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  1. Hosni Mubarak not charged with protest deaths.
    It is amazing how many people get off scott free.
    However when you have an expired breaktag, you are guilty, guilty. guilty.
    He doesn’t even have to do community service.

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  3. This is an excerpt from an article on the role of violence in revolutions. It is something we would do well to remember when considering Obama and his ilk.
    Please don’t doubt me here. These people study revolution, not governance. It is why they are so good at causing trouble and so bad at actually governing. This is why so many of us think they are incompetent: because we think they ran for office so they could govern. They didn’t! They ran for office so they could seize control of the institutions necessary to create the environment for violent revolution, then cause the unrest necessary to initiate it. That’s what these people study: destruction. They destroy in the name of peace and compassion, but make no mistake — they destroy all the same. Just have a look at Ferguson and you have all the evidence you need. Any President who truly wanted to do good would have taken this opportunity to sound like MLK or Lincoln, not Hitler or Wilson. Obama could have spoken true peace and used Ferguson to bring us together, but he chose to stoke the fires and fame the flames. Again, make no mistake: Obama knew what he was doing. All of these people know exactly what they are doing:

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.”

    –Franklin D. Roosevelt

    • Sadly, Obama has learned NOTHING from the Cambridge Cop and Trayvon. Inserting himself in these “local crime” stories only poured gas on the fires.

      Oh yeah, and Sharpton is one of his advisors and should be in jail as a tax cheating criminal.

      So sick of these morons.

    • Bummer. This is your opinion? Or FDR? Yes, they have stoked the flames, their comments rarely “help,” but do I think they set out to destroy the country? I don’t give them that much credit for powerfulness, forethought, or skill..

      • We will disagree then if you do not think this is purposeful action directed from the top. They do not see it as destroying the country. The see it as transforming the country into something other than what it is. I give them credit for forethought, they encounter resistance, thank God, which restrains their power and as for skill — so far they need to work on their execution because their still restraints. But purposeful — from the top — yes indeed.

          • I also note that this whole open thread SO FAR is things blowing up, hateful comments, sour mutterings…I am not Mary Sunshine, but we are entering the Christmas season…

            I was shopping for cards on ebay and etsy–my favorite was a gingerbread man with a leg broken off–the message was OH SNAP. My daughter said THAT was too mean.

          • It is essential for an all powerful state to eliminate religious loyalty ties. We are in the infant stage — and freedom of religion is being used against us — just as the institutions of government and our liberties and civil rights are being used against us. This is a transformation and it is from within.

          • I sitll like it–but a few of the oldies (like me) I would send it to have broken bones this yr. So maybe it would not go over.. Then I found some with a Follow the Star theme–but decided that was too egotistical–even for a pun. Still looking.

          • Star…too many comments here are sarcastic remarks and not thoughtful comments and opinions.
            Anyone can be a smart aleck. Liberals are often prime examples of smart alecks.
            Hopefully their actions speak louder than their words often expressed here.
            And yes, I still know that not all Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddists, and “-” (insert the religion of your choice) are bad/evil people. I despise it when people speak ill of others with whom they have had no personal interaction. Thank God I have had that personal interaction.

          • Agree on not tarring a whole religion or people bec of the actions of a few…but wait on hot one on how anyone can be a smart aleck. It takes years of training and disillusionment–and to me, one of the best things about this list is the aleckness. I personally will never stop.

      • I agree with Grace, and I hate to keep bringing up that old example, but it is exactly what happened in Germany. I will just substitute “take over the country” for “destroy the country”.

          • And another, maybe better, example would be the two Russian revolutions. The February one might have been a spontaneous breaking point which no one was “planning”, but in October, the Bolsheviki stepped in with something they had been planning for years.

          • Yes. Everytime there is a “mob”, “riot” “disturbance” in the US whether it is OWS or Ferguson the “transformers” learn something. And tweaking happens.

          • Grace, I agree with your comments. People used to think that those who thought that way were crazy conspiracy theorists, but sadly, the scenarios you describe, and recent events worldwide, provide convincing evidence that the threatened New World Order is frighteningly real.

    • Great excerpt, Grace. WoUld like to find the article to read more. The anarchists know their Dialectic, don’t they?

      Thesis (current state)
      Antithesis (criticism and destruction of current state) This is the stage Obama and his posse really like to play in.
      Synthesis (destruction of current state and strong-armed imposition of future state– what THEY want)

  4. A rant:
    The Ferguson disaster was not about a racist policeman shooting an innocent teen – it was a manufactured crisis meant to incite the Black community to do things they really didn’t want to do.
    MrBrown would have been singing a rap tune about Thanksgiving dinner at Nana’s if he had just walked on the sidewalk – walking down the middle of the street is not a “white privilege”, it’s against the law.
    Reaching for a policeman’s firearm is not a part of “white privilege” it’s a guaranteed start to an arrest or worse.

    It’s over, Ferguson rioters. We’re not buying your racist, capitalist whine anymore. Go home, leave innocent travelers, innocent shoppers, and small children’s choirs to their peaceful lives.

      • I agree on that. Ignore the place like you would a troublesome toddler…not to infantalize a town. But you know what I mean. It’s 2 blocks of hardscrabble businesses now turned to rubble for NO GOOD REASON. Everyone is a loser in this–Brown, Wilson, the guv, people who can think and assess, rabblerousers (or should I say rubblerousers?), politicians looking for an issue to divert and sear (Obama, I am calling you out), the manipulatable press, my hometown of St L, and yes, black people who are all charged up by the utmost in cynicism. Who won? No one! “Don’t shoot.” What horse hockey!

      • Don’t you think most of the media is on their side? Or, if they’re not sympathetic, they like to milk a story for as long as they can.

        • Yes, the media on their side, starting with that no-notning CNN, which I never watch but people tell me. I see more pushback on MoJoe, to be honest, though few here will believe me.

  5. Angry driver in CA gets out of car takes the bullhorn away from the protester telling him I have to get to work, or I will get fired. I have kids to feed. He said somethings to the POINT. Another person in a car in scrubs, Nurse yelled, arrest them. We have doctors and nurses that have to save lives. The protesters had blocked the interstate.
    By the way, Isn’t there a law stating that you have to have some type of permit, or resgister your protest? If so, Why aren’t they all being arrested?

    • Why Mike, if the so called “leader’s” of the Black community in Chicago and elsewhere admitted that the true “license to kill” and “genocide” was being committed by their own people, upon their own people, no more custom tailored suit’s, Gucci loafers, or Rolex watches.
      Of the rack at Robert Hall and shoe’s at Target.
      Oh, the humanity.

  6. 1.Darren Wilson resigns.
    2. At protest the American Flag was burned in the street in Fer.. The Natl. Guard picked up the pieces that were left of it.
    3. Just heard a small clip of an interview on Fox. The niece of MLK asking people not to riot. She explained years ago their response was never violence.

  7. Clicked on the end of the Fox News Sunday panel. With the exception of Kimberly Stroessel — it sounded like a gathering of liberals. Chris Wallace isn’t going anywhere but Fox increasingly is just so much like any MSM station — were it not for Brett Baier’s Special Report and Panel.

  8. All the people questioning Michael Brown being shot dead and couldn’t he have been stopped less lethally — I challenge them to have a thug crawling through their car window reaching for their weapon. This is to Maura what’s her name and others of her ilk.

    And what as Van Jones doing on the streets — without someone pointing out that he is a self professed communist. Something the media — everywhere — refuses to report.

  9. Saw this comment somewhere after an article on Pelosi. Made me laugh. Kinda’ true though. Look at old Kremlin pictures and compare.

    This is the fate of all systems without competition: they become tired and sclerotic. The current Democratic Party is starting to resemble the Politburo.

  10. The canary in the mine. If you want to know what’s happening in those ivory towers, The College Fix is a terrific site to start. Without further ado, I’ve included an editor’s note and preface to the article a/k/a satire, which is now considered offensive, of course.

    Editor’s note: Below is a satirical column penned by University of Michigan student Omar Mahmood, who writes for both the mainstream campus newspaper The Michigan Daily and the conservative independent publication the Michigan Review. Or at least he did.

    After his column was published last week, Mahmood tells The College Fix: “I received a call from the editorial editor [of the Daily] telling me that I had created a ‘hostile environment’ among the editorial staff and that someone had felt threatened because of what I had written … The issue had been taken to the editor in chief who procured a bylaw by which I was given an ultimatum to leave the Review or leave the Daily within a week. I was not allowed to know the name of the offended individuals.” He added the newspaper’s leaders are “forcing me to write a letter of apology as a condition for staying on the Daily” and suspended his regular column in the Daily.

    Mahmood has written for both the Review and the Daily concurrently for this fall semester, but after this controversial column was published the Daily’s editors decided “Mr. Mahmood’s involvement with the Michigan Review presents a conflict of interest. Our bylaws say that once a determination is made that a conflict of interest exists, the person in question will have one week to resign from either the Daily or the organization causing the conflict of interest,” according to a statement from the Daily to The College Fix.

  11. Apparently, five players on the Rams did the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture during the game.

    They’re lucky I’m not the commissioner.

    The consequences for the players, and the Rams, need to be shock-and-awe grade, to ensure this sort of stupidity doesn’t happen again.

    What I would do about this if I was the commish:

    All five of the players would be given lifetime bans, effective immediately.

    But because management for the Rams failed to control its players, the franchise should be penalized as follows:

    The Rams would receive no salary cap relief on the vacated contracts.

    And since there were five players involved in this unauthorized protest, the Rams would be banned from the playoffs for five years, beginning this season.

    Furthermore, any other players who attempt to show solidarity with the players being banned–whether verbally, sartorially, or in writing, will immediately be banned for life, as well.

    Enough is enough. Up with that shiznit this league will not put.