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  1. I saw a video on Fox just a few mins ago. It showed all the NG in F. last night. Are we going to find out who made the order to send them to different locations the night before? Also are we going to find out what restraint was ordered to the police? One other note, Are we going to find out why more police from other towns were not brought in, if they learned the NG would be ordered elsewhere?

  2. Just heard on Fox news that 2 FBI agents were shot during a barricade sitation. Not stating now if related to F. issue. Both are alive.
    They did not specify what a barricade situation means in detail.

  3. Ocare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers. Under the Ocare Act, that means businesses who hire them won’t have to pay a penalty for not providing them health coverage – making them $3.000 more attractive than a similar native-born worker, whom the business by law would have to cover. This article should have thrown in the forgotten issue of the people who were layed off just before, or just after this ocare kicked in. Now to learn this about the illegals. By the way o was heckled while giving his speech.

  4. A friend sent me a link (which I did not keep) which listed all the protest (riot) locations across the nation. This was posted even before the grand jury verdict was announced. As far as I am concerned they knew in their hearts the officer was not at fault. I wonder what they would have done with their protests had the grand jury voted to send the officer to trial? Never let a good protest go to waste. Right?

          • They would have protested until he was sent to the pen. That was “justice” to many in the streets. Nothing less. Did you see Steffie’s interview with Wilson–pretty tacky–are you SURE there is nothing else you could have done, really, are you sure? Did you shoot him bec he was black? Talk about push-poll type questions!

          • I heard part of that interview on NPR Star.
            Steffy is a little shy on the common sense side IMO.
            The officer was protecting himself from a 300 lb. angry black man.
            Sad that his life and his family’s life will be forever in jeopardy because of this incident.

          • Agreed. Not one “journalist has asked the most critical question, IMO, is there anything MICHAEL BROWN could have done to have avoided this confrontation ?
            You know, like maybe not commit a strong-arm robbery, walk in the middle of the street in traffic, or try to disarm you… hmmmm?
            Of course not.

          • It happened, probably lasted 5 mins, confusion, there probably was confrontational policing there, but Brown was also leading a high risk lifestyle banging around town stoned, snatching things from a store, pushing an also unarmed shopkeeper around, and then mouthing off and worse to a cop. Everyone had a role.

          • Agree but not sure I wouldn’t use a stronger word than “tacky” to describe Stephanie. He kept trying to trip Wilson up, but Wilson showed the good cop in him by not losing his calm. He came across so young and fresh, like a Missouri farm boy.

          • I am not sure he was the All-American boy, but what happened happened–he has been held accountable with his life half-ruined, his livelihood, trashed and he has rec’d due process–and all this Monday morning quarterbacking is tiresome. They had some psychologist on MoJoe saying this was a jaywalker in a pool of blood…She also said Wilson should have gotten out of the car, separated the two young lads (!) because teenagers reinforce each other, and then gotten them out of the road. She was not there, she doesn’t know…ridiculous! Shoujlda woulda coulda–we need, as a nation, to drop this–we can’t indict all police forces and make all cops the bad guys, and as I have said, I am no police lover and I have my reasons.

  5. Good morning one and all,
    Happy Day Before Evil Imperialist Greedy Ancestors of Future Capitalists Invaded North America Day.
    I start the day with shameless self-promotion. My JGlobe column on Ferguson and the role Sharpton, Holder and Obama have played over the past few years survived the editing buzzsaw:
    Or, for those drained by Ferguson there’s also on the table Obama’s words yesterday in Chicago where He said “I just took action to change the law” regarding immigration to which poor widdle pea brain Mika and others on that collection of misfit toys known as Morning Joe emphasized did not really mean what it sounded like and that it’s all Congress’ fault anyway for not passing a bill. (Valerie was DEEP into Ms. B’s head this morning).
    If any of you traveling today, stay safe. See ya back here as can.

    • I love when Obama gets so enamored of himself that he inadvertently admits a wrong doing. He can do this because his little lap dogs immediately start yapping and come to his defense, nipping at the heels and growling at anyone who might suggest the emperor has no clothes.

      I am looking forward to the article Geoff. HTG.

      • The cruel irony was thatthe three men who could have done the most to prevent violence — Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Barack Obama — are also the men who helped stoke it.

        Bold. Well done Geoff. Writing like this is a service to America. We need more of it. Thanks.

        • Thanks, glad you liked it. Right now I’m in a battle with one of the local leftists trying to get the Globe to drop the column because I’m just a right wing racist.
          I’m just a nobody and I’m getting such treatment. It gives me a whole new level of understanding why others don’t speak out. I’ve an old Kansas farm boy who’s got a skin thicker than a McDonald’s bull, but most don’t.
          The worse Obama does, the louder the screams from the left that the opposition is because of his skin color. It’s bogus, it’s intellectually dishonest, but when you see your liberal messiah flailing right in front of your eyes, that’s pretty much all you’ve got left: attack the messenger and use every hate tactic in the book to do it.
          Sad, yes. Un-American, yes. But they are what they are.

        • You’d like the cartoon of the day on NRO: Obama, Sharpton and the media going to hose down the flames with a hose linked up to gas.

    • Thanks for the clip. I read your Friday Follies on Caldwell Corner.
      I didn’t realize you were a journalist for Joplin Globe.
      We went to Joplin while on vacation last year. Had a great trip.

      • When I get backed up and think, “oh it’s not that important” I think of you Lee and do my best to get one out.
        As for the Globe, I’m not a journalist for them. I’m just a local boy with a day job that they publish once a week. Am trying to self-syndicate the column to other medium market papers around but so far all I get is “thanks, but we’re already dealing with the major syndicates and have a steady supply”. I’ll keep plugging along and who knows, maybe a decade down the line I’ll be an overnight success! lol

    • Great article! Doesn’t everybody see that Obama and Holder made this Ferguson mess front and center in the news. I am sure both were making moves to have the officer found guilty.

      • As both you and gracepmc properly pointed out, Obama and co. are the ones stoking these raging fires.

        And then — poof — Obama comes out with new regulations on ozone-producing smog.

        Smoke…mirrors…Obama…Holder…time for some reflection?

    • Dissing my MoJoe–tsk tsk. I can’t afford papers and I hate looking at that chirpy woman’s spray tanned legs on F&F–so what am I to do, LOL? Glad to see you watch, too…despite your insults… Just this AM, for instance, we learned Joe is 6’4″, is sure he would be shot too if he grabbed a policeman’s gun, etc.

    • Well, if Dirty Harry went through the pile on his desk, & worked for the people instead of against, maybe immigration reform could have gone through the legal process. Instead, 0 complains that the R’s won’t work with him, but 0 won’t work with them.

  6. This is a must see video for this young man’s words of wisdom to his black community. Chilling with such brutal honesty. Sort of blows the cover off the race pimping industry (cough, SharptonHolderObama, cough). It’s very inspiring because I’d like to think this is how the majority of the black youth feel.

    • Thanks for that link. Wish this could be shown on all major networks. I have a tiny spark of hope for the future, hoping there are more that feel this way.

    • Great clip and yes, not nearly enough are seeing it. Then again, so many have been brainwashed by the victim mentality wizards I wonder what if it would do any good anyway.
      Patrick Moynihan warned 50 years ago of the dangers coming to the black community and was shouted down and mocked. I’m sure he’d have been much happier to see himself proven wrong than to look down and see all the violence and destruction today.

    • Applause to this young man for making the video and speaking out to all people. And thanks Denise for bringing it here.

      Frederick Wilson II could be powerful in his community and he could restore dignity to the term “community organizer”. More and more support and promotion of people like Mr. Wilson could go a long way. One of the things that bothers me is that people say people like Mr. Wilson and others who advocate personal responsibility are looked down upon in their neighborhoods and they can’t stand up to the lure of drugs and fast money and crime. I don’t believe that really. Everyone wants their human dignity — that’s what’s behind all this ” BS He disrespected me” (offered as a reason for violence) — what’s missing is that respect is earned and worth fighting for. This is where the likes of Mr. Wilson can be influential. Anyway, my rant. Thanks D.

    • Great video, Denise. Victimhood is not a way of life! Might be a good idea to use it as a PSA in all public schools instead of MOO COW’s insufferable Let’s Move videos with Beyoncé.

      • One nugget from the video: If you’re pulled over for DWB, don’t blame the cop; blame the brothers who came before you and gave “your people” such a bad reputation. If enough people clean up that reputation, cops will stop pulling over so many for DWB.

        Wise words to be shared. (Hello Barack? Eric? Al? Jesse?)

  7. I have to go get oysters, so I can make Oyster Dressing for tomorrow.
    Happy Thanksgiving again, during the shopping, chopping, baking, cleaning. :)

    • Lee — I seem to recall you published the recipe which you don’t need to redo but I am curious — do you use small shrimp as well? My MIL used to make fabulous oyster stuffing.

      Have fun. Thx.

      • Any shrimp will do. I don’t put large shrimp in, either small or med.
        The shrimp or for Stuffed Mirliton. The oysters are for Oyster Dressing. You will love it, as well as your guess.
        You can pull up on the internet, just use the receipe that states it’s from N.O. Enjoy!

