Justice system, not prolonging all this pain. Things are so very wrong right now, so very wrong indeed. We have a Community Organizer in Chief.

    • I have turned off the news many, many times in the last several weeks. The baiters should tell everyone that they have now moved into the highest crime area to show their love and support.

  8. “…strengthening trust between police and communities…”

    That’s rich, coming from the “man” who has undermined law enforcement at every turn, starting with his 2009 comment about the police acting “stupidly” in the arrest of Henry Gates.

  9. A man who won’t meet with Jan Brewer or Rick Perry to discuss border security but finds time to meet with Ferguson’s community leaders.

    Obama is a community organizer, not a national leader.

  10. On his morning radio show, Chris Plante is talking about schools forcing kids to create a “Michael Brown Memorial” in their classroom. And “Learning about Michael Brown” lessons. Looks like the Obama/Holder/Sharpton race racketeers have hit the jackpot with Ferguson.

  11. So if you are law-abiding, have a job that actually makes paying taxes worthwhile, do not depend on a government handout and mind your business… basically have no representation in this country. Good to know……

  12. Where is justice for the murdered Bosnian immigrant?????? Is his life worth less than a Hispanic immigrant????? What the hell is happening to this country?