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Former Senior Obama Aide: Ferguson a License to Kill Blacks

Joshua DuBois, who headed the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships for the four years of President Obama’s first term, thinks Ferguson shows its open season on African Americans.

“It feels like we’ve given license, that a person is intimidated by a black person in this country, you can pull out your gun and shoot them,” he said.

This should give you an idea where people’s heads are at in the White House.

77 Responses to Former Senior Obama Aide: Ferguson a License to Kill Blacks

  1. Race baiter!

    I haven’t heard any coherent argument from those who think that the laws & society must change as they are unfair to minorities. Do they mean we should make stealing lawful if you are are a minority? That police should not stop potential suspects? That when threatened police should instead say “pretty please” or wave bye-bye?

    If you want to fix a problem, you need to get to the root cause first. And the root cause is not “the man”, unless it is making the poor dependent on the government.

    • Mike Brown’s cousin on Hannity just about said that. He contrasted Darren Wilson with some unnamed police who supposedly talked a man walking down the street with an AK47 into handing over the weapon. In 99 times out of 100 that would never happen.

    • Stealing lawful! History tell us that the white europeans were
      the biggest thieves that ever hit planet. No person of color
      can ever out steal a european

  2. Yes, he is correct….with a qualifier, “Black people are intimidated by and shot by other Black people every day of the week. Meanwhile, Obama appeals for calm, just days after telling the Ferguson posse to “stay the course”. Has he evolved on this issue too, just like executive amnesty? Idiot-In-Chief.

    • Yeah–on MoJoe (I know I am reinforcing the MoJoe haters here) they said his off the cuff remarks were “great.” I didn’t share that–too little, too late, too few people listen to him anymore, and too insincere–as you say, he was kind of in on this, at least in my opinion–and now this staffer has staked out the fringe end of the spectrum of opinion.

      I am critical of the St Louis and Ferg people–I am from there–why the dance of the veils on announcing it, then finally talking about what seemed like a LOT of evidence at night–just in time for a riot? I think this was supposed to be some awful national conversation starter or something. These race convos never end well—actually they never end at all.

      • “These race convos never end well–actually they never end at all.” True, racism is a cottage industry through which many turn comfortable profit.

  3. “It feels like we’ve given license, that a person is intimidated by a black person in this country, you can pull out your gun and shoot them,” he said. SNIP

    That’s right. There are roving gangs of white people playing the knock-out game on African-Americans. Right?

    • oops didn’t see your knock out comment Mandy. I agree.

      To me, race relations in Amerika will get worse every single day until Barack Obama leaves office. And then , if at all possible, we will begin the rebuilding. But we have been at it for years. And as long as we have generations of welfare ghetto blacks and baby mamas with multiple absent fathers leaving a community without any dependable familial center the cycle will continue . The Democrat Party or whatever they call themselves these days will feed off of this for as long as these people keep them in power and living in the style to which they have become accustomed.

      It might sound simple and racist, but it is a fact. I am tired — so very tired — of this victims because black. Minorities from disadvantaged homes and neighborhoods are afforded every advantage in education and jobs — but too many are unwilling to even make the effort. Not enough black policemen — get qualified, work hard, apply and work to improve the situation.

      • The institutions can offer all the advantages possible, but until kids are taught that it isn’t “acting white” to grab hold and get themselves out, they’ll stay down.

  4. In ordinary times his comment would be inflammatory and outrageously racist, but after watching the gleeful looters and arsonists in Ferguson, the question is – does a property owner have the right to shoot someone who threatens to burn down their business and/or steal their assets?
    As MrObama claimed yesterday, we are a nation of laws, but what do we, the people do, when the law is ignored, abused, and there is no one to come to our rescue.
    Do we shoot the looters, can we kill the arsonists?
    We saw last night hundreds of police, well armed and protected, abandon the peaceful, law-abiding citizens of a small town to the lawless and destructive forces.
    Who protects the citizen now if a Af-Am is the criminal?

  5. Obama, Holder, Al Sharpton, men like this one quoted, Governor Jay Nixon and cohorts have collectively set the Civil Rights Movement back many, many years.
    All of America will now suffer and pay the price.
    One glimmer of hope to me is that our electorate will wake up by 2016 and restore our country to its rightful position here at home and around the world.
    Today we are in grave danger everywhere.

    • Bill Cosby has always told the black community they can work hard & improve themselves & get out of the ghetto. Now, because he is a wealthy conservative black man, the crazies are accusing him of unspeakable acts.
      As you’ve all stated civil rights have been upturned & ‘dissed’ away. Thanks little 0 & all your race baiters.

      • Good grief–even that Dyson guy who wrote a book on Cosby said this behavior has been well known for years. I met the man twice–he was charming and nice–I loved the show–etc. But he had another side. We have to face it. One thing my psychiatrist dad used to say that I have seen prove out again and again: You can’t tell what someone is thinking.

    • Excellent article, and it compares what is happening today to what happened in the late sixties which I have noticed. The tide will turn once again though.

      • I also believe in cycles, Julie, and that is the hope I have–that this sad era of divisiveness and confrontation will fade (until it returns again), and that we will have a era of relative peace in our country.