        • Yikes ! Shame on me! And I went to undergrad at a Southern all Women’s College where everyone was someone’s cousin, their great grandmothers went there and some of them had 7 names!

          Apologies Lee. I also lived in New Orleans while my husband attended Tulane Law.

          Well, bless my little heart. :)

          • Julie, There is a new show, CSI New Orleans. If you should watch it, keep in mind they are speaking southern…………. In other words, New Orleans has a different way of speaking. Most people mistake me as being from N.Y. or Brooklyn. :)

          • When we moved to Baton Rouge I was so surprised that neighbors who were originally from NOLA sounded like New Yorkers.

            I love juicy stuffing baked inside the turkey, but hate the nasty dry cornbread dressing that everyone else in the south seems to love.

          • Well Gracepmc, WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE! I try not to use the word YA’LL on line. I will make an exception now. If I may ask what time period did YA’LL live there?

          • An older won from years ago:
            Making groceries. Def.: Shopping for groceries.
            It has faded away, but I remember older people saying it when I was a little girl.

          • Probably before you were born Lee — 70 -72, The law wasn’t to my husband’s liking but we had great fun …. I remember freaking out the first time I saw shrimp with eyes boiling away — I got the hang of crawfish (crayfish) — love beignets and the chickory coffee — and I would crawl a long way for good gumbo! Oh yes, student housing on the first floor with a gap so big the cockroaches were regulars. First time I saw one in my sink — yikes.

            To this day I use ya’ll — but I think I picked that up in southern VA.

          • I was born in 61′. As I have mentioned many times, I was to young to be apart of a great deal going on, but old enough to pay attention.
            By the way Tulane a wonderful school.
            My dad was an LSU fan, and my uncle Freddy was for Tulane.
            Picture this: LSU/Tulane game on TV. Dad and Uncle Freddy watching TV. My younger brother and cousin were rolling a bowling ball back and forth.
            All of a sudden (Just when players made a touchdown, and Dad and Uncle Freddy were jumping up with their hands up in the air), The bowling ball hit the aquarium. All the water and fish came pouring out. Wonderful fun memory. :)

  8. Most of us have seen the clips of Brown’s mother breaking down in public and his step-father shouting to “burn……down”.
    Before she collapsed into tears, she shouted ‘this isn’t my fault, no matter what anyone says’, and something like – ‘you m____->>ers think this is a joke’.
    She wasn’t referring to the police department, the grand jury, or even the policeman who shot her son. She was defending herself against the vitriol of the peaceful, law- abiding neighbors and business people who blame her for ruining their city, their neighborhoods, and their livelyhoods by making her son’s death a national issue.
    The ‘jokers’ are the criminals who gleefully looted and burned the local business establishments.
    We can all sympatize with a parent who lost a child under any circumstance, and she has been thrust out there into the public eye by sinister forces. Her grief and anger is real, but except for outsiders influence, this tragedy would have remained a loca and personal issue, not a national one.

    • The whole thing is a mess and a travesty–and shows no sign of ending…There are calls for continuing the “discussion”–meaning, I think, keep arguing and accusing…

      • The best thing I can do is offer a prayer out of respect for the two lives directly involved and all the victims of the violence. Then shut them out and down. They will continue to agitate stir up stuff amongst their followers.

        As for the mother — for any genuine pain and loss — my sympathy — the rest is on her and her family for what the destruction have promoted within the community.

    • The Brown family’s being manipulated like the Martin’s were. Make their grief and anger very public + Sharpton/Crump = $$$$$

      We compassionate people notice how their exploited by those greedy professional race pimps. So sad.

        • Several commentators last night thought that the video gives grounds to indict the stepfather on inciting riot. That will never happen. But I’d love to have it come out that The Reverend Al Sharpton manipulated him into that act. He’d never be indicted either.

          • I am not buying into “manipulation” 100% .

            Often times it takes “two to tango”. And I believe that is the case for Mrs. Mom Michael Brown and Crump.

            Remember trip to the UN to denounce the US for torture.

        • Sadie you are so right…and that was started by LBJ, that closet racist poser who stated in private conversations that the Democrats would control the blacks for the next fifty years….only he did not say blacks…he used that other word that could get one arrested today.

    • If only Michael Brown’s mother had taught him to respect people in authority, like the police and teachers, maybe he would be alive today? Do the parents even know that the police and teachers deserve respect? I wonder. Why does an 18-year-old have to steal cigars or candy or anything? Did Michael Brown’s parents give him a little money every day so he wouldn’t have to be so angry and have to steal the small things that he wanted? So sad, we are not born with the knowledge of how to treat people, our parents have to guide us and direct us and talk to us and tell us what we need to know to live with other people in this world. if they don’t then teenage boys will run wild and girls too.

  9. I am sitting here looking out of floor to ceiling window. NOAA weather service online said the snow will begin late morning. It’s been snowing it’s 9:30 am. Is NOAA run by Democrats? LOL

    • Mandy,….that was fantastic.
      I hadn’t heard that song in years.
      Should be the theme song for the moderation vault.
      Walk right in it’s around the back, just a half a mile from the railroad track.

      Thanks Mandy,…..have a nice Thanksgiving. :)

  10. Some new Dem spin I heard this morning…Alan Colmes on Fox News said the Dems lost in the midterms because they ran away from Obama – if they had embraced the success of his policies, they would have won.

    Welcome to the Bizarro World!

  11. Justice Ginsburg is having heart surgery. Are we heading for a Supreme Court appt? It would change the subject once again–from how our “black leaders” mixed in the Ferguson mess and made it worse.

  12. I just read a lovely story on Daily Caller about Ferguson, MO. Donors have raised $90,000 for Natalie DuBose whose little guy cake bakery was torched the first night.

        • My son wanted to get a new game so I drove him to the city last night. The parking lot for every restaurant along restaurant row was crammed with cars. After we got the game, I remembered I needed onions. I took one look at the grocery store’s parking lot and handed him my card to go in and get them.

          • I completely forgot about the dill dip so I’ll have to make a run to the store after dinner for the ingredients. I prepare a grazing tray to take the edge off of the hunger as the kitchen fills with the smell of the bird: black olives, green olives, gherkins, pepperoni slices, celery sticks, carrot sticks, chips, cheese ball, pepper-jack cheese slices, Carr’s crackers, broccoli florets and the dip.

          • That sounds good. I just got finished making deviled eggs. My husband loves them. My mother-n-law has always made them for Thanksgiving.
            I am finished for tonight.

          • I do those for Christmas and Easter and sometimes just for the heck of it. I have to threaten to take away my son’s XBox if he eats any off the platter before dinner. He really likes them when I top them with caviar.

  13. It’s been a big Jewish week for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

    The headliner was the annual dinner of the Zionist Organization of America, a can’t-miss night on the calendar, especially for those who unabashedly support Israeli settlements, believe Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority are bent on destroying Israel, and think the Obama administration isn’t much better. The ZOA gig included an enthusiastic introduction from Alan Dershowitz (Cruz’s former professor at Harvard Law School). And there was a subsequent powwow with Elie Wiesel.

  14. I’m about to wreck a lot of Thanksgiving appetites, I’m afraid…

    ISIS offers to assist Ferguson protesters…on the condition that they swear allegiance to ISIS.

    If this administration were serious about keeping ISIS out, they’d announce the following:

    “We are aware of ISIS’s attempt to deceive American citizens into joining their barbaric movement. Any American citizen who swears allegiance to ISIS will, upon confirmation, be immediately stripped of their citizenship, and will be sent to Guantanamo Bay, to be held there indefinitely.

    “Don’t even THINK about joining ISIS. That is all.”

    • Anything from ISIS should be be outlawed. The social media and any media associated with them, the known advocates, the agitators and the recruiters as well as the recruits. I agree. We have men and women in the field fighting ISIS — they are a declared “enemy” or something of the US– law enforcement, like DHS, the FBI, should be arresting and jailing them to GITMO.

      Barack Obama’s Administration is aiding and abetting by not moving against them.

      • Did you get everything pre-prepared yesterday? I only need to stick everything in the oven, and make the mash potatoes. My husband is taking care of the Turkey.
        Gobble Gobble. :)

        • I still have to fix the dressing, but the cornbread and biscuits were made yesterday, and I chopped up the celery and onions and put the sage and thyme into a little bowl last night after I whipped up the dill dip. The sweet potatoes are peeled but I have to do the potatoes today. I got up around 4:30 and sliced up the celery sticks and the pepperjack cheese.

  15. Quick question:

    Where was Michelle (flotus) during the pardoning of the WH turkeys? The bored/surly looking daughters were there… but no Michelle??

  16. Open thread–so may I be open? Sappy is more like it. I miss having a dog! I am reading Andy Cohen’s second book–that diary of a year thing. It is vapid to the max, even HE says he is bored with himself, but he does have a bright spot. He gets a dog–and falls in luuuuv with it. A beagle he names Wacka (I listen–not sure of the spelling). It made me miss my first dog (the second one was no match and I had to rehome him after 8 yrs bec he was tripping me with my bad balance). I need a bigger one, but lazy (my kid can walk him or her, but sometimes the yard may have to do). Please, universe–maybe a nice dog this year? PS on Andy–if you like the shamless fanboy, read his first book MOST TALKATIVE–better written, funnier and quite endearing.