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Open Thread || Friday, November 28, 2014




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  1. Police in Austria have arrested 13 people suspected of radicalising young people and recruiting them to fight in Syria, prosecutors say.
    Reports in the Austrian media said 500 police were involved in searches of mosques, flats and prayer rooms in Vienna and Linz and Graz. They arrested 13 suspects on suspicion of membership of a terrorist organisation. In recent months Austrian authorities have been investigating more than 150 people believed to have joined radical militant groups in Iraq and Syria. Mideast news
    My question: We do not hear of any investigations here. Why?

  2. Watching the morning blues shows and shockingly there was a protest on black friday. Not about the greedy capitalists or oppressive christians but about ferguson. Yup. Protest at a target store with people shouting “hand up! dont shoot!”

    I give them my total support. Seems like safe, solid, and sane advice. Especially, when you are stopped by the police who are investigating a crime you just committed. If only Michael Brown had been given that advice.

  3. With the sharp drop out of crude oil prices I am paying more attention to the situation in Venezuela. Their whole economy is predicated on the price of oil. They are suffering from high inflation and having too much debt. This is also bad news for their allies, Cuba and Nicaragua. This also is bad news for Colombia with them having an unstable neighbor. How many more Venezuelans will fleeing to Colombia?

    • Yes. Something like 96% of their foreign currency is from oil. Been a while since I looked that up. The price of oil is going to make the international scene more interesting. The saudies can tolerate a much lower price as they have a lower cost of production. Not sure how russia and iran will make out if oil drops into the $60 bbl.

      • 96% of export earnings, about 45% of budget revenues, and around 12% of GDP. (CIA Factbook)

        Venezuela is an economic mess. They are the Iran of South America.

        • I worry a lot about Venezuela. My younger son shared an apartment in undergraduate school with a young man from there and a high school friend….they all remained close after college.
          My son spent ten days in Venezuela with him and his family and enjoyed it so very much (mid-nineties). His friends dad and all of his uncles were graduates of this college in Boston. His mother was an American from Colorado.
          He has remained in the US after completing his master’s in the LA area and starting his own business….married now with three children. I knew him well in college and so enjoyed seeing all of these young men together again at my son’s wedding in Seattle in 2007. He and his family, two sons now, visited in LA last summer and stay in close touch.
          This young man’s family was very wealthy…owned a large and old family estate, airlines, newspapers, and radio stations. Most everything has been seized by the corrupt government. They live in condos now with totally downsized incomes…so, so sad.

      • Read an article recently that had the midwest oil fields that was color coded and split out by cost of production. Some of the smaller fields were out pretty quick. The big fields were around $70. Cant find the article now but will keep looking. I saved the link somewhere.

        • I’m wondering if Saudi Arabia is behind the drop in price in order to knock out our guys. I got that idea after listening to a story about the price on NPR a little while ago. I’m also wondering if one of the reasons FCMABBHO is against Keystone is because it’ll hurt his buddies in Riyadh.

          • Yes might well be the Saudi’s are trying to price out the frackers. However, IMHO the big losers in continued low cost supply from fracking will be Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. Each of these countries relies on oil revenue to prop up the gvmt. Revenue covers up a whole lot of stink.

            Iran has over 70% of gvmt revenue from Oil. Russia and Venezuela is over 50. Granted, the Saudi are around 80% but they probably can withstand a downturn better than the dictatorships in Russia, Iran, and VE.

            P.S. i think FCMABBHO is against Keystone because he is a decisive twit who will come down precisely on any position that will generate as much attention for him while not solving anything. He is an evil man. (stepping off soapbox now)

  4. Anther topic that concerns me is Senator Schumer’s comment that it was a mistake for the Democrats to spend all their time passing Obamacare instead of fixing the economy. Here we are in 2014 and with the economy not being fixed and President ” I don’t need no Constitution” Gold Hat diverting everyone’s attention to his amnesty push. Senator Schumer ought to call him and point out that the same mistake is being repeated.

  5. There’s a great conservative video on Fox Nation. Some of you may have caught it yesterday, but I am just seeing it this morning. It appears to be made for the LA runoff.

  6. Tried that “pregnant” turkey bit with the Cornish hen.
    The reaction of the youngster’s was priceless.
    Eyes as big as saucer’s, mouth’s open, speechless.
    Used two suggestions posted by WHD residents
    Brined the turkey, moist and most flavorful. We’ve brined chicken, but never turkey.
    Crumbled bacon added to green bean casserole, simple, but what a difference to what can be a somewhat boring dish.
    Thanks guys & girls for the tips and clue’s.
    Gotta run, there’s a turkey club sandwich with my name on it.

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    Does that make sense?

  8. I see I’m No Dhimmi hasn’t clocked in yet. My husband got a huge laugh out of The Surly Sisters comment on the Pardoning of the Turkey, and I just watched the arrival of the WH Christmas tree on C-SPAN where the Surlies made another appearance. They still looked put out and they don’t seem to be bit fans of dogs either.

    • Michelle (so called “flotus”) & the Surly first daughters and those dogs (first time Ive seen then in about a year) showed up to look at the WH Christmas tree…
      -But where was Obama? (I dont think I saw him there; just saw it on FNC)

      • I’m pretty sure the tree thing is something Mooch does with just the girls every year. Obummer’s never there for that, probably still sleeping off Thanksgiving indulgences.

        Obummer always does the turkey pardon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving just with the girls, no Mooch.

    • I didn’t see the tree thing, but I saw footage and photographs of them at the turkey thing. I understand they probably don’t like being trotted out to be used as tools by their dad. But, would it have killed them to smile? To not stand there with arms crossed? In a slouching pose?

    • Hi Julie! It’s nice to be missed. I was Christmas shopping yesterday (Friday) and have to work all weekend. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving|!

  9. Charles Payne, FBN discussing people being released from Gitmo.

    I am saying this, not him…but it appears as if Obama is closing Gitmo person by person…lawyers making these decisions ….Congress not informed ….pretty sure the military thinking ….what’s the point?

    It’s not like these guys are returning to their homelands to rebuild schools for girl children to get educated.

    In so many ways Obama is out of control. This, regulations, illegal immigrants, non enforcement of the law, inciting racial divide….death by a thousand cuts.

    • The latest bunch of jihadis sent to “rehab” in various nations are incredibly bad actors.

      How do you rehab a jihadi? He’s doing what the Koran commands. Do you tell him to not model himself after Islam’s perfect man?

    • Probably why Hagel was axed.
      Gitmo releases have to be approved by the Pentagon. I fully expect the next “Hagel” to green light the remaining prisoners.

      • You are assuming there will be another SecDef. I can see Obama leaving this position vacant for a very long time. It’s not like he consults or listens to anyone besides Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Valerie Jarrett, and that Powers woman. I can see him putting up one more terrible than the next, nor getting confirmed, and then blaming in on the Republicans. Barack Obama does not care about defending or protecting the United States.

  10. I just had a wonderful time. I packed up left overs from yesterday’s dinner. Drove fifthy miles to bring it to my 31 year old son. He had to work, could not come home for yesterday’s dinner. I got to laugh, talk with him, while he ate his dinner. Got to see his 1 yr old lab again. He had to go to work again to night. Just got back. It was so…. worth the trip.