        I’ve been studying the 100 Years’ War lately (I’m a bit of a history nut), and even in the middle of that terrible time, there were several years of relative peace. It can happen in our time also.

  6. Faith based? Where does Obama find these special snowflake racist agitators — among the aggrieved in Rev. Wright’s “church”..

    Let’s talk about the knock out games of the bored black yutes.

  7. I sensed that law enforcement purposely held back last night in Ferguson as I watched the looting and arson. Maybe that is even why the decision came out so late. Law enforcement did not want to get caught up again in the accusations this man is making and so for the most part they just let things happen without interference. They weren’t about to risk any policemen or firemen either. I only saw one of the fires being fought. Then, because it was so dark, the media could not be out in force fanning the flames. There will be criticism of this, but I think it was a smart plan.

    Obama should have come out for civility much earlier than he did, and his comment last night that black anger is “understandable” didn’t help either.

      • I thought they were supposed to have been there. I’ll repeat myself and say that I think law enforcement just decided to be as hands off as possible so that they couldn’t be blamed for targeting blacks as Joshua DuBois claims. And we all saw with our own eyes what happens where law enforcement remains on the sidelines.

        • The lieutenant governor of Missouri said on Fox earlier that he wants to know if Obama and Holder told Jay Nixon, governor, to “Stand Down with the Guard.”
          He is very upset with Nixon…said his office is just down the hall and that he can not get any answers.
          Why did Nixon declare a State of Emergency and activate the Guard last week?

          • National Guard was in St. Louis (a small contingent). I am still waiting word from son there. They were sent last Friday. More bused in overnight and this morning. It’s a cluster, as you can imagine.

            Sure, NG presence probably prevented some areas from being targeted. However, they weren’t sent where they were really needed; in Ferguson. The police were not capable of handling the situation of such large crowds without the NG presence. The firemen had to leave burning buildings because shots were ringing out. Media personnel were participating in duck and cover too.

            Whether Gov Nixon was pressured by the Feds or not, he should have put the interests of the citizens in Ferguson and STL first. In my opinion, he is a coward.

            Time will tell what will happen now in the area. I haven’t heard (and probably won’t hear) from my son there today. Urgh…..Will update when I hear more (at least what I can share).

  8. Has anyone considered that Michael Brown attacked Officer Wilson because he was white? If it was a black police officer then he likely would not have become aggressive and belligerent.

    I think there really was racism in this event, but the other way.

    • That’s it. Racism is overwhelming coming from the black side against whites. The knockdown game, beating old veterans to death don’t get much coverage in the media.

      • I remember that one Julie.
        WWII vet having a beer with his buds, robbed and beaten to death by two black thug teenagers.
        Washington,…Oregon ?
        Doesn’t matter too much does it ?

        • Washington state, I think, but there have been other incidents nationwide as well. What little coverage they get isn’t maintained or collected into one big story.

  9. Hey duBois! Listen up dumb fuck.
    In Chicago year to date total’s of shot and killed is 343.
    Shot and wounded, 2003.
    Total homicides, 408.
    79.4% victim’s and offender’s are BLACK.
    Now, tell me again, who has a license to kill?
    Blow out your ass race baiter.

    • I agree, and I think the prosecutor did an excellent job of being rational, maintaining his calm, and showing his compassion. But Obama and the Left turned deaf ears.

  10. From what I’ve read, it’s more like open-season on black businesses and jobs. Conflagrations tend to eliminate a place of employment.
    [extra sarc in bold text].

  11. Astonishing – and worrying – dismissal of evidence that a ‘victim’ has in fact been an aggressor.

    Clearly, these racial agitators have not thought through what they demand:

    – no rule of law
    – no consequences

    Is that the American community they wish to effect?

  12. The race baiters just keep coming! Obama has an army of them at his beck and call. The disappointment on his face and in voice last night was palpable. He only has two years left to score a big home run. So far, he’s batting zero with Trayvon and Brown.
    Hopefully, all of his racist Af/Am surrogates will crawl back into the woodwork when Obama is evicted from his govt. housing.

    • I came to the same conclusion about his body language and delivery. He wanted to show that he didn’t like the decision, and Porterhouse writes above that Obama didn’t even watch the prosecutor’s press conference. It’s too bad because the prosecutor gave an wonderful example of how a government official should present himself.

      • I believe it was his first sentence out of the gate…and he referred to ‘upholding the law’. The hubster and I fell into convulsions of laughter. He’s living in an alternate universe.

      • For the President of the United States to not even listen to the findings of the Grand Jury, just shows how AWFUL A PRESIDENT he is. He is supposed to set an example for ALL of us, not just certain groups of people. His lack of integrity and character are always on display in every situation.

  13. What a tragedy no matter your race. With that being said, stealing from a convenience store, walking down the middle of the street, then punching a police officer in the face, & subsequently being shot, is not the acts of a “good” person. This grown man’s actions were completely thugish. Now you add the race baitor in chief & his minnions fanning the flames. Then last night Barry urges the police to show restraint while the riots began. typical thinking. We get what we deserve from the piss bucket of liberalism